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  1. LostCosmonauts

    Are we becoming a nation of bleeding hearts?

    Humans have only just gotten started on living in groups of larger than a few tens and since the start of agriculture we've been domesticating ourselves (we show many of the same signs of the process in ourselves as a species as we can observe in pigs, dogs, etc. compared to their wild predecessors) so maybe what folk see as being bleeding hearts in the youth (and have done since the start of recorded history) is just a sign that we are evolving to be a more social animal and that that takes becoming more empathetic, better at communicating and less violent. If so it is probably all to the good
  2. A bit early to put the boot into a film that won't be out for another 7 months yet - I've liked all of the newer instalments (especially Rogue One which immediately displaced Empire as my favourite of all)
  3. LostCosmonauts

    The head,problems and being away

    Best of luck for the rest of your recovery and recuperation
  4. LostCosmonauts

    Feeling Lost

    My condolences
  5. For some reason I've got a stash mix up and don't have the decal placement info for the Airfix mk1 - serial A01071A. My instructions seem to be for the same plane but with different call outs and very much simplified. If anyone has the full placement info could you possibly take a picture of it?
  6. LostCosmonauts

    Decal placement instructions - Spitfire mk.1 Airfix A01071A

    This was in a £5 starter set kit from Lidl at Christmas. The kit instructions are for a far more simplified scheme I’m just painting it and adding decals on the sprue as it is going to be framed to bulk out my stand at a craft fair. Wondering whether to just do another scheme from spares and keep these nice decals for a more deserving project
  7. LostCosmonauts

    Decal placement instructions - Spitfire mk.1 Airfix A01071A

    @Smithy That is the very one. Thank you!
  8. Built in parallel - an Airfix DH88 Comet and Mosquito mk2 Comet had cockpit, a pilot, canopy framing, nose light and pitot added. Mosquito was as it came. No going crazy fixing things, block colours, brush painted, kit decals, no weathering. Just simple old fashioned fun
  9. I’ll add that to the mental list - I’ve set myself the goal of finishing everything in the stash before I allow myself to buy another kit (sadly that just means I’ve got a growing protostash buying list in my head rather than the loft)
  10. Calling this done. 1st boat, 1st helicopter, 1st diorama or scenery. Pretty pleased with the end result and a bit of a tour round 4 sides Additions of scratch built interior in Sea King, PJ productions resin aircrew. Base is hardboard, strip pine and polyfiller. Helicopter mounting is acrylic rod with a steel washer glued on top, helicopter has two small magnets flush mounted to underside.
  11. LostCosmonauts

    Air sea rescue - Airfix Sea King & RNLI launch

    Good point - have another crew set for the Navy version so hopefully I’ll be able to do as you suggest
  12. LostCosmonauts


    Avon Skin So Soft moisturiser and Smidge are the 2 best by far
  13. LostCosmonauts


    Very highly recommend you try the Highland Rover Rail pass https://www.scotrail.co.uk/tickets/combined-tickets-travel-passes/highland-rover valid for several days travel on trains and ferries north of Glasgow for a bargain £89 (if there are two of you get a two together railcard for a further 1/3 off) Utterly beautiful all the way
  14. Hi all, below a Sabre which, while not quite a shelf of doom/KUTA candidate, took me far too long as it had perched at one corner of my workbench for an age From the Academy double boxing with a P-47. Both really simple, clean models to build so there is no justification for dragging the build out so long I realise the decals over that yellow wing flash has cracked on the bend (despite liberal microsol) but wanted to share pictures before I botch retouching those bits
  15. Evening all, I've been mucking around with making and modelling away from kits e.g. ... and thought it was about time I made a plane or two again. I'd idly picked this book up in WHSmiths and got to thinking that I should try stretching my model making muscles a bit I took a scan of one of the 1st 3 view pictures (The RAE's impression of what a mach 2 fighter with engines embedded in the fuselage might look like) and imported that into inkscape (free download) vector drawing program. After a bit of a tidy up and scaling to 1/72 I started trying to make a 3D interpretation of the sketch in tinkercad 3D modelling software (free cloud based). Comparing the model I've made to the plan and profiles it looks pretty darned close Not a million miles away from the sketch and although the compound curves were a bit of a pain in the rear to do with simple shapes I think if that were 3D printed, sanded and cleaned up a bit it mightn't be too bad. I've half a notion to steadily work through the book and do a collection of British fighters that never were
  16. About 2 hours at medium quality. Did need quite a bit of trimming, filling and sanding especially under the wings and tail where it printed supporting scaffold that all had to be cut away. Next time I might do 2 halves and sandwich together to see if that helps things
  17. Still dabbling (not helped by my Mac laptop no longer beig able to run Fusion 360 after the most recent update) Had a go at printing one of the RAE proposals at 1/144. A bit rough but I painted it just to see what it’d look like
  18. LostCosmonauts

    What are you reading?

    If anyone is looking for an action techno thriller my little brother’s first book finally hit UK bookstores yesterday. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hunter-most-explosive-gripping-thriller/dp/1472256352?SubscriptionId=AKIAIALSOTUXWIGNQNJA&tag=theelopag-21&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=1472256352 As fellow aviation enthusiasts (and correspondingly often slightly pedantic) you’ll be pleased to know that the publishers made especially sure for us that the helicopter on the cover was the right one (1st cover had an Augusta A129 and my whole feedback was along the lines of “looks cool but that isn’t a Super Huey”)
  19. LostCosmonauts

    Miles M.52 Scratchbuild 1/48th WIP

    Very, very nice - I've made a start on doing the same in 1/72 but using 3d printing. I'll be pillaging this thread for ideas and tips
  20. LostCosmonauts

    The Boeing B-17 STGB Chat

    That's great @Ol' Scrapiron really clear and informative
  21. LostCosmonauts

    The Boeing B-17 STGB Chat

    It is at least as done as mine was (and to a better standard)
  22. LostCosmonauts


    Answering @vppelt68‘s siren call I’ve rooted my B-17 kit out of the stash. Part of a Revell 8th AF set as A Bit o’ Lace (I’m not sure about the scheme though but that decision can come later) Innards all present and correct Due to me not checking back on here about the start date I may have in a fit of enthusiasm have flung some glue at 1 or 2 sub assemblies Still less than 25% though so I guess the GB gods will be merciful
  23. LostCosmonauts


    Thanks @vppelt68 for hosting and the encouragement
  24. LostCosmonauts

    Boeing B-17 Gallery and Poll

    From the long stalled WIP "finished" out of the box - let's just not look too hard for stencils or for any pictures of details or the other side. No weathering or finishing touches as it was a crash project to get it in under the wire
  25. LostCosmonauts


    This got put on the shelf of doom for a little while but with the deadline extension I decided to try and get at least something for the gallery. Rough in places and needs more decals and weathering but I wanted to try and get at least something for the gallery. State of play at Tuesday morning Wednesday night Thursday night This morning This afternoon This evening - as long as you don't go looking at the other side, underneath or for anything other than the biggest decals let's call that done (or at least 90% there with one good side to show the gallery) and hanging out with the nightshift