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  1. On November 20th, I messaged them on Facebook with a rather terse "TH-55?". I actually didn't mean to send them a message and I certainly didn't mean to be that terse. I've forgotten what I was actually trying to do but it wasn't sending them a message via FB messenger. I don't like Messenger and normally won't use it. How I ended up sending that to them will forever remain a mystery. In any case, I was kind of surprised when I got a response of "Soon" to my rather cheeky message. Oh, and a picture of a nice looking plastic sprue with various bits on it like various TH-55 cockpit bits, cockpit floor braces, and a couple of what look like tail boom bits! Take heart lads. Our wait may be over soon!
  2. You go Edster. I wanna see this one too. Back in the day when I was flying with the Aeroclub at MacDill, I always wanted to do a x-country down to Sarasota to stop and peek at Cavalier. Never made it though.
  3. Hmmm... don't have that problem on my iPad. The only issue I have is from the BritModeller home page, I can't use the "Forum" menu from the menu bar at the top of the page. I have to scroll down to the "Forum" link about half way down the page. But once I get to the actual forum section, everything is there. I don't have any problems at all.
  4. Get one of the lipo bags or something like a Bat Safe. I've got the Bat Safe and I really like it. I won't charge or discharge LiPo's without using it.
  5. Here's another vote for the Swann Morton scalpels. I generally use a 10A blade with one of their Retractaway craft knife handles. But you do need to be very careful with them. They're very, very sharp. Personally, I think they put other craft blades to shame.
  6. Oh dear. Flashback time again. I had reached the ripe old age of 16 when this car was new. The mother of a friend of mine owned one. He "borrowed" it one evening and asked me to go out "cruising" with him. Picture if you will, a warm summer night in west central Florida. Top down and the radio blaring while my friend proceeded to introduce me for the very first time to what it's like to travel down a dark, 2 lane road with the speedometer pegged at about 110 mph. Somehow, magically, we survived. I had my doubts we would.
  7. Nice lookin paint job going on there. Seriously reminds me of some of the stuff I saw at the 1964 World's Fair in NYC. It would have fit right in at Ford's Magic Skyway!
  8. This is really lookin' good. Seriously good! The keys are a really nice albeit tiny touch. Also nice to see that I'm not the only one who uses the Badger Modelflex paints. I've had really good luck with those.
  9. Oh why not? I'll probably do a Roden UA-23A Peacemaker or a Bronco L-4 "Rosie the Rocketer" both of which have been languishing in my stash for several years now and are dying to come out and play.
  10. Here's a great guide to figure (aircrew) painting. They've got a downloadable pdf version of the whole thing. I refer to this every single time I try to paint a figure. Now I only wish my results were as good as theirs. I'll keep practicing. Endlessly.
  11. uncletommy

    I hate photo etch

    If your photo etch is going "ping" into the great unkown, never to be seen again, you may want to try using one of these handy, dandy little gadgets. Pick 'em up thingy Werks fer me!
  12. Any updates on this? Release date? Please, please, please, please...
  13. Ahhh... something I can believe in. Perhaps I'll do something aligned with that age old expression, "a WOC is something that you fwo at a wabbit". If you're familiar with Fort Wolters during the 60's and 70's, you should get the inference.
  14. Excellent job! Well done! Perhaps you might find some additional inspiration in "Major Howdy Bixby’s Album of Forgotten Warbirds", the delightful craziness of Bruce McCall. Some of his aircraft designs(?) used to grace the pages of Playboy magazine in a time long ago and far away. What fun!
  15. @AMB, many thanks for pointing me in the direction of your Tiger Moth book. I snagged a copy and was surprised and delighted to see drawings that both mention and show the forward rake of the landing gear on the DH-82C. I'd been looking for any documentation on that for years. This is the first time I'd seen it mentioned and drawn. Thanks again! And the rest of the book is quite good also.
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