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  1. Excellent finish and great details on this small bug. Best regards Djordje
  2. Very Nice and very different. Looks very good. Small suggestion from my side, as all surface is quite matte it would be maybe good idea to also give a coat of matte varnish on decals. Not really necessary but...maybe Best regards Djordje
  3. Beautiful spitfire. Big difference than same Academy model in 1/72 which is quite off......from reality. Again great work regards Djordje
  4. Another beautiful work, camouflage is performed superb. Best regards Djordje
  5. BEAUTIFUL work. It is always complicated to get correct coverage of yellow color especially on big models and you managed that perfectly. Great looking model regards Djordje
  6. Beautiful work, despite how old this model is, finished like this can compete with all new molds. Great Regards Djordje
  7. Great looking Hellcat. I like the chipping, not overdone and balanced with overall weathering. Regards Djordje
  8. All is already told....just to add....i like it very much. Best regards Djordje
  9. Beautiful work. Great details, weathering......very realistic Regards Djordje
  10. Beautiful model. Subtle weathering, great details and colorful markings....what can be expected more. Regards Djordje
  11. Fantastic result with so small subject, lovely looking model regards Djordje
  12. Clean and sharp. Great looking model Regards Djordje
  13. Real work of art. Details, weathering, photography....amazing Regards Djordje
  14. This is excellent! You replicate it perfectly. great work and very interesting subject. Regards Djordje
  15. Excellent kit and excellent modelling skills. Details, colors and weathering are first class Regards Djordje
  16. Great looking FW. Sharp and clean build. Regards Djordje
  17. I like the model, like the markings, and for sure like your work. Great looking FURY Regards Djordje
  18. Great looking Tomcat. Excellent details, and very realistic finish Best regards Djordje
  19. Very nice looking Junkers. Despite age, for my eyes it is still good representation of real aircraft. Nice work Regards Djordje
  20. Beautiful model, great details. Weathering is so realistic..... Regards Djordje
  21. Hi all another model which stayed few months in finishing phase......finally done. Again, old Italeri, this time in double seat version. I remember , that as a kid, i sow ESCI box with this F-16, and needed almost 40 years to finally have it in my collection. Not to bother you more, Italeri mold, added details in cockpit, corrected position of horizontals, deepened air intake, added details, and that is it. Colors Gunze, very light wash as this was Technology demonstrator, so i assume they keep it clean for shows, decals from Caracal Models. Till next model, i hope not another F-16 - best regards, Djordje
  22. Excellent model, nice colors. Regards Djordje
  23. Only need pilots and can go into the battle. Crazy realistic finish. Also beautiful photography! Beautiful Regards Djordje
  24. Beautiful, colors and subtle weathering, just everything looks correct. Nice to see car door version, not very usual. Best regards, Djordje
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