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  1. Oh! Gotta watch this one. While mine wasn't the Shelby, the box art is identical (including the color) to the '68 Mustang Fastback I had in my misspent youth. Damn I loved that car. I was crazy to let it go.
  2. Following this. I've got one of these in my stash and am anxious to see what's involved. I'm looking forward to you solving any problems just so I don't have to!
  3. I'm voting for Kennesaw Mountain but maybe that's just because it's in my local area.
  4. Late to the party. As usual, but I'll venture forth a suggestion anyway regarding the escape tower retention. For sticking various temporary bits to various other bits, I've had excellent success using Microscale Micro Liquitape. Brush it on one piece, let it dry and it remains tacky and allows you to stick two bits together yet is still easy to separate later. The only downside is that to remove it, they suggest you use IPA. Of course, if you're using acrylic paints, IPA may well be your paint jobs death knell. Your mileage may vary.
  5. When I used to travel for business, the Delta L-1011 was my favorite aircraft. On one trip, my boss and I were booked onto an L-1011 coming back from Jacksonville Florida to Atlanta Georgia. We boarded the aircraft and no sooner had we gotten settled in our seats, they announced that they'd overbooked the flight and were looking for volunteers to give up their seats. In return, Delta was offering $200 and, to ease our wait for the next flight, they'd take us to the Delta Crown room there in Jax and ply us with liquor. My boss and I discussed it and while he needed to get home quickly, I wasn't in any hurry. So, he stayed onboard and I took Delta up on their offer. True to their word, they gave us a $200 cash voucher and then led all of us to the Crown Room where we could relax and have a few drinks while waiting for the next flight. I guess we were there maybe two or three hours. In any case, the next flight was called (another L-1011) and we were led down to the gate where we discovered that they were also providing us first class seats on this aircraft. We boarded, got settled in, pushed back, and started our taxi out to takeoff. While we were taxiing, we could see another L-1011 taxiing back in to the terminal. About that time our pilot came on the intercom and told us that the L-1011 taxiing back in was the same aircraft we had originally been on. Seems they had equipment problems when they got out to the runway and had been sitting on a taxiway for the past two or three hours trying to get it fixed. Unsuccessfully. So, they were coming back in and going to have to put everybody on a different aircraft. But they were having to fly an aircraft in from Atlanta first so those people were still going to have to wait longer. Best decision I ever made. And no, I never let my boss forget it!
  6. And a third vote for Harder and Steenbeck. I've got two Evolutions and an Infinity 2 in 1 and they're all fabulous.
  7. Are you keeping your airbrush a consistent distance from the surface? Some people have a tendency to swivel their wrist back and forth to spray a surface. This makes the spray pattern vary as the surface is painted. It creates coverage that's too thin at either end of the swivel and thicker in the middle. You should sweep the airbrush along the surface at a constant distance from the surface. Start the paint spraying while still off the surface, then sweep the airbrush along the surface at a constant distance and stop the spray once you've moved beyond the surface. Hope that makes some sense.
  8. If your nose is as sensitive to the "smellies" as mine is and you want to stick with an acrylic primer, Badger Stynylrez works really well. UMP markets it over there as their Ultimate Primer.
  9. I'd suspect the nozzle "B" is clogged. Can you hold it up and see light when you look through it? That's one thing I do when I clean my Evolution. Also, I have the nozzle cleaner that H&S makes. I use it frequently when cleaning my airbrushes.
  10. Yeah, the Airfix 1/72 P-40B does not have the wheel well covers molded in. I believe the 1/48 Airfix one does. On the 1/72 one, ZC or YZC would be correct. On the 1/48 one, a khaki/drab color would be correct since the wheel wells had canvas liners installed to prevent garbage from being thrown up into the wheel wells and then on into the wing. However, in actual practice, the canvas covers were frequently removed by ground maintenance personnel.
  11. I've been using the Mr. Hobby Masking Sol R and been happy with it. But just for grins, I recently bought a bottle of the Abteilung 502 Liquid Mask. Haven't used it yet though.
  12. While this doesn't mention any specific colors, you might find the following interesting: Airmail History in Pictures, 1918–1928
  13. Another vote here for AK's Xtreme Metals. Love the way they spray. But hate the way they smell.
  14. Beautiful job! One of my favorite aircraft. I've got the Grand Models 1/72 version but I sincerely wish the Isracast 1/48 version was still available.
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