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  1. Yeah, Fly Models have released I think 3 versions in 1/32 but I hear they're not that great apart from the general shape
  2. Yeah, most kit boxes are a size I can hide from the missus but ...
  3. Hi All After being chastised (quite rightly, too) in another thread it seems that some of us would like to throw our hat in the ring for a Wish List from the newly announced Kotare Models company, so here goes. www.kotare-models.com Heres what we know so far: They are made up of some of the key players from the now-defunct Wingnut Wings. This company had a reputation for extremely high quality …. Wait…wait … I’m gonna say it … kitsets (!). They seem to be producing in 1/32 scale (at least for the time being) 2 images posted to their home page seem to indicate a subject hint of some kind. And that’s about it so far. So what would you really like to see boxed in high quality in 1/32 scale? And/or What do you think the subject images could indicate? Although this is meant as a fun post, try to keep within limits of what you would actually like to build and what you think would actually make some money for the company in order to stay in business. Everyone’s opinion is valid, so no arguing please. Over to you
  4. Hi Jason, Sorry I've just noticed this post from you while going through my old posts. They are UschiVDR WGSF-48 Super Fine Ronny Barr Special Item #8060311 Hope this helps
  5. Transfers ... That's a name I haven't heard for a long, long time ... Obi Wan Kenobi
  6. You haven't ever looked at the Wingnut Wings website home page Header then
  7. Well this is good news https://www.kotare-models.com/
  8. Hi Keith The point is not whether I have actually bought their products or not. The point is that Photobucket have been making money from charging these advertisers to spam my pages. That is where they have in fact made a penny ( or more ) from you as well if you were ever with PB. Dorland
  9. Having said that, the point is that if it is digital, then, somewhere it is free. Photobucket have already been making money off me fo years by spamming my screen with their third party ads. They want more? I respectfully decline.
  10. I once had a tutor in a 2004 web media class who told us memorably that: "If you're paying for anything (digital) on the internet then you're doing something wrong"
  11. It seems Photobucket has rumbled the fact that I am not paying them any money. Back as soon as I find a workaround
  12. It seems Photobucket has rumbled the fact that I am not paying them any money. Back as soon as I find a workaround
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