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  1. Another couple of bits done on the RAE engines in nacelles proposal. Might have another go at printing these now that I have a bit more experience with the 3D printer and suitable settings for models
  2. Damn, I was halfway to figuring out how far enough away you’d need to be to get a useful result *screws up scrawled on back of envelope and hurls it binwards*
  3. I’d started going down the rabbit hole of wondering if the time difference between the chime happening and it being received at the microphone would be enough to use the local speed of sound to calculate the current air pressure over London and correct altimeters/feed into weather forecasts. Possible but only if the time delay on transmission were known and reproducible and the clock was kept very accurate (or the microphone was quite far enough away that the resulting error was small compared to the time delay between striking and it being picked up by the mike)
  4. Very good point. It turns out that the guy who commissioned it has one of these still in kit form so I’ve got a load of fresh pictures to work from and when I am next in town will pick up the kit itself
  5. Positive feedback from the guy that commissioned it (& off the back of the initial pictures he has managed to get another couple of sales already which is terrific for me) Some tweaks to the design to adjust proportions and break it down into an easier print and we have
  6. Reading "Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari" it suggests that during WW2 that the chimes of Big Ben on the BBC radio before the news were live recordings for a while but that German scientists found a way to get useful information on the weather over London from the sound so the live recordings were replaced by recordings. Anyone have a source for that or more detail? Searching for it takes me to someone else asking much the same question on another forum https://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?t=227687 Shame as the rest of the book is good and thought provoking
  7. Version 1.0 Need to revise a bit as I broke a couple of small bits in the arm removing the supports but happy with that as a draft
  8. Fusion 360 - takes a bit of effort to learn (still a work in progress) but free and pretty powerful Cura is the slicing software I use and my printer is a Creality Ender 3 Pro
  9. Base and cabin finished printing overnight As they were on the build plate: And after the supports were pulled away
  10. That’d be a good idea - hopefully once I’m a bit further up the learning curve I might come back to you on that notion
  11. Ah, that is OO scale. I’d been asked to do something similar at 1/35 and 1/48
  12. Really? Wow, the bloke who runs the shop said he couldn’t find it available any more. Will pass that on, thanks!
  13. That reminds me - have one of this boxing in the stash. Seeing this makes me think it should be higher in the queue
  14. From the WIP at Drawn in Autodesk Fusion 360 (with the help of some drawings from @Gremlin807) and 3D printed as a kit of parts in PLA on a Creality Ender 3 Pro printer. Assmbled with superglue, filled with domestic premixed filler and painted in acrylics. For comparison this is the digital file This is how it looks coming off the printer with solid or void cockpit options (I went with solid this time out as I wanted to get an impression of the whole thing before spending even more time on scratchbuilding and interior and canopy)
  15. Bit of a hiatus on this but I’ve finally got around to assembling the Miles M.52. Ready for Inspection going to be uploaded in a moment or two https://flic.kr/p/2hFDc77
  16. True, he is probably level pegging with Thomas Midgley Junior for the title of “Chemist with most problematic careers”
  17. (precursor fact: The Haber-Bosch process was developed in the early 20th century to capture nitrogen from the air and make it chemically available for making fertilisers for agriculture (at first tbh it was mainly for explosives). This process is largely responsible for the green revolution and supporting the huge recent growth in global population) A half (on average) of the nitrogen in the bodies of humans (essential for the amino acids that form every protein etc.) was captured from the air by this process (bonus interesting fact. Fritz Haber has one of the most mixed and tragic legacies of any scientist)
  18. I worked backwards from the rail width. I started with a photo of the rails he wants it to fit and a guage width. Once I had that I knew (roughly) the size of the base and then extrapolated and adjusted via Mk1 eyeball There aren’t a whole lot of good pictures online but this is the kind of thing I was hoping to work toward p.s. 9! Wow. Resin or filament? I bought one out of curiosity and now have access to 2 but am still very much a learner
  19. I was in a local model shop and chatting to the bloke who runs it about his dioramas and the stuff I've been doing teaching myself about laser cutting and 3D print. Quite quickly I found myself offering to have a go at making a dockside crane which he doesn't seem to be able to find in 1/35 So... After a lot of procrastination I've bodged up a likely looking crane that, while not an exact replica of a particular crane, does reflect the feel of pictures I've been able to pull together. With any luck I'll be able to print it this week and see how it turn out in person. Good thing bout 3D printing is that if I decide to use it myself for something at 1/72 it is a simple % scale change for the whole model rather than starting from scratch
  20. Damn you! Now I might have to frequent Coleman's tonight (or possibly even this lunchtime)
  21. Bamboozled - term for a drunk ne'er-do-well (West of Scotland) Frangipane - Patron Saint of animals and Italy's little known spell in the orient
  22. Invidious - Where all Blockbuster’s cash flow went
  23. Aspirated - a knock-off copy of a derrière Spiny - I see you are wearing shorts Carpet - dog in an automobile Truculent - lease agreement for a large commercial vehicle
  24. Bijoux - A condensed honey sauce Bumbling - glittery underwear Couquette - The rooster has been eaten Woebegone - onomatopea for carrying a sheet of thin plywood or similar sheet material between two people
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