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  1. Great job so far mate. you're tempting me to make a start on a Kawasaki ZX-12R I've got in the stash....
  2. Absolutely brilliant work there, love the weathering and the differences to the real thing..... My mate runs an old Daff that's running all sorts of different parts, because better the devil you know! He says why buy a new truck when you can adapt something to make what you've got better. Great work ;D
  3. Great project. I wish I had the patience for a scratch build
  4. I've got a old 1/24 P51 Sat on the shelf awaiting such a group build i dare say it won't be as good as everyone else's on here, but I think I'll enjoy the challenge. I'll most likely do something custom/ modified, I've never built OOB in my life
  5. Been a while, feels like forever! I started this kit years ago, made good progress de-seaming the body (Wood & Picket style) and painting the first coats of gunmetal paint.... Then I fecked half the decals (pin-stripes) and then lost the engine! Well, 2 years or more later, I've found the engine and have bought a Datsun 240ZG kit that I'll use for extra customisation along the way. (The ZG has broken glass, so isn't likely to get built, hence being used for spares) God knows what I'll do about the decals, I'll work on that issue as and when lol
  6. What a brilliant idea! I've got a real front nose off a Brabham Alfa Romeo Fan-car, it'd be brill to find a kit and add it to a deep frame like this!
  7. Fantastic work Mr Nuts I think I'm going to have to get myself one of these beasts!
  8. I'm a huge fan of this, great work buddy!
  9. That's awesome! I love Ghost in the Shell related stuff I've got 2 Tachikoma's awaiting assembly in the stash
  10. Absolutely stunning craftsmanship mate! I wish I'd got the patience for a project like this Whatever will you do next?
  11. Great work man quite different looking car to the standard SC.... I can't help but think that they might have sold a few more if they looked like this!
  12. Really coming along nicely mate I'm of that age..... My Nan bought me a model of the 348 GTB is a kid, and as such is my favourite Ferrari, even if there are better ones lol
  13. Absolutely gobsmacked! Awesome work
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