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  1. This looks excellent - do you recommend those Moose Republic decals? I’ve a Sea Knight (I think an old Matchbox kit) I could do with buying a replacement set for. These would give me another option for the possible 2021 Nordic pt.2 GB
  2. Would the site be able to resell the review copies of decals and models etc. that haven’t been built in the “For Sale” section to help bring in some revenue to help support the site or do the supplier conditions forbid that?
  3. What scheme are you trying out? Ideal opportunity to use the cupboards as paint mules and really flex your airbrushing muscles
  4. Thank you (& to other folks who’ve commented or clicked the like button) Afraid I don’t have a TSR2 (yet) but here it is with a Javelin and a Lightning for comparison. About the same wingspan as the Javelin but much bigger than either jet
  5. It’s jams that were the problem when I tried switching from 0.4mm to the 0.2 - started off fine and adhere ok (magnetic bendy bed) but at some random point flow stops and the head is left waving around impotently in fresh air. Clear it out, try again,... repeat Happy enough to stick to the 0.4mm for now to save what little hair I have left
  6. Nice work on both the model and getting your printer running and dialled in. I eventually wore the plastic extruder out but the metal one has been bombproof since. You’ve had more luck than me with the 0.2mm nozzle, I can’t get them to run reliably at all
  7. Same function is there (with the same process and foibles you describe for SolidWorks)
  8. Just take care and make sure your best bits don’t end up torn off and on display in the British Museum
  9. Really useful those, I’d made myself some RAF shelters from lasercut ply and based on these drawings it looks like a fairly easy bit of adaptation to make the USAFE and Luftwaffe ones (now the harder job of figuring out space for them)
  10. It was certainly assessed in the same competition but for whatever reasons they seem to rank it pretty low.
  11. Aren't they being tried in the Hague yet?
  12. I'm sure you could still get hold of a Hindustan Ambassador or two. Set yourself up as the UK importer
  13. Quite correct - there was at least one fatality locally in a factory that used it in etching for modern TV screens. It doesn't take much or long to be fatal I've had the misfortune of having to use and get undressed rapidly at work in one of those emergency shower. Aside from the misfortune of getting doused in something nasty you then have to strip off under a very cold shower. Not anyone's best look at work but useful if you need it. Luckily I "just" got covered in something comparatively innocuous On the HF and health and safety front. Once upon a time (probably abo
  14. Different view as I realised I should really pay homage to the bookazine cover that kicked the whole thing off
  15. Another model has reached escape velocity from my project thread The Fairey Delta 3 or Fairey Large was a proposal which came fairly close to being ordered as an interceptor for the RAF to the F.155 requirement but sadly wasn’t to be. Drawn up in Fusion 360. 3D printed (FDM printed in PLA plastic on a Creality Ender 3 Pro) and finished as per a normal kit plane with conventional fillers, paints and decals. Not as nice a finish as you’d get from a resin printer but good enough to get a sense of the size and shape of it. I’ll refine this and do another bette
  16. Fling a bit of paint around and hang some tanks and missiles under the wings...
  17. Slow progress with modelling (real life intervenes) but I’ve broken the workbench and tools out today Fairey Delta 3 gets a stand (nicked from the Revell 1/144 747 & Space Shuttle set) and a bit of surface filling & sanding and then a coat of grey primer to see where we’re at
  18. Depends if they’ve been cooped up in a small flat with no garden and poor access to a park or outdoor space for months. I can understand how people in different circumstances might have leapt on the chance for a holiday. If you’ve got the government telling you it is safe to go back to the office and onto the tube then why would you think going on holiday would be unreasonable.
  19. Can I join your group? I didn't want to sell this stuff. It's only a job. I hate the Romans as much as anybody.
  20. Now you come to mention it... I can’t say I’m a fan of the current system - seems rigged. Any recommendations on good groups to join? Fancy a bit of anarchosyndicalism to liven up my middle age
  21. Anti spin strakes? Nice potential market as so many on here will have flown in this as their first flight experience with the AEF
  22. 5 hours a day?! I’m hoping you’ve a campervan with a loo. If so that’d make a nice little model making den with a kettle
  23. Neither am I Paul - had just been curious to see what they looked like as a built collection. I tend to assume that me picking a model off the shelf and taking it home halves the value and then me building it reduces it to pretty much zero. An unbuilt set seems to have gone for a quite staggering amount https://www.ebay.com/itm/Revell-Century-Series-Gift-Set-From-1958-/114251733233 - not far off of $900 for 5 kits!?
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