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  1. At least for the hobbyist doing FDM printing the main polymer PLA is derived from corn starch and, although normally done chemically, you could do the processing by a fermentation with e.coli so we're probably already 9/10ths of the way there. The big trick in making biomaterials is to persuade the little blighters not to turn every carbohydrate they see into alcohol
  2. Don't undersell your talents. I thought your collaboration with Damian Hurst said something very profound https://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/hirst-away-from-the-flock-ar00499
  3. Nice! Has a pleasingly b&w flash gordon vibe to it
  4. @Tinners - Designed with 1/35 FDM printing in mind but would this work in your planned 1/350 diorama if resin printed?
  5. Same, I lived right in Durham for 3 years and then still relatively locally for another 16 or so before I finally got around to visiting the Cathedral.
  6. 6mm dowel flush cut with a flexible dowel saw, fine filler, sand and then paint the whole surface. Very very neat but makes moving shelves afterwards a no-no
  7. I still can't fathom how I managed to live in Cambridge for a year and a half and never go there... ... wait I remember. I was 21 and had a disposable income for the first time. At least I was in the Eagle on a regular basis so that counts as some kind of nod to aviation history
  8. I’d also add: Pressing save on your new ‘Ready For Inspection’ post feeling rightfully proud of a freshly finished model and then spotting something very similar also on the front page of that section which a: makes yours look like it was assembled by blindfolded chimps and worse b: alerts you to to a small but now irretrievable mistake on your own kit
  9. You’ve usefully just reminded me - I’ve a model lurking on the shelf of doom with just such a decal that I promised myself I’d fix and then promptly forgot about till now
  10. If any creature is naturally equipped to be able to self-administer pressure alleviating acupuncture it should be the hedgehog. Is he a rare pufferfish/hedgehog cross? Puffhogs will be all the rage as the must have pet by summer 2021 so you're ahead of the trend
  11. Not quite in Tunnanesque* territory but getting there * - aeronautical equivalent of Rubenesque
  12. I doubt I’m any more efficient - yours not only has 100% more wings but I’m only working with a simple 3-view general arrangement and sketch of a hypothetical plane so there are few details and if I get it a bit wrong no-one can wave damning photographic evidence of my slapdashedness and/or incompetence
  13. Polymer chemistry, model making, 3D print, cookery - this is pretty much smack in the overlap sweetspot of my geekery Venn diagram (just need triathlon/cycle racing in there to get the full set)
  14. Looking forward to the eventual project a massive ultra obscure never made land cruiser that takes the best part of a decade to print
  15. Thanks! I'm not sure how long the early ones took as there was a fair bit of back and forth and I am still learning the software but the latest AW.58 probably was 10 hours or so but I think it helped that I had a clear plan in my head for how I was going to tackle it having just done a very similar one previous. I need to go back to the early ones and rework them in light of what I've learned recently to add more details and tweaks
  16. ... now the olive oil contains a lot of unsaturated carbon-carbon double bonds much the same as your printer resin although less reactive (hence why it goes rancid eventually as those react with the air and free radicals generated by the action of light to create a rubbery gunk) so depending on how powerful the pen is you might be slowly adding off flavours to the olive oil. ... or you might be about to revolutionise 3D printing with the first wholly organic resin that doubles as a salad dressing
  17. Thanks! I saw your thread, marvelled at it and went back a few times to see how it was going. Excellent work so far and I’m sure when you get back to it you’ll have a beautiful end result. I’m just a beginner by comparison I don’t have a resin printer yet but if these test prints come out looking nice I might have to invest in one.
  18. You should probably go and check out @TheBaron‘s WIP thread for more cross sections of the Sea Vixen can you could shake a great many sticks at
  19. That is an excellent price, I imagine there’ll be more than a few folk here tempted to jump on that
  20. Steady on, I ended up office based and wearing a suit so I’m good at sounding plausibly knowledgeable. If you try a bit in an unobtrusive area (or better yet send me your address and I can send you a test chunk of printed model to try) before you go slathering it all over your nice (& pricey) TSR.2
  21. It’ll likely have an acrylic binder and very fine mineral filler so I’ve used it on both straight PLA and primed with either a Halfords acrylic or a Vallejo polyurethane primer with no issues and when dry it sands nicely smooth with fine sandpaper. It won’t react with the surface but seems to adhere well for my purposes. I used to work (starting off formulating industrial paints and developing resins) for the Dulux parent company and as they do Sikkens car refinish and loads of aerospace coatings I’m pretty much honour bound to use at least some portion of the corporate range for m
  22. ok, to touch on the original topic at hand. This is what I use for filling big areas on FDM prints https://www.toolstation.com/toupret-ready-mixed-fine-surface-filler/p10135 I use a smaller squeezy tube from the Dulux decorator's centre that stores better after opening.
  23. I saw that @beardie and that it had taken out the alternative military road as well. Must have been some downpours to do both
  24. Neat, thanks! I’ve a 1/200 Tupolev Bear that I inherited part built with a couple of broken props. Might try following along these lines (albeit in Fusion) to make replacements
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