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  1. Hi Dennis! For me it would HAVE to be the "Molar Marauder". It has that certain "je ne sais quoi" that just screams "do me"! Besides, it appeals to my "duh" side cause it looks like dentures for a Minion. But whatever scheme you choose, it looks like it's gonna be a neat little SLUF. I've got one of these in my stash that you're inspiring me to drag out. Just as soon as I finish 42 other things first.
  2. Next time, use a Dump Cake Recipe That way you can tell everyone that's what it's supposed to look like!
  3. Excellent YoYo! A great rendition of one of my more obscure favorites. One of these days I'm going to have to build the RC kit I've got of this thing!
  4. Very cool Eddie. But gee, you've come a long way from 25mm metal wargame figures molded from lead on the stovetop. Ahh... nostalgia. It ain't what it used to be.
  5. Hmmm... I may have to raise my hand for this one. During my time in the USAF (1969-1973), I was stationed at MacDill AFB as a member of the 1st Combat Support Group providing support for the 1st TFW 45th TFS who, at that time, were providing replacement training for F-4 pilots headed to SEA. During that time, I'd see a constant stream of F-4's coming and going as they sortied in and out of MacDill for training. Usually at the Avon Park gunnery range. So, in a fit of blatant nostalgia, I'm probably going to jump in with an F-4E of the 45 TFS just for old times sake.
  6. Great idea! Just the other day I was thinking of picking up a copy of the first kit I ever built. This would give me the perfect excuse to do it again sans glue blobs and finger prints. I grew up in Florida and like all good kids there, I had to learn to swim so I took lessons at our local public pool. One day, my dad and I were at the pool swimming and he challenged me that if I could swim the entire 100 meter length of the pool without stopping, he'd buy me a model kit. I'd had my eye on a particular kit in the local toy store so this challenge was a perfect opportunity to score a kit without having to sacrifice my precious allowance. I successfully managed to swim the entire pool length without stopping and my dad, true to his word, bought me one of these: I think I'll go see if I can find another one.
  7. Phenomenal! What a find! Well done.
  8. No. That's not it. This is the one I'm referring to. My good friend @TheRealMrEd turned me onto it and it's all I've used on NMF ever since then. I only spray it. Not sure how it would work over foil or applied with a hairy stick.
  9. I've become a fan of the Winsor & Newton Galeria varnishes. Although I don't think you'll find them in you local model shop. More likely an artist's supply store. Or Amazon carries them. I use them for both brush painting and spraying. However, anything I'm doing that has a NMF, I only use the Alclad aqua clear sprayed on. A friend of mine recommended them and he was right. Works better over a NMF than anything else I've ever tried.
  10. uncletommy

    iMac advice please

    Hope it helps. All depends on what version number of Mac OS you've got running. This Apple web page gives more information about reinstalling Mac OS. This might be more applicable in your case. However, the bit about being sure to log out of all the supplied Apple apps is still applicable no matter which set of directions you follow.
  11. uncletommy

    iMac advice please

    If you're running a reasonably current version of Mac OS, you should be able to boot from the "recovery drive", reformat the disk, and reinstall a fresh copy of Mac OS. First you should make sure you log out of all Apple supplied apps. Things like iTunes, iMessage, iCloud, and iForgetWhatElse. Wait, don't listen to me! Probably better just to follow the instructions here.
  12. uncletommy


    I'm... uh.... wait... gimme a minute... it'll come to me... Oh crap. Nope. It won't.
  13. Very nicely done Dennis! To quote Chevy Chase, "Yeeeesssss! I like it!". Now, let's see. England, F-84F's, and a Shape. Puts me in mind of Stranger to the Ground albeit slightly more colorful. I think I'll read my copy again. That's if my eyes haven't worn the ink off the pages yet.
  14. Another option for doing your own is to use a program like Inkscape. Write whatever you'd like in the Amarillo font but then, select what you've written and use the "Object to Path" command to turn the font into a graphic object. You can then manipulate the whole thing as a graphic object rather than a character from a font. Change the fill color, spacing, whatever. The letters are no longer letters. They've become graphic entities that you can manipulate as much as you'd like.
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