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  1. That looks really nice. But I have to say, probably calling him lazy might be at least unfair, especially now that he explained his lack of knowledge about posting pictures. Cheers
  2. Hello sir, and greetings from a fellow Argie living abroad. I’ll follow along your build, she’ll look amazing with that great Super Étendart. Hoping you feel better soon. Cheers. Jorge
  3. It looks really clean, nice shot the one with the A4. Abrazo grande! Jorge
  4. Hi Laurie, I’ll try to find your other builds. This one certainly caught my eyes. As an Argentinian myself that was five years old at the time of the conflict this is a bit sensitive topic for me as I know it is for many other members of this community but it always amazes me the level of respect shown on every post related to it, and yours is no exception.
  5. Love the weathering. Beautiful build.
  6. Impressive finish. The pictures make justice to such an amazing build.
  7. Beautiful bird, you’ve done an amazing job on this one. Certainly a particular subject. Your build reminded me of this video, you can see a peanut scale of this airplane in flight around the 5:00 minute mark
  8. That’s a beautiful Tomcat! Nice weathering too. Cheers
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