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  1. I find it amusing there are so many jerry cans. Don't know if they are full of water to put out the flames, or extra fuel for the flamethrower Extra fuel for the flamethrower sounds more exciting !! Especially if hit by a stray bullet
  2. Too cool. Love me a good Jeep......especially with flamethrower !! Can't wait to see how this baby turns out Andy. A pity there's no driver figure, reckon you could have given him a singed/blackened cap !
  3. Would totally love to see an "Andy job" done on this one !! Very unique !!
  4. Sweet tiny build Andy. Seeing that paint jar next to it is amazing !
  5. Yes should be interesting. Do you expect the paint to obscure any of the details at this scale Andy ?
  6. Cool, love the slight variation in panel colouring. Really ads to the look, and not so easy to achieve in a subtle way. Good job as always Andy
  7. Awesome additional information Andy. Didn't realise you had some lighting in this one. Now we just need Bandai to bring out their 1/72 version with new tooling and awesome details. Surely it must be on their list...... Just out of interest Andy. What sort of length, width and height does she have ?
  8. Looking awesome as always Andy. The dust and especially the wood grain etc looking especially realistic. Amazing ! Just one observation from my side. Are you going to dirty up the top side of that running board where blokes with dirty boots would presumably be climbing up on ?
  9. Looking good Andy ! Nice idea with the spoons to get a better feeling for the colour once applied to plastic. Can't wait to see the mud and dirt !
  10. Can't wait to get to the paint bit Looking great Andy !
  11. Nah, I'm waiting (praying) for a 1/72 Slave 1 to almost round out the 1/72 range of ships.
  12. Looks great Andy. Totally agree with wishing for a bigger version. Hopefully we get something new from Bandai (Star Wars range) this year.
  13. Yes, great little winter project ! Good work Andy ! Love him. Very unique !
  14. I'm still lighting a candle each night in hope that Bandai make a Slave 1 in 1/72. Hopefully we'll see the day.
  15. Awesome chipping and rust effects Andy. Looks spot on ! Love the oil gunk too ! Something totally weathered like this is far more interesting than a in service version. Good choice !
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