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  1. 19 minutes ago, Mike said:

    Anyway, if anyone isn't happy with the way the site is run, they can do one of two things. 

    1. Leave and never come back, or
    2. refrain from donating and accept the status quo

    I’ve not had any ax to grind or sure what the previous history has been but am surprised at the turn this has taken. 


    If soliciting donations with Britmodeller as a non-profit org within the UK aren’t there legal standards and best practices you could point people toward as being in line with?


    If, as in this thread, donors or prospective donors ask questions isn’t there a duty from the fundraiser regulator to avoid ambiguity in answering?

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  2. 15 minutes ago, Head in the clouds. said:

    I have visited that thread before, some fantastic designs you are catching there. As many of your kits never flew would you be looking for 'What if ' schemes, including A&AEE etc/

    Probably, yes - I can get so far with the P roundels but later types would need those different options for A&AEE etc.

  3. 15 minutes ago, Head in the clouds. said:

    Some items are obvious, other less so but with a good number of heads it should be possible to cover most peoples desires.

    My wishlist and general direction is in this thread

    More in the direction of things which haven’t been kitted elsewhere

  4. Not looking likely that I’ll get the Lightning done - a bit of a fight on my hands with the Shack today with motors needing drilled out to fit the prop shafts and some distortion of the parts.


    I hope to live up to the high standards of historical accuracy set by the box designer



    Some jiggery-pokery today trying to paint the white section, prime other bits and fill others. Constrained time is meaning any bit that isn’t drying is fair game for other work to happen




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  5. *With the big caveat that this isn’t professional advice*


    Probably about on a par - I’d treat both with respect and minimise my exposure with a solvent capable mask, good ventilation and gloves. The printing resins aren’t a million miles away from those you’ve had cure in your mouth if you’ve had white UV curable dental fillings but you’d not want to have a few of those a week. 


    Modellers tend to be a bit lax about 2k PU resins and materials. Isocyanates etc. I tend to treat them with much more caution than most both because my Dad spent years happily model making in sheds surrounded by balsa dust, cyanoacrylates etc. and dismissing concerns about ventilation but now has absolutely knackered lungs & very limited life expectancy.

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  6. 17 hours ago, Bangseat said:

    it isn't aerosol, so I'm not breathing it in

    Just to note that simple evaporation can be harmful for some materials without needing them to be aerosols and that even short individual exposures can add up to cause cumulative harm and sensitisation. I’d absolutely err on the side of caution

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  7. 7 hours ago, Das Abteilung said:

    But of course you then need massive un-jammable bandwidth, which may need to be LOS at suitable wavelengths, to control the things.  And the control station(s) will have huge EM signatures to attract ARMs.  Potentially an entire unit could be rendered useless by a single action.

    It'd certainly make the UK half billion investment in that OneWeb satellite internet company a bit more explicable if it were a global reach, multiply redundant, high bandwidth comms for this kind of thing

  8. On 29/08/2020 at 01:09, spruecutter96 said:

    I remember reading many years ago, that the UK Government could have bought its first batch of Apaches from the US for around $20 Million each. Instead, they insisted that they would be built-under-licence by Westland (now known as Leonardo?) and they cost the UK taxpayer nearly £50 Million each. Now, obviously buying direct from the yanks does not create or preserve any British jobs, but that seemed like a hell of a price difference to me. 


    A similar thing happened when the Belgian government insisted in building all their air-force's F-16's "in house". Apparently, the aircraft cost so much to produce in Belgium that - for several years afterwards - they could barely afford to actually fly them.


    Who said military expenditure has reached ridiculous levels...?



    Pretty much the same argument is made about replacing Trident and the jobs it'll create/protect - we'd save a lot of money by just paying off every worker with a generous gold plated lifetime pension to keep schtum and just say we built the thing but it is very very stealthy

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  9. 3 hours ago, PLC1966 said:


    Power up your watch chap.

    “Shhhhh! There’s still 2 or 3 days charge on that. Where’s the harm?” he typed on a phone on its knackered 2nd replacement battery showing 29% and falling rapidly.

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  10. 2 minutes ago, stevej60 said:

    Wow and I thought I was  clever boy building a 1/48 kit,superb start!

    Clever would assume I actually get them done without making a mess of either. Let’s see how it goes by Monday.


    As it stands at end of play today



    Now to make dinner (pizza, sweet potato fries and salad) & catch the highlights of the Kilmarnock game

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  11. 15 minutes ago, Ray S said:

    Good going on this one. I think I would have baulked at building a Shack in 24 hours and remembering to post pictures of watches and food too!


    All the best,



    I’m going to have a bloody good go at the Lightning as well. Shack is mainly together and I’ve stopped for the day so I’ll do some filling when I start again first tomorrow then turn my attentions Lightningwards. Hopefully get them both done with the Bank Holiday Monday

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  12. A bit of an attritional slow stage in today’s day 1 of the TdF but the Shack is going apace


    Minestrone with an instruction sheet tablecloth



    Cockpit was devoid of details so I’ve scrabbled about in the decal spares and busied up the dash before sticking the sides together



    Not glued the flying surfaces on yet but looking something like a (very large) plane





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  13. Sub assemblies going ok, finale of the cycle race was a corker



    Short intermission to make some minestrone soup for lunch and fish about in the spares box looking for flat transparencies to cut down to replace a couple of missing pieces (don’t you just love old kits) 

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  14. 2 hours ago, Andy J said:

    maybe I should have checked all the parts were present earlier

    Already run into that issue with mine. Short break to check other builds and rummage in the spares box for some flat transparent bits to fettle into shape 

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