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  1. I think that about covers it.
  2. uncletommy

    1/72 YF-105A Thunderchief Conversion

    Duh! Sorry about that Eddy. Completely missed what you were saying earlier. I find that as I'm aging, my mental acuity has decreased at roughly the square of my age such that now, I'm about one Taco short of a combination plate.
  3. uncletommy

    At the 19th hole

    This is absolutely delightful. Now for a soundtrack, all you need is the bit by Robin Williams about how the game of golf was invented! You've also reminded me that I've the the Austerlitz one of these little guys that I need to dig out and get painted. Only wish there were a Napoleon one to go with him. I'll have to peek again and see if I can find one that could be suitably modified.
  4. uncletommy

    1/72 YF-105A Thunderchief Conversion

    Bet it's this book Edster. Republic F-105. Thunderchief. Famous Airplanes of the World #4 (See... I'm good for something )
  5. uncletommy

    1/72 Hasegawa F-110A

    Nicely done Edster. Now you can come over and build mine for me.
  6. uncletommy

    1:32 scale - Hansa-Brandenburg W.29

    Absolutely stunning! There simply aren't enough superlatives for this. And thanks so much for the link to your site and the PDF build guides. I've shamelessly availed myself of your kindness in providing the guides since I have a few of these same kits in my stash.
  7. uncletommy

    Wingnut wings and the BE-2

    If you'd like a little something to while away the dark and rainy night awaiting the WNW release, have a read about this guys project to build an RC BE-2C. The mind boggles.
  8. uncletommy

    Eduard Albatros DV and DV.A

    They're both magnificent! I'd love to see your technique for the wood grain effect on the second one.
  9. uncletommy

    Moving Time Again

    Donation made (I think) . Thanks for all you do. I know how much work goes into this kind of endeavor and I do appreciate the effort you make to provide a safe haven for all of us. Now, regarding the switch. I've got my towel at the ready. Please give me a few moments warning so that I can get it over my head and securely fastened. On second thought, I'll probably need a few additional moments notice to allow for the consumption of copious quantities of muscle relaxant. Will there be a button to push?
  10. Nah, sometimes we'd go down to the flight line and hang around base ops just to watch the children sortie out to the land of Avon Park with their toys that went bang. Kept them off the streets you know. Now, build on sir, build on!
  11. Me. Hiya Edweird. Tagging along on this one since I too have a older Hasgawa Phabulous Phantom in the stash. Along with an elusive set of Microscale decals for it for none other than my old squadron. The 1st TFW/45th TFS at MacDill airplane patch. Ahhh... the good old days!
  12. Hope you don't mind if I follow along. I'd love to have the WNW one also but unfortunately don't have the spare 3 feet of shelf space it would take to display it when completed. I do have one of the 1/72 Roden ones in my stash but I'm afraid the only similarity between the WNW one and Roden would be the Felixstowe name. By the way... lovely use of iMovie.
  13. This looks excellent! I'm so glad you've blazed the way on this one before I attempt to beat mine into submission.
  14. Well done indeed! Reminds me of my time in the USAF (1969-1973). In late 1969 and early 1970 I was stationed at Langley AFB, Virginia as a Sky Cop. One night, I was assigned to a SAT (Security Alert) team and was getting a tour of the base in our alert vehicle. At one point, we went down this dark road and parked at the end of it. Out the windshield, illuminated only by the headlights, I was looking at the surface of the moon. Turns out, they had taken me over to show me the Lunar Lander Research Facility (LLRF). To say I was dumbstruck was an understatement. This is what I saw. Only from ground level and minus the practice LEM. Image is public information courtesy of the NASA Langley Research Center.
  15. uncletommy

    Just how dangerous is our hobby?

    Gaaakkkk! Oddly enough, I'm not really surprised.