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  1. so in layman's terms.... if i ordered a kit from the EU (say via eBay) will i be charged by Customs the VAT, import duty, the dreaded £8 handling fee etc.... as if it were coming from USA or China ?
  2. Are those bulged bomb doors only in this B.II kit ?
  3. indeed... Gladiator or Defiant would have done more mould mileage
  4. Shame all that lovely interior is hidden. Wish Airfix would include a clear fuselage. Or better still, someone very clever will build it as R-Robert as it's displayed now at Brooklands
  5. The kit has additional parts for future versions, but anybody know which version has a huge radar dome instead of the ball turret ? Parts 23 and 24 Also the Fortress III version is just out, which should just be a decal exercise, yet this version has a blank plate for the ball turret hole, yet that isn't on the B-17G sprues that i can tell Anybody shed any light on either please ? .
  6. windowless fuselage (plus a few other bits) due again 2nd quarter.... http://www.heller.fr/en/home/498-boeing-e-3b-awacs.html
  7. Troy,  did you buy the Meteor joblot ?

  8. Any UK 707 owners still need a fuselage with windows ? As i don't, i want the military option, wanna swap ? Cheers.... Dave T'
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