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  1. Good day, I‘m looking for some information on the centreline bomb carriers/racks fitted to the 2 Squadron SAAF Spitfire Mk.Vc’s, as depicted in this still from the famous film footage. 1) Can I use the Eduard set as per the images, but replacing the 500lb bomb in the set for the 250lb one in the kit? Or were the shapes maybe different? 2) The rear of the bulky Vokes filter prevents the rack from being attached to the replicated attachment points on the model’s belly. Where extensions maybe added to the attachment points for the rack to clear the obstruction? Thanks in advance for your inputs.
  2. Good day, Can anyone please help me with some references that illustrate the fitment of the Sutton harness to the Mustang Mk.III’s seat? Thanks in advance for any input
  3. I’m unable to find the pinned post, authored by Jonathan Mock. Is it still available somewhere?
  4. Should be popular with UK modellers as this is the version the government has decided upon in purchasing. No wait, it's the F-35C. Or is it? Not sure now. I'm confused!
  5. Thanks Bob, Yes indeed, what I was trying to say was that, compared to the mentioned kits, bar the Academy Spitfire Mk XIV, the Airfix Spitfire Mk XII and Seafire Mk XVII rear fuselages are too deep. According to MY OWN observations, it is quite noticeable. For some reason this has however either been downplayed, glanced over or ignored by the reviews I've seen.
  6. Can someone kindly direct me to a source for an 1/48 scale rendition of the 500 lb. bomb that was carried by Skuas? As you may well know, SH decided not to include such bomb in their kit. Thanks in advance! Johann
  7. With the Tornado's fin as big as it is, they could easily fit an image of every single aircraft type that 2 Squadron ever flew on it! Was the sole purpose for designing the Tornado's fin the size that it is, not for the display of special schemes?
  8. Hi Chris, May I take this opportunity to commend you and your co-authors on a truly exceptional body of work. Well done!! Regards, Johann
  9. Here is a link to the ARC Discussion Forum relating to the topic at hand. Might be of help to you. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/lofive...hp?t160114.html
  10. Ah yes, you're quite correct sire, the kit's sprues are much too big to fit in a Series 3 box. My apologies to Airfix then for my above comment. Their 1/72 Buccaneer S.Mk.2 kit from the same period (1988?) was too big for its Series 3 size box as well.
  11. I think you might have the two Series numbers swapped around . After reading your post I had a look at the kit I have. It's the Series 5 kit (05102) and features the flap size as per the unbuilt sprue part in your photo. According to the scale drawings I have, as well as looking at some photographic references, the aileron span is shorter than that of the flap. I suppose Airfix tweaked the flap/aileron sizes between the initial series 3 and later series 5 releases? If so, I can't understand why it justified a bigger box, a higher series number and subsequent higher RRP though! Cheers, Johann
  12. "you know you are getting old when you can remember the Tornado taking over from the Phantoms"...ha!...that's not old! Happened in my teen years, and that was just the other day What I can't remember was being so cynical and grumpy then as I'm now. Neither all the aches and pains that are so prevalent these days
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