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  1. Very interesting decal version, i like it a lot. Nice looking Hellcat Regards DJordje
  2. Clean and sharp build. lovely Dagger regards Djordje
  3. Very effective camouflage and beautifully executed. Overall great looking FW regards Djordje
  4. You show a great skills, superb and rare to see variants.. Regards Djordje
  5. Everything already said, PERFECT model Regards Djordje
  6. NMF looks great on Pucara, rare to see it in this scheme. Very nice work Regards Djordje
  7. Simply fantastic work. FW looks perfect and diorama brings everything on next level of realism. Great work Regards DJordje
  8. Very convincing and realistic. Great details and overall look. Superb model Regards Djordje
  9. Thank you all for comments @Meatbox8 : exhaust screens are added as not included in the kit and this plane had them. Same for pitot tube, no in the kit i added and lost it, need to make another Regards
  10. Hi to all after period when i had no time for this beautiful hobby, first model finished in "speed" manner. New Zvezda model, easy kit of Hurricane Mk IIc. My impressions, snap kit...yes, with mistakes....yes, but in general great model to build. Very good fit, great details, and finished look is very convincing. Not to bother you more, i used decals from Arma Hobby box, add some details missing for this version, and unfortunately lost somewhere pitot tube..during the battle. Colors gunze, AK washes....end that is all Hopr you like it, till next one best regards
  11. Sharp and clean build. I like it a lot. Both Hurricanes looks great regards Djordje
  12. Simply FANTASTIC work. Thanks for sharing this build, rare model, not easy build, and with fantastic result! Regards Djordje
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