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  1. They look very much like the firemen in the old Airfix RAF rescue set
  2. the list of people with short shot faults seems to be growing, hope the spares dept' can cope ?
  3. As there is a section of sprue missing / blanked off... i reckon a K.2 & MRR is indeed forthcoming. see photo 7 here.... https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235095862-avro-vulcan-b2-a12011-172/#comments
  4. And why are they different sizes in the old kit ? or are they like that on the real a/c ?
  5. Someone in the 'wanted' section was asking for pylons from the old kit to put on the new. That got me curious about them, which / how many Vulcans were fitted with Shrike pylons please ? And why are they different sizes in the old kit ?
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