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  1. uncletommy

    Stynylrez primers

    Here's the official word from Badger about frozen Stynylrez. This was as of January of this year. Don't know if they ever got the formulation sorted out to resolve the issue but I'd still be leery of letting the stuff get too cold.
  2. uncletommy

    Stynylrez primers

    One thing I've found with Stynylrez is that it must be mixed very well. I had tried shaking it vigorously and that didn't seem to do it. I finally bought a Badger paint mixer like this one. At one point I did have a problem with a bottle of Stynylrez white primer that I bought. Seems that at some point in time, it must have been frozen. If Stynylrez is ever allowed to freeze, you should throw it out. It will just have chunks in it that will never mix again. I ended up buying a new bottle of Stynylrez white and I've never had any problems with that one. I spray mine through my H&S Infinity CR2 with the .4mm needle at around 20 psi and I've never had a problem since I learned about the need for vigorous mixing.
  3. Count me in on this also if you please. Not completely sure what I'll bring to the table but I do have a couple of ideas.
  4. Beautiful job. I must get one of these to add to my stash!
  5. uncletommy

    Sponsor's Favourite build.

    Congratulations @MarkSH! Well deserved. And congratulations to all the other participants too. As they say down here where I'm from, "y'all done good"! Thanks also to @JadlamRacingModels for their sponsorship. I had more fun doing this group build than you can possibly imagine. And it's been a truly fun re-introduction to plastic modeling. To have even received a mention in the company of these other magnificent entries is more than I could have hoped for. Thanks so much for that. It absolutely made my day! This was fun! Let's do it again.
  6. And the pilots and ground crew were unidentifiable slabs of flash.
  7. Oh... I'm onboard for this one if I may. I've got a stash of 1/48 WW I birds in my build queue but so far, no SPAD. The last SPAD I built was the old Revell 1/28 offering back when I was a kid. I want to rectify that shortcoming and figure if I tag along here, I might learn something useful!
  8. uncletommy

    F4U Corsair STGB. Official dates are 29 May -30 August 2020

    Hi Dennis. I think I’m leaning toward something that goes fast and turns left. Again. What can I say, I’m a sucker for race planes. However I’m not 100% certain yet. I’ll sort it out once the GB gets firmed up.
  9. uncletommy

    F4U Corsair STGB. Official dates are 29 May -30 August 2020

    Ohhh... what fun! Ok Dennis, I’m in if you’ll have me. Prolly use the Revell 1/72 bent winged bird for my entry.
  10. uncletommy

    Hi from an ageing newbie

    Welcome @BrianH from another retired returnee to plastic modeling who also happens to be a newbie here on BM. Got to say, I'm having fun and really enjoying this place. Just completed my first entry for a group build on here and really enjoyed the whole process. I'd forgotten how enjoyable modeling can be. Hope you will enjoy it and your time here on BM as much as I am!
  11. Thanks Dennis. I appreciate the support. There are several things on it that I could have done better if I'd stopped and thought about it first. But this'll do for a first go at it in so many years. I'll probably do another and try to get it even better. Like with straight landing gear.
  12. My attempt at Bob Hoover's Ole Yeller in the Evergreen livery. WIP is here: Gentlemen, you have a race! Please forgive the whacked out landing gear geometry. Was going to try to fix that but ran out of time. It is what it is. In any case, many thanks to everyone for a great group build. I learned a lot and had fun. Let's do it again!
  13. Finished as it were! With time to spare. I'll post the pictures in the gallery momentarily. t's not a complete hash but it could have been lots better.. It's not bad for my first shot after being absent from modeling for the past 20 to 30 years. I have learned a lot from it however and I'm grateful for that. Some things I learned. Assembly order is rather important. Think before glueing. Another coat is not necessarily good. To many make the finish overly thick. Light coats, layered on is the answer. Too much paint can ruin the landing gear geometry. Witness the knock kneed stance on my effort. CA is not necessarily your friend. Patience is a virtue. I'm normally a 1/48 fan but this has taught me that 1/72 can be fun too. At least as long as my eyes hold out. In the meantime, here's a peek. The rest will be in the gallery. Thanks to everyone who followed along on my re-introduction to modeling!