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  1. Honestly, how hard could it be? It’s basically only two colours on the outside and the odd bit of surface detail to try and not make too big a mess of Starting in Blitz style with glueing the major sub assemblies so that I can paint in sections. Fuselage half used as a jig to keep things in place while they set Aha! A snag or two awaits. Rivets go over these lumps on the tailplane but they look like moulding errors. Ummm... what to do? Almost forgot the time picture - started about 10 past the hour but what is half an hour here or there between friends
  2. qn30jEkPz7

    Ray Rimmel

    Sorted https://www.amazon.co.uk/KitchenCraft-Spookily-Plastic-Halloween-Litres/dp/B07DR1XWJN/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=brain+jelly+mould&qid=1598651240&sr=8-5
  3. I've got one done at 1/72 and had sold a couple already from the FDM but don't have space at the moment to run a resin printer. if you want to save some work and collaborate I'm happy to scale mine up to 1/48. If you and @Kushan_Farsight have spare printer time I'm happy to share such files as I have and come to an arrangement on proceeds from sales?
  4. Thanks, although I'm working through that general topic I'd not want to preclude others from working on the same area or list of planes (that may just be the anti-trust chip the corporate lawyers embedded in my brain back in my old life kicking in). I'd have to concede the even the early images suggest that @Hole in the ground's Miles M.52 will knock my one into a cocked hat when it is done
  5. I tell myself the same about using hyphens as punctuation and ending sentences with ellipses. I should cut down - on the other hand maybe not ...
  6. tbh my sanity was already firmly shattered during the last Blitzbuild GB when I tried to do an overcomplicated red/white masked scheme. I might start both with the intent to finish the Lightning and a stretch goal of the Shackleton
  7. My Dad’s predilection for tuneless harmonica playing: a: put me off the instrument for life b: will feature heavily in my thinking when choosing which Watchdog-damned nursing home he ends up in
  8. Yup, from the Historic Dockyard Museum in Philadelphia (home of the Slinky). Good to know that despite the American revolution the USN fully adopted the fine traditions of the Royal Navy
  9. No-on in possession of a mouth organ has ever contributed positively toward mental health* * - see also banjos
  10. Although Adler would always be better known for his harmonica virtuosity
  11. Afraid Dr Freud is flat out dealing with the subtle hints and subtexts in Navy posters
  12. Looking through the stash for suitable long weekend kits I’ve been eyeing these two kits at the top of the to-build pile both of which I owe thanks to kind Britmodellers @Des pulled me out of a hole with a replacement set of decals for the badly yellowed and cracked Frog originals @Ray S also was kind enough to rescue me with some decals for this Lightning F1A snap together kit as the originals are rub-on transfers Mulling them over I’ve twigged that both scheme choices are from 1965 so what to do... Shackleton? Lightning? Go tonto
  13. Cool, this was on my to-do list (or at least in 1/72 it was) but I guess now you've got it in hand I can safely score it out
  14. I either fear for the Pentagon intelligence gathering and reporting capabilities or they have just copy/pasted a document from the last time we bought Hellfires “... an important force for political stability and economic progress in Europe.“
  15. Certainly things like Stuxnet attack on the Iranian uranium centrifuges show how you can use hostile software to destroy infrastructure rather than risking a physical attack. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stuxnet The same approach could be used to disable powergrids or put gas turbines in stations or wind turbines out of commission. In a totally gloves off war you might be surprised at how damaging the hackers can be.
  16. I thought your carapace had scales, turns out it is just a grubby string vest
  17. No, you just need to renew at the end of each year.
  18. You've bought yourself the dirndl and started practicing your funny handshakes haven't you
  19. Algorithm: Pulse of the former US vice president and presidential candidate
  20. We only have 200 or so anyway. Is this size of force useful in the grand scheme of things if anything major kicked off or should we just accept that the superpowers are the only nations capable of financing a 21st century all-round military?
  21. Minimise: ocular degeneration caused by peering too long at sheet music
  22. qn30jEkPz7


    As a Killie and Scotland fan I’d count that as a great result in difficult circumstances
  23. qn30jEkPz7


    In a surprise to absolutely no-one it is off link to the announcement but the server seems to have thrown a wobbly https://ipmsuk.org/scale-modelworld/cancellation-of-scale-modelworld-2020-2/?fbclid=IwAR2-VvJQZLPAzHUWwmcviEtKqbD3xPRyAjJdmpYJUgHmaI-FuMfwxLc-xXo
  24. I wonder if there is scope for a “Silk purse out of a sow’s ear” GB for kits (possibly Starfix’s entire range are eligible) which are widely recognised to be an absolute dog’s dinner
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