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  1. Love this, wonderful, just ordered the Academy one in Slovak airforce digital scheme if I can get it anywhere near as good as yours I will be very happy.
  2. Really nicely done, subtle and nice simple presentation.
  3. Thank you gentlemen, I actually took the rubber band tracks out my Hobby boss 2A6 kit and used them, not very good at all took a bit of work but eventually I got them to look half decent but not great , daft thing is it took best of show Allied and Nato armour and best of show Canadian subject in our recent IPMS show, very strange how things work out.
  4. Yeah the new Zvezda kits are great, got the T90 waiting and will be picking up the Tiger as well.
  5. Thank you everyone, the single schemes do make you work at your painting.
  6. Superb Carius really like the look of this.
  7. Very nice indeed, what is it like to build ?
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