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  1. I used a Tamiya colour for my Mosquito NF.XV - I think XF-8. I can't remember if I mixed a touch of anything else in to get the exact match to the chip though, sorry.
  2. Would a Chengdu F-7MG qualify? If not that then an F-7BS or BG ? If none of the above tweaked Chinese copies then I've some "proper" ones but they would be my second choice.
  3. I'd like to say "In your dreams!" but it's more likely going to be a nightmare for us!
  4. I'd like to come in with my Twotter please but I don't have the instructions as it was part of a job lot of dodgy kits on fleabay. Luckily it looks like all the parts are there. Can anyone help with a scan of the instructions please? If not I'll do a Wanted post.
  5. Bf109s were supplied to the Italians, Fw190s were not AFAIK so I'd go for 109s.
  6. Yes, PK-127, 3 sprues in grey, black and white. To be built as a Brymon example.
  7. I have that series scanned - PM me an email address if you'd like a copy. Anyone who would like the magazines can pick them up from me in S.Devon.
  8. I'd go for Red with a Yellow (or possibly White) outline per the well known 248 Sqdn FB.XVIII 'O'
  9. Several silver 771 Sqdn ones in Ian thirsks Mosquito:An Illustrated History Vol2 but in Type C roundels. There is a photo of a line-up in The Modellers datafile where you can see a D type roundel but not enough to identify an aircraft by code/serial.
  10. IIRC John Adams told me the reason he stopped selling them was that the decal film went yellow on a lot of them. If you want to print your own the Bank Gothic font worked for the Comper Swift I want to do.
  11. MJF Bowyer's book "Aircraft for the many" is focussed on the RAF but lists 5 squadrons of Avengers contributing to D-Day. It states those loaned to 19 Group - presumably 849 & 850 based at Perranporth - commenced TFN patrols in daylight on 4th June and were particularly active on the afternoon of 5th June. TFN is given as "air patrols along the French coast".
  12. From Flight, referring to the Royal Heron (XH375) - "The cabin colour scheme is grey and green. The chairs are upholstered in dark-green whipcord, the walls, carpet and fittings are soft smoke grey, and the curtains are patterned light green." I get the impression that XH375 started as the D of E's aircraft so probably with the green stripe and presumably it changed to the blue stripe later. The photo in Flight - pre delivery but with roundels and stripe - doesn't appear to have white upper wings, later photos don't show them clearly but I reserve the right to finish my model without them as I prefer the photo to a comment with a profile per @Troy Smith's motto
  13. You have a choice of schemes.... Red with blue cheatline Silver (polished metal) with blue cheatline and one flown by the Duke of Edinburgh was Silver (polished metal) with Edinburgh green cheatline - this is the one I plan to build. The first two appeared on an Airdecal sheet - I'll find you their suggestions when I'm home later in the week.
  14. @Nick Millman would be a good person to talk to, he has done a lot of very thorough colour research. I've an idea, which you ought to check before relying on it, that BS381C is a postwar standard so may not represent the wartime colour.
  15. rossm

    Gloster Meteor F3/F4

    5ft10in was taken off the span so I think the aileron must be shorter. The drawings in the Putnam back this up.
  16. rossm

    Gloster Meteor F3/F4

    One of each - happy days....................
  17. The only ones I can recall are the 1/144 Revell kits e.g. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-04912-supermarine-spitfire-mki--102459
  18. rossm

    Gloster Meteor F3/F4

    Hmmm, the Modeller's Datafile says 100 were delivered with the long span wings and quotes the accident as the reason for shortening. And to confuse things further the Putnam book on Gloster Aircraft states "In squadron service the F4's rate of roll was being penalized by the 43 ft long-span wings which were not sufficiently stiff. Rather than delay delivery to the RAF by redesigning the wing to meet specification F. 11/46, the span was reduced to 37 ft 2 in, producing a 6 per cent cut In wing area, which improved the rate of roll to more than 80 degree per sec but increased take-off and landing speeds." The Punam also gives the length of the IV as 3 inches less than the I and III.
  19. rossm

    Gloster Meteor F3/F4

    EE568 - the chase plane for the trials of the Vickers A.2 scale model of the Miles M52 was another. I think as @Mr T said the early ones all had long span wings. The Meteor IV Profile booklet states the clipped wings were introduced following an accident due to a very rapid pull-out from a dive and they had to be retrofitted to some aircraft "before delivery to the Service". This implies only prototypes and trials aircraft would have flown with the long span wings and squadron aircraft would have been modified before delivery. I'll see if I can verify that assumption.
  20. rossm

    1/72 RDF Antennas

    IIRC the second type is quite rare on full size aircraft? I think the Hasegawa (or maybe Airfix?) Beaufighter had the type in a blister fairing but I don't recall seeing one in a teardrop.
  21. Those look like the Harry Robinson drawings in the background of the first picture so it will hopefully be accurate. Will they downscale to 1/72 before I finish my kitbash?
  22. I've checked the Warpaint, the Profile and the DH Putnam book and I can't find any reference to a change in wingspan although a vague bell is ringing in my head. A further search reveals the SAM Modellers Datafile states (of the NF.II prototype) "larger tailplanes..............................and extended wingtips". I think both Scale Aircraft Modelling and Paragon produced conversions for the prototype, both had the smaller tailplanes, shorter nacelles and early exhausts. The Paragon set included shorter wingtips, not sure about the SAM one. You can see the details of the Paragon set here https://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/models/e0234.htm
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