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  1. ancientmariner

    Revell Bell Huey 1/35 scale(Academy Re-box)

    I have the above kit as my next wip. There appears to be a mistake with instructions regarding painting. What is the exact interior color? Been told that the interiors were grey, so found that Tamiya XF-53,Neutral Grey seems to be close, but is it? Thanks Martin
  2. ancientmariner

    Tamiya M551 Sheridan(Vietnam War).

    Hi, Not sure if this is the correct forum for the Vietnam War era. I have the above kit to build, the Olive Drab colour is given as Tamiya XF-62(cannot find an FS number for this). Is this the correct Olive drab? I have some Vallejo U.S.Olive Drab, 71.043 FS34087. i have built three WW2 Shermans, and used the Vallejo Olive Drab. Think the XF-62 is a little more green than the Vallejo 71.043. Thanks Martin
  3. ancientmariner

    Meng Models Colour Chart

    Hi, Thanks for that. Yes,I airbrush, I have 71.122, but I think that is too light,71.028 looks to be a closer match. I was just wondering what other modellers were using. I built a Meng Bradley last year, and the color given in the instructions was 71.028 vallejo sand. Martin
  4. ancientmariner

    Meng Models Colour Chart

    I have a Meng Models MIAI Abrams to build, main colour is given as MC-201, US Desert Tan. Does anyone know the Humbrol or Vallejo equivalent ? Thanks Martin
  5. ancientmariner

    British Army green

    thank you for that martin
  6. ancientmariner

    British Army green

    I have AFV Models Scorpion and Scimitar kits to build. Will the green colour be the same as the Chieftain. Instruction are very vague with the green colour, as is the same if you want to do a desert version. Martin
  7. ancientmariner

    Meng Bradley M3A3 fighting vehicle

    I am about to start the above model. For the main sand colour, the instructions state Vallejo 71.028 which is Sand Yellow,I have ordered this colour, but is it the correct one? Cannot find any equivalents, but then most of the equivalent charts are not correct anyway. I have found that out with other models. All the references to the colour I can find just say main body is Sand Yellow, no numbers given. The Vallejo one does look quite close, but just wanted to be sure. Thanks Martin
  8. ancientmariner

    Takom King Tiger Interior paint.

    Hi, Thanks again for that. This was not in the kit that I have. Martin
  9. ancientmariner

    Takom King Tiger Interior paint.

    Cheers, thanks very much for that. I did look on the internet, but did not come up with this. Martin
  10. ancientmariner

    Takom King Tiger Interior paint.

    I have the paints sorted out for the Takom King Tiger(no 2073), but the instructions do not state what colours, the interior parts are painted, engine,transmission etc. Anyone built this particular kit? Thanks Martin
  11. ancientmariner

    Takom King Tiger Interior paint.

    Thanks very much. That green should be okay then. Martin
  12. ancientmariner

    Takom King Tiger Interior paint.

    Thanks. I did google it, but no equivalent shades of green came up. I will try again. Martin
  13. My next model on the bench will be the Takom King Tiger with full interior(no 2073). I have all the paints, except one for the interior, which is A.Mig-003-Reseda Green,RAL 6011. Does anyone know of the closest equivalent to this shade of green? Thanks Martin
  14. ancientmariner

    M4A3 Sherman W/T24 “Calliope”. 1:35

    I have actually started building this one,but I have a Tamiya Sherman late production to build as well,so when I finish the Academy kit I will leave the Tamiya Sherman until then. Thanks Martin
  15. ancientmariner

    M4A3 Sherman W/T24 “Calliope”. 1:35

    Done some researching on the inter web and I have the sprockets/idlers sorted, It was basically which sprockets to use as there are an early and late versions of the model. Thanks Martin