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  1. If you were using VMS anti- slip,you need to use the standard one for a Merkava tank. An Abrams would use the scattered type. You tube video is excellent at showing the technique martin
  2. VMS do three types of anti-slip texture, airbrushed type ,standard type and scattered type. The scattered type ŵould be used on an Abrams,but I would think a Challenger would have the standard type applied. martin
  3. As I said in one of my posts(they were on twice!) I fitted some Bronco workable tracks to a Tamiya Challenger 2, and there were 76 links per track. I have just completed a Ryefield Abrams with the same type of workable tracks and they are great tracks. I make a jig for building them,and roughly measure what length the tracks will be. I never just assemble them to the number as per instructions,as they may then be too long. martin
  4. I have been in touch with Ryefield, and was told that 87 links per track is a mistake in the instructions, and there are in fact 80 links per side. Ryefield are excellent models, but they do tend to make a lot of instruction mistakes. Martin
  5. I have been in contact with Ryefield and was told that 87 links shown in the instructions is a mistake. They have told me that there are 80 links per side, but I built a tamiya challenger 2 last year with aftermarket tracks ,and there were 76 links per side.Either way, there will be enough supplied with the kit. Ive yet to start my build. Martin
  6. I am currently building the Ryefield Models M1A2 Sep Abrams TuskII with full interior. What colour is the best to use for the gas turbine engine. Ryefield give a 50% mix of matt black and polished steel, but seems way too dark for an engine colour. Thanks martin
  7. Ryefield Models have released this kit. I have it on order now. Martin
  8. I completed a Chally 2 earlier this year with the CIP panels of PE. I modified a small pair of pliers to get the bends correct, had no problems with getting the correct bends. Martin
  9. I am just going to make up the links to 91 and see what happens,if they are too long I can take the pins out and shorten them or add links as necessary. It’s not so much cleaning of the links it’s just getting a good fit to enable the pins to be fitted freely. Might end up using wire yet,as the resin pins are really not strong enough. Martin
  10. Thanks, found another post that says there are 91 links with the kit,suppose i could have counted the link and length in the kit. I’ve been using the resin pins,they don’t seem all that strong,as I have snapped a few. I am going to carry on using the resin pins and see what happens. I am finding that there is more cleaning to do on the links than I had first though, to make them a good fit for the pins. Used Fruil tracks in the past,with no problems. Martin
  11. How many links are there per track? Thanks. I’ve started making up the tracks,using the resin pins,just have to make sure the links are clean,and without any flash. I’ve tried the section that I have made up on the sprockets,and there are no problems Martin
  12. Not sure about a recent release. I have not started making the tracks up as yet. Martin
  13. The worn pads were i think a couple of pounds dearer. They look ok. Martin
  14. Hi, I am about to start making up the Masterclub tracks for my 432. I got the ones with the worn pads. Is it best to glue the pads on as you make the tracks up? Thanks. Martin
  15. I will obviously test the tracks on the sprocket first. It was on a review that I read about having to trim a little off the sprocket teeth. Should get the tracks in the post tomorrow. Martin
  16. Hi, Thanks. I did find somewhere else regarding the sprocket teeth having to be trimmed a little for the masterclub tracks. Cannot see that being a problem though. Martin
  17. Hi, I am about to start building the Takom FV432. I have ordered the masterclub tracks for the model rather than use the link and length type, which I don’t particularly like. I have used Fruil tracks in the past on models,but first time using masterclub. Martin
  18. Hi, Received the accurate armour interior kit for the Academy Warrior. I don’t think that it is going to be so heavy that you need to strengthen the suspension arms. The resin parts are quite light. Martin
  19. I have finally ordered the accurate armour interior kit for the Warrior. martin
  20. Hi, Thanks, I don’t have the interior kit as yet,was just wondering about the details of it. I would have thought that when the tracks were in place ,they would sufficiently support the suspension arms. Martin
  21. Hi, How exactly would I pin the suspension arms, to make them stronger? Thanks Martin
  22. Hi, Thanks very much. Does it make it that much heavier, that you actually need to pin the suspension arms? Martin
  23. I have an Academy Warrior in my stash. Is the Accurate Armour interior kit worth getting for this kit? Present cost of the interior kit is £58. Thanks Martin
  24. Hi, I am also an older modeller, 67 later this year,been modelling since I was about 8 years old. I used to build mostly aircraft and ship models,but two years ago I started building 1/35 scale armour. I am also interested in model railways,but my layout ins in our attic/loft, and it’s becoming an effort to climb up there now, but I also have a garden railway, which is now used more than the indoor layout. Martin
  25. Hi, I used Tamiya XF-62 for the Sheridan. I have just completed a Tamiya M107 Self-propelled gun, but I used Vallejo Us Olive Drab 043, which I think is closer than Xf-62. Martin
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