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  1. Uhhh how do you guys post pics in the thread?
  2. Here are the pics..... http://m.imgur.com/cQejBTY,iFBX1N7
  3. Also Roy mentions the throttle linkage that is missing - any close ups of this? Danged if I can see what the heck he is speaking of? Lou
  4. Wow, thanks you guys for the welcome and the encouragement- I already found the tourque limit of the 290 screw - nothing a little CA couldn't fix.... I do have a question on assembling the motor halfs, I followed the instructions and attached the lower intake manifold where it shows to but then saw that there is a fastener right behind the lower manifold on the r/h sidle (atop the supercharger?) - can I do without that fastener or should I disassemble and modify the lower manifold to attach after adding that screw? Seems to me the other fasteners should do the job but I will defer to the expe
  5. Hi, name is Lou, I just received my first Pocher kit, an Alfa Romero Spider Touring ..... I have also ordered a Lambo Aventador roadster in white. I was first attracted to the Lambo, after building a few wooden ship models I wanted to work in a larger scale and was really enthused by the motor and suspension detail. I actually bought the Lambo first and after looking for build threads on the Lambo I became intrigued by the posts and builds of Codger, Roy, Endeavor, and a host of others which of course led to the purchase of the Alfa. (Just love the chassis/motor detail) It just so happene
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