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  1. Many models to do, a lot of work and the muses do not always come. The casting blocks were on the sides
  2. Progress: Painted interior Put the two halves of the fuselage together The bays of Aires are too high and I had to make a couple of holes in the upper part of the back of the kit
  3. Hello I share my solution to Airfix fuselage failures Since the Hasegara fuselage is not the best option to make a Spitfire VII, I decided to put a scalpel on it and it would serve to improve the Airfix kit. Reading Troy's comments, using the blueprints he kindly shared with me (thanks Troy !!!), I made a partial copy of the nose of the Spitfire XIV and compared it to the nose of the XII. The tip matches almost perfectly, and only had to be thickened on the back to match the drawing. Sanded and bonded, it looks much better than the original fuselage in the kit, I think so ...
  4. Hola Amigos !!! I share my last Spit with you, after several months of having delayed it. 1/48 Spitfire Mk VIII ICM with Eduar accessories (Zoom) I must confess to you that my list of pending models to finish is long as a boa conscriptor. Best regards Critics are always welcome
  5. I share this new Spook: Zukei Mura kit F-4C - Zukei Mura cockpit interior - Hypersonic correction set - TwoBobs decals - Aires Exhaust pipes - Eduard Accessories AMG Shrike Missile - GT ALQ - GT Wild weasel conversion - Brassin ejection seat Cons: The fall of the profile of the back of the fuselage, I tell you that it is very difficult to put the Hypersonic correction. It can be solved only by sanding the original plastic to give the correct profile or better yet, accept as is to a big bottom Phantom. The homogeneity in the dept
  6. When I was little, I was very impressed by the Matchbox box art of the P-51 Mustang. The desire of one day to build that model accompanied me over the years. When Hasegawa included the version of Dooleybird in his P-51K kit, I was excited to be able to build that childhood dream. researching, I found that the controversy in the colors of the decoration was heated and that the ventilation grilles of the lower nose were not included by Hasegawa. I remain archived my project. Now I find that Airfix made a new Mustang IV and immediately applied to buy the model, along with the available aftermar
  7. To use the Aires wheel wheels, it is necessary to put structural reinforcements to preserve the general alignment
  8. The cut to add the missing piece in the air intake must be arranged, transverse and vertical to preserve the shape
  9. I wonder if ICM is considering the K version, or do I have to use my Cutting Edge conversion
  10. This girl is a sweetness I start to dress her
  11. Hello mates I share my most recent work This is the F4U-1 Corsari II from Hobbycraft, with Eduard accessories, Falcon canopy, Xtradecals decals.
  12. Hello mates Great excitement caused me the day I bought my Su-27 packed by Eduard. I immediately started the search and bought the necessary accessories for the beautiful bird. However at the time of gathering information and reviews of the model, it turns out that it has its "peculiarities". It has already been some years in the closet, and when reviewing the inventory of what I will build in the coming months, suddenly, this Russian lady appears. With the encouragement very high and evaluating the surgery that is necessary to add the bays of the landing gear, I have decided to c
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