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  1. Might want to check out 3M Blenderm clear surgical tape. Not sure how it would work in your application but I know that the RC airplane folks use it for hinging control surfaces.
  2. I use an Iwata Smart Jet Plus Tubular Airbrush Compressor (courtesy of a very understanding wife) with my various airbrushes (airbrushi?) including my Harder and Steenbeck Infinity CR Plus 2in1 and have been exceedingly happy with that combination.
  3. I've got one (0.2mm and 0.4mm) and you can have it when you pry it out of my cold, dead fingers. I love the thing!
  4. The method of calculating this is used in drafting and CAD and involves what's called the scale factor. It's actually pretty simple. Here's how it works; The scale you're converting from is 3/4" = 1' 0". Take the 3/4 scale and reverse it to get 4/3. Now multiply that result by 12. That gives you a scale factor of 16. Now do the same thing for 1/72. But keep in mind, 1/72 is in inches and of course there's 12 inches in a foot so you need to make the scale factor calculation be (72/12) * 12. That gives you 72. The drawing must get smaller so we divide the larger scale factor into the smaller one. 16/72 is 0.2222. Multiply that by 100 to get a percentage. So, your copying scale percentage would be 22.2222%. It sounds more complicated than it really is. Hope this helps!
  5. Been following along on your build. Lovely job as usual Edweird!
  6. No. Never completes. Just keeps trying ad infinitum. I'll do some more detailed traces to see if I can sus out any particular reason that it doesn't get any farther.
  7. Oh... I do. Pick me! Pick me! Seriously, on a Mac, just open your "Applications" folder. In there, find the "Utilities" folder and open that. The "Terminal" app is there. Just double click on it and then paste the traceroute command that Mike supplied in that Terminal window and press enter. You can copy and paste the output just like you would in any other Mac app. The only oddity to note is that if the traceroute command should hang up and not finish (as mine is), you can abort the command by typing a ctrl-c in the window. Note that it's not a cmd-c, it's a ctrl-c. By the way @Mike, mines getting as far as this: 12 colocrossing-ic-314281-buf-b1.c.telia.net ( 47.964 ms colocrossing-ic-314282-buf-b1.c.telia.net ( 48.828 ms colocrossing-ic-314283-buf-b1.c.telia.net ( 50.589 ms and then just keeps timing out on the next hop. Wonder if the TTL coming back from the ones after the colocrossing ones is just too small to get over the pond to here. I'll just let it run longer to see if it finally gets it through.
  8. Here's the one Kermit has at his Fantasy of Flight Museum https://www.fantasyofflight.com/collection/aircraft/currently-not-showing-in-museum/golden-age/1934-cierva-c-30-a-autogiro/
  9. Check out what Ford Motor Company has done as a tribute to Bud Anderson and his P-51 'Old Crow'. They're evidently going to be auctioning this thing off at the EAA AirVenture on the 25th of July. The "new" 'Old Crow' Want one?
  10. I love my Iwata Smart Jet Plus Tubular Compressor. It was a little expensive but totally worth it IMHO.
  11. Take a look at this topic that my friend @TheRealMrEd posted some time ago. I've followed his sage advice and have been equally pleased with the results.
  12. I just popped for it off Amazon for $24.11 including shipping.
  13. Short? Yes, a bit. But from my perspective, since I couldn't be there in person, I'll take what I can get. As far as the parachute drop is concerned, my understanding is that they did do some. Some video here.
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