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  1. Getting there - probably looks much better in real life as we're seeing a huge close up but in real life it is a tiny model. Like folks said - a primer makes a world of difference to making the paint stick and the small pots that come with the starter sets are difficult to work with. maybe even another coat in spots where the grey plastic is just shining through under the flash
  2. A bit of progress to report: - leading edges, nose cone, exhaust and bits of black trim painted and masked - underside painted and all masked off - started with the darker green as a base layer - and let the masking marathon commence. The whole thing will be cocooned eventually
  3. Hi Christian - DIY all the way. Have printed off multiple copies of 4 view drawings to scale and going to use these (distorted a bit to cope with curves) as templates to cut masks. Have started with the leading edges, tail tip and nosecone. Next up the underside
  4. Kit is a bit on the elderly side - the canopy is a bit of a shame with bubbles and voids in the front one and really thick in the rear, cockpit is non existent with just a bare seat perched on a shelf, coaming in front cockpit way too short, no pilots, instrument panels. Have 'borrowed' pilots form another kit, scratch building cockpit and opening up the thrust reverser petals. Cockpit as a work in progress. First attempt at scrathbuilding much of anything Starting to look Viggen-like assembled and primed - next up the 4 tone splinter
  5. Thanks to @Nigel Foster60's kit clear out I find myself with a refreshed stash including a Matchbox Viggen which I've made a solid start on
  6. Well... at the moment it looks like a waste of £2.99 I battled though the decals and got what was looking like an ok (but not good) model (as pictured below) but I'd never used a clearcoat before and went over it with an airbruch applied coat of Humbrol matt clear and it has turned out awful. Powdery mottled appearance all over - a right mess. I'm thinking that the airbrush has made one of the coalescents in the paint evaporate too quickly so the polymer in the clear hasn't had a chance to flow out and filmform properly but is this a common problem and does anyone have
  7. Thanks Selwyn. Dagnabbit! I just searched google images for "skyflash missile" and it returned about 1/3 in grey and 2/3 in white (with variations on fin dots & striping) and lacking other info I went with the majority. Sidewinders I was going from another instruction book as the Revell one didn't seem to specify. I might try prizing them off to repaint but the Skyflashes I'll just live with.
  8. I've reached an interesting stage - probably best described as having made a right bottom of it I'd painted the greys and as I'd mixed off the grey I kept a little back for touching up at the end and masked off the assorted areas of other colours following (or what I thought was following the painting scheme) Unfortunately what I thought were meant to be black leading edges on the tailplanes were meant to be grey/black decals and while I had just enough grey to respray the top surface there was nowhere near enough to do the bottom and when I've tried to mix
  9. Thanks for point me toward your thread - really useful. Nice job! Have barely looked at the decals yet - too busy trying to decipher the painting instructions and their multiple grey hatchings which all look (to my eyes) alike. I see you've added the steel grey colour around the shoulders of the wings, in a box around the sweep cut-out and brought the black highlight right out to the nose cone colour. I'll have to have a bit of a think how to continue to finish mine
  10. Some more progress - first model I've airbrushed from the outset so a bit of a learning curve. At one point this afternoon it resembled nothing more than a ball of masking tape. I'm deeply skeptical about the shape and fins on the droptank and was guessing at the colours of the Skyflash missiles as there seemed to be loads of variations on grey, white, rings, fin flashes etc. Annoyingly I've fogged a bit of the canopy and one of the bits of tape strapping on the rear headrest as started to lift. Also not keen on the sheen on the fin and spine and difference between handpainted and
  11. Tiny bit more progress last night - finished putting together and painting the cockpit, decaling the instrument panels and then putting the body halves together. A lot of filling and sanding in the offing to get the seam hidden Cockpit and weights into the bottom half of the fuselage. Ignore the paint on the wing roots - Just checking to see how much the sweep mechanism marring I get Decal sheet is a bit mildewed but the panels lifted and applied ok - may get away with this. They really don't look great but will do a job. and how much of this can
  12. How in hell are these so bloody cheap? Surely the design and tooling of a small kit is as expensive and time consuming as a big one. Shouldn't a Vulcan, Lanc and Spitfire be dirt cheap because they're depreciated across so many units whereas a JP which is a bit more niche cost more?
  13. Morning all, First post in the main forum so please be gentle - posting for pointers. Sharing plodding progress on a Tornado F3 from an old Revell kit. I had no intention to buy or build a Tornado of any stripe but saw the box looking faded, battered and forlorn in the window of a local charity shop and thought I'd save it from just going to landfill. £2.99 later I have what appears to be an intact kit although the decals look a bit mildewed so it remains to be seen if they will be ok to use. Progress previous to last night was limited to figuring out the w
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