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  1. Dang! I thought you were going to link something cool and just building up the suspense
  2. I didn’t quite follow how that worked (despite a few read throughs) You didn’t happen to take step by step exhaustively annotated screenshots did you?
  3. With the T-tail it looks from some angles like the Short SB5, in others like a mini-Javelin
  4. I’ll second that - you must have it set up nicely to achieve sharp detail like that
  5. I've had a bit more quiet contemplation and time to have a play with this so it now has legs and had a bit of a tidy up. Another one ready to test print (and I like this iteration of the design rather more than I did the first)
  6. I'm a long way from being a computer expert - I was a scientist by training but always drew so I'm kind of learning as I go. today's revelation has been in how to add surface features like airbrakes and panel lines
  7. Weather has been miserable so I cracked on this afternoon with reworking the AW.58 into the slightly larger tailed delta and reheated Sapphire engine development of the original design. Still needs wheels etc. but...
  8. Hence my parallel Swiss franc, Euro, Swedish Krona, US dollar and Japanese yen current accounts - my bank statements arrive as half a ream of paper and look like a minor arms trader’s
  9. The banks will likely not want to chase too hard and have to write down loads of bad debt so now is as good a time to load up on it as any. Lots of talk about negative interest rates to get businesses and consumers to spend as there is no more room to cut
  10. And...? you can't keep us on tenterhooks like this. If this works out will the Miles M.52 be making an appearance in the non-digital realm?
  11. Sorry, my mistake rather than @Pouln's
  12. No problem, you’re taking an item off my to-do list. Once I’ve got a real version in hand just drop me a line with your address (I probably owe @Aardvark one as well as a thanks for helping with the background info)
  13. In desperate times I don’t think anyone does. The sacrifices and war crimes we’d hope a human in the loop would prevent have all (& worse) been done before AI was ever a glint an Babbage and Lovelace’s eyes
  14. If you were a smaller nation with less resources then you’d likely be at a materiel and computation speed disadvantage. Where every fraction of a second is a tactical edge a big power might keep a person in the loop but a desperate smaller nation’s best chance to get an edge would be to cut the person out entirely
  15. You could argue that any or all of the above could cripple any 5th generation fighter and put it on a level playing field with some 3rd gen. types
  16. AI is already doing rapid stock trading and in vehicles so rather than 10 years away arguably already here. True, given enough operational leeway they even might enact a solution before a human observer could intervene. Automated trading bot flash crashes can and have wiped out real fortunes and livelihoods and yet their use is growing and growing
  17. There’s lots of designs have been proposed in the last 20 years dusting off the venerable W. Petter’s rationale behind the gnat and proposing small, subsonic light jet attack aircraft but no buyers. I imagine that drone warfare and AI will make any predictions about the future uses of expensive fighters seem silly in hindsight. If you look at how machine learning has revolutionised the play of chess and go in the last couple of years it meant people having to completely rethink how the games are played with machines making baffling plays, sacrifices and positions that humans would
  18. It could be argued that that was a war waged by economic means and that the collapse of Soviet Communism was due to the failure to provide that “fairly decent standard of living”. Even from the winning side we racked up public debt, ruinous environmental and social damage and forwent investment into healthcare, education etc. to pay for it.
  19. Much like our gracious thread author adds as a sound effect while he swooshes the test print around pretending to fly it?
  20. A lot of the non-recyclable content goes to powerplants for electricity and industrial and domestic heat energy so at least the polystyrene has a good calorific value.
  21. Now that seems like destiny. If this prints out ok would you like the prototype parts to assemble for your collection? I’ve got a lot of other half-done projects to do so there’s every chance that this’d languish for ages waiting for me to get round to doing it It does, reading the chapter on early transonic designs that led to the Fairey Deltas and English Electric P.1 there were a couple that had that look about them. A Fairey swept wing proposal, a Bristol and a Gloster... hmmm... I can feel a new to-do list brewing in the back of my mind already
  22. I agree, I think there is a lot of knowledge in the forum it is just a case of gathering it all in and making it digestible for the mainstream reader Added link to @PhantomMJI's article on safe handling, use and disposal of resin and prints
  23. I have to concede the point to @Gorby and say that I'm finding it less and less ugly now that it is closer to the point of printing plastic (and having checked in Tony Buttler's Secret Projects book 1 it is very clear that the P.1 at the same point in development was no oil painting) @Mattlow - this is where I ended up with that model I was using for our discussion about lofting and rails So. Checking it out against the drawings... not looking too bad In dim light, from the right angle and after a couple of drinks it might even consider itself ok lo
  24. No doubt tempted into relocating by the Texan steer steaks. (insert your own longhorn joke that would get you a spell on the naughty step from the forum gods here)
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