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  1. Impressive finish. The pictures make justice to such an amazing build.
  2. Beautiful bird, you’ve done an amazing job on this one. Certainly a particular subject. Your build reminded me of this video, you can see a peanut scale of this airplane in flight around the 5:00 minute mark
  3. That’s a beautiful Tomcat! Nice weathering too. Cheers
  4. Hello sir!. I hope you find an easy way to share what you’ve done with us. I’m always interested in learning from people brave enough to do a scratch build.
  5. Wow this looks fantastic for being all masked. And I think the colors you got with those mixes are spot on. Great looking Viper.
  6. Holy Mother, this is going to be THE kit for this bird then. Well deserved being such an iconic subjet.
  7. Hi upnorth, This is held at the Villeneuve airport, this year is going to be the fourth one they have. It has been pretty well organized so far, and the number of people is growing each year. This year they announced that an F-22 will be part ot the performers. I still have pending to go to the one in Cold Lake, I’ve heard that this one is pretty cool too. Cheers
  8. Welcome! I’m originally from Mendoza, living in Canada for the last 4 years. Used to go to the area of Yacanto, El Durazno and the great Champaquí! What a great province Cordoba! Abrazo grande.
  9. Nice! Those Harvards are great.
  10. Yes! this was Saturday. I think Sunday was a little bit more cloudy. Thanks for the kind words guys. Jorge
  11. Hello! These are from last year, at the Edmonton Airshow were I live. The camera I used is a Nikon D7100 and the lens was a Tokina 150-600 mm. Thanks! Jorge
  12. You are right, ailerons move in opposite direction. Beautiful paint job, including the interior. This is going to be an amazing build.
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