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  1. I've bought from them off eBay several times and been very pleased with their service considering the fact that I'm in the US.
  2. Nicely done Dennis! I've got a 1/48 Model USA O-1 that after reading "The Ravens", I'm itching to get started on. The whole secret war in Laos is a fascinating bit of history.
  3. Nice looking bird! Really well done. Takes me back to my time in the USAF. From roughly 1970 - 1973 I was stationed at MacDill (1st TFW, 1st Combat Support Group). At one point I was TDY to the base ceremonial team and we'd practice out on the flight line. Used to see them crank the B-57's up all the time. Smoky old beast but it was fun to watch. I've got that same kit but want to do mine as one of the B-57C trainers if I can ever find any pictures of the GIB's office. So far, I haven't had any luck. Checked with my good friend, the purveyor of all knowledge, the @TheRealMrEd to see if he had any information and the only thing he did was accuse me of being the only person in the known universe to care about the B-57C. So much abuse I have to take. In any case, yours looks marvelous. Well done! And thanks for the trip back in time.
  4. If you're interested in a good read about the 19 TASS, pick up a copy of "A Lonely Kind of War" by Marshall Harrison. Great insight into the life of a FAC!
  5. Waiting impatiently with bated breath. Not to be confused with baited breath as would be the case for various and sundry fish consumers.
  6. Banded Krait's will do that to you. Not quite as much as a Many Banded Krait (2 step) perhaps. All in all, a fabulous presentation. Takes me back to a long ago time. And Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane doing White Rabbit really completes the feeling. The whole thing is boocoo dinky dau!
  7. What a terrific build. And a great primer for modifying plastic kits. Thanks for the history too! I was 4 years old when Nautilus was launched and as a kid, it always fascinated me. Just an FYI. Don't know if you're familiar with it but for sculpting bits like you did in this build, rather than wood, you may want to give Balsa-Foam a try. Very close grained foam that carves and sands like balsa. Great stuff.
  8. uncletommy

    Cataract op?

    My wife also had both eyes done about 6 weeks apart. The results on both were outstanding. She had glasses since she was in the sixth grade (US) and after the surgery, she no longer had any need for them. In fact, with the clearer vision and the lack of any corrective lenses, she calls herself SuperSight.
  9. I mostly use the 0.4 for primers and clear coats. Typically the 0.2 gets the actual painting tasks. But of course that all depends on how thick the paint/primer/clear coat you're putting through them and how well you've got it thinned. It's all a bit of a learning curve. Or black art and superstition if you prefer. You could get either the 0.2 or the 0.4 and then get the other needle/nozzle/air cap. Swapping out the needle/nozzle/air cap on the H&S airbrushes is a doodle. Takes maybe 30 seconds. Just be careful of the needle tips. They bend easily and being quite sharp, will draw blood at a moments notice. Ask me how I know.
  10. Another vote for the H&S. I've got two Evolution's (0.2 and 0.4) and an Infinity CR Plus 2 in 1 and they've all been trouble free. Just keep them cleaned properly (which is quite easy to do on the H&S) and they just keep on keepin on. I'm very happy with all of them. Can't speak to the Iwata I'm afraid though.
  11. Cheers Pat for the offer! But truth be told, there's really no reading time available yet. So far, the days have devolved into wake, chores (15 pills, a bit of clean up, return notes and phone calls), nap, lunch, nap, chores (9 more pills, cleaning of dressings, etc), sleep. Rinse and repeat. This is not a job for sissies. I will get better. But it's gonna take time. It's gonna be a sloooowwww process. But thanks so much for thinking of me. Now, off to another nap. Tom
  12. Had something ready to go and then bam! The old heart attack. Afraid I'm going to have to drop out of this one too. More info here: Apologies!
  13. Apologies to all, but I'm going to have to drop out of this GB before it even begins. Seems I've succumbed to a heart attack and am now, for the second day, home recuperating with a brand new, triple bypass, and a bright shiny new Pacemaker installed. I'm not going to be able to make the trek down to my modeling dungeon for the foreseeable future so I'm going to respectfully bow out of this GB. Again, my apologies to all.
  14. Has it been rather humid where you are? Does your compressor have a water trap on it? If you get moisture in the line, it can spatter and generally ruin your day. Also, a 0.2mm tip is pretty small unless you've thinned the primer quite a bit. While I use Mission Models paints and primers, I find I have to thin the Mission Models primer about 50:50 to get it through my H&S Evolution with the 0.2mm tip. The only primer I've been able use without any thinning is Badger Stynylrez with a 0.4mm needle set.
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