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  1. Thanks Dennis. I appreciate the support. There are several things on it that I could have done better if I'd stopped and thought about it first. But this'll do for a first go at it in so many years. I'll probably do another and try to get it even better. Like with straight landing gear.
  2. My attempt at Bob Hoover's Ole Yeller in the Evergreen livery. WIP is here: Gentlemen, you have a race! Please forgive the whacked out landing gear geometry. Was going to try to fix that but ran out of time. It is what it is. In any case, many thanks to everyone for a great group build. I learned a lot and had fun. Let's do it again!
  3. Finished as it were! With time to spare. I'll post the pictures in the gallery momentarily. t's not a complete hash but it could have been lots better.. It's not bad for my first shot after being absent from modeling for the past 20 to 30 years. I have learned a lot from it however and I'm grateful for that. Some things I learned. Assembly order is rather important. Think before glueing. Another coat is not necessarily good. To many make the finish overly thick. Light coats, layered on is the answer. Too much paint can ruin the landing gear geometry. Witness the knock kneed stance on my effort. CA is not necessarily your friend. Patience is a virtue. I'm normally a 1/48 fan but this has taught me that 1/72 can be fun too. At least as long as my eyes hold out. In the meantime, here's a peek. The rest will be in the gallery. Thanks to everyone who followed along on my re-introduction to modeling!
  4. Thanks @Col. I don't think I'll have a problem getting it done without rushing. I only have 2 or 3 minor things left to do and then it's picture time. I'll post here first before I update the gallery. Stay tuned to this station for further updates. This is of course assuming I don't spill and entire bottle of CA at the last moment. I can understand why you might like Drawdecal. I'd be immensely flattered if anyone used one of builds as an example of excellence. Usually, my builds have historically been shining examples of what NOT to do. As far as your picture is concerned, please accept my apologies if using it as I did has offended you or annoyed you in any way. At the time I posted it, I was unaware of your build thread and the fact that Drawdecal had used your build as a prime example of excellence.
  5. Time grows short. I better hustle. Clear coat is on and cured. Today is decaling day. Hopefully they’ll cooperate. We’ll see. That will leave tomorrow morning to get a clear coat on over them. And then... fini. Time to get my boogie on!
  6. Thanks for the info on Drawdecal. Your post is quite timely considering I'm currently waiting for seven sets of decals from them to arrive. Six of those are all for "go fast" ponies and the other one is for the Smirnoff Bearcat. I'll check out the Peddinghaus ones too. The way I figure it is, what the heck, why be normal? Everybody does WW deuce birds. It takes a special brand of nutcase to want to do ones that go fast and turn left.
  7. It actually started as a coat of Tamiya XF-3 over Stynylrez white primer. I had figured I'd overcoat with a gloss clear. But the Tamiya just didn't look right to me so I shot a coat of Mission Models yellow over what I already had. I think it looks better. It'll still get gloss for decaling and then a final gloss coat over that. This was my first use of Mission Models paint and I'm now a convert. It's great stuff.
  8. Mine have been well and truly clear coated with a shot or two of gloss lacquer. I learned that lesson long ago while making my own inkjet decals. Suffice it to say that my learning experience there was truly ugly. To see the beautiful decal I had created gently run down the side of the model in little rivulets made me a believer in clear decal coating. Thanks for that. Yes. It's too bad. I notice Draw Decal has some of the other "Ole Yeller" liveries like the Rockwell one and the current race number 47. Don't know how good they are compared to the old Red Pegasus (maybe the same since Draw does print on demand). In any case, it's a shame they don't also have the Evergreen livery. Well, some progress. I think. I've discovered the joys of Parafilm! Took more tries than I care to count but I think I've got something passable now. I'm not terribly happy with the way it's come out but it will have to do I think. I'll call it a learning experience and chalk it up to my amateur ham handedness. This is such a neat kit, I may build another just to see if I can get the masking perfect enough to satisfy me. Not an easy task but with what I've learned on this one, I'm certain I can do better. Course, if I were to do another one of these, I'd have to steal the prop off this one unless I can come up with another Airfix 1:72 F-51 kits (or 2, or 3, or...). I wonder if Airfix still has the uncuffed propellor sprue from the F-51 kit still available? There's a remote chance that I may get this thing done before the deadline. If I can just quit fiddling with it. Anyway, here's how far I've gotten: There may be hope yet!
  9. Still plugging away at this. Masking and trying to get the front portion of the canopy painted has been giving me fits. So far, I think I've stripped the silly thing about six times. I'm told persistence is a virtue. At this rate, I should be quite virtuous. In any event, I shall persevere and hopefully will have something done by tomorrow. This bit is the only thing that's holding me up at this point. Sigh...
  10. Really striking looking color scheme. I like it a lot!
  11. Well... that was almost a disaster! Late yesterday, I was doing a few chores on Ole Yeller at the workbench. Needed a little CA on something. The way I use CA is to put a few drops into a beer bottle cap and then dip my Glue Looper into the little puddle and use it to dispense just the tiniest amounts of CA wherever I need it. At least that's how it's supposed to work. So, got the CA bottle open and when I turned it over to dispense into the beer bottle cap, the whole top of the CA bottle came off and dispensed a small lake onto my work surface! Horrors! I thought sure I was doomed and going to have a nice yellow P-51 more or less permanently glued to my work surface. So, I started picking the various airplane bits up one by one just waiting to see which one wanted to pick up the work surface too. As I think about this today, I'm still amazed. The CA didn't get on any part of the aircraft at all. Nothing. Zip. Nada. I was stunned. So, I got all the pieces of Ole Yeller off the work surface and then had to face the daunting task of how to get this CA lake off. Evidently, I was living right yesterday. As luck would have it, at the time this happened, I was working on a piece of glass that I normally use when doing decaling. I had been too lazy to move the glass off my work bench when I sat down to do those little tasks I had planned. So, since the CA lake was on the surface of the glass, I hit the lake with some accelerator and then used a razor paint scraper to scrape the whole solidified blob off the glass. Easy peasy. Like it never even happened. I'd much rather be lucky than good!
  12. Thanks Dennis! I saw him a couple of times and agree with you completely. I don’t think there’s ever been a finer pilot or a nicer gentleman.
  13. Oh it is! I'm having to fight myself just not to throw all my other paints in the trash and just start over with the Mission Models stuff.
  14. Great work indeed! Love your method for dealing with the home for the GIB (or as our Navy calls them, self-loading baggage). For mine, I hacked out the radio and the whole chunk of floor the thing sat on. Replaced it all with a piece of plastic card flush with the pilots floor. Oddly enough, the whole contraption managed to hold together long enough for me to get it glued into the airframe. I like your solution better!
  15. I know... I went with what I had available. Also, since I'm shade blind to some degree or the other, I make no representations about it's accuracy or lack thereof. I'm just lucky I didn't make it red and call it a day. Oh, thanks! I'll check it out. Stole the uncuffed one and the longer spinner out of an F-51 kit I managed to get my grubby little mitts on. What a delightful coincidence. I've just joined Amazon Prime so I'll get to see it for free! Thanks for letting me know.