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  1. err... I turned up at my parents to find this hoard from a modeller who got that longevity/stash ratio a little bit off. Have plucked out one or two for myself but going to have to do a lot of sorting through
  2. reading and thoroughly enjoying The Calculating Stars by Mary Robinette Kowal. An alternate history of the Space Race to get off Earth after an early 50s meteorite strike means the Earth will become unable to support life. 99p on kindle is a bargain for a Hugo best novel winner
  3. I'm not running a business (yet) but have been doing some laser cut and 3D printed bits and pieces and straying slowly into modelling territory. Is the for sale section strictly for 2nd hand or could I post things and offer the service there?
  4. So... those three kits that had come to me. It turns out there is more and he initially plucked out a Frog Shackleton for me It now transpires that the shed was just overspill from the loft and they’ve now found the motherlode of expensive polystyrene insulation up there. What was initially a couple of kits is now 4 huge packing boxes of kits to dispose on behalf of my Dad’s friend’s widow. Expect a mammoth post in the Sale section once I’ve visited and sorted through
  5. Nice! I’ve been eyeing one of those as there used to be some stationed at a long defunct base down the street from my house Recent additions my Dad picked up for me from the clearout of a deceased friend’s model stash I mainly do 1/72 planes but never look a gift kit in the mouth. That boat is likely going to turn into a channel rescue diorama eventually
  6. I’ve one in the dining room with painted dinosaur models inside as my very own jurassic park. Planning another for my workspace with a lego ewok and imperial speederbike and forest trooper as a mini Endor moon
  7. Did a bit more on the RAE main design with engines in nacelles. More refinement and details before it is printable
  8. The revised XP-92 It won’t be me making this one but looks like the cockpit and wheel wells have worked nicely. Hopefully it survives shipping off to Texas and looking forward to seeing what comes of it.
  9. Been tied up with some other stuff but... Managed to get the wheel bays and cockpit void sorted for @Space Ranger‘s XP-92 so that is printing now V2.0 of the Miles M.52 looks better so I’ve printed off parts for one of those. As it was on the print bed And with parts freed from the adhesion layer Have some commissions to model and try out before I can do much more on the planes
  10. 7 dog years to 1 human year so the dogs should get a Christmas every 52 days (or thereabouts)
  11. Tinkercad is really easy to use for 3D design but to be honest the wheels look quite straightforward and I could probably knock a design file together in an hour or so of messing about and then print. Do you want to message me your requirements (especially how they’d fit to the rest of the car) and we can see what is possible?
  12. True. My potential project list keeps expanding and expanding. Have you ever read Where good Ideas Come From or seen the TED talk? It talks a lot about the idea of the adjacent possible... once you have one idea that opens up ever more landscape or potential for building onto or connecting with other ideas and quickly you are into entirely new fields. Well worth a read or a watch
  13. This site is one good source but I love making all manner of things - I do a bit of volunteering at an art and crafts group for people impacted by dementia so get to talk to working artists there. I bounce ideas around with other scientist friends and have a pinterest board where I pin pictures of things I've made and it trawls for things that are visually similar or related by keyword. Instagram is good as well - once you start posting things that interest you the explore feed starts to find all manner or people doing related cool stuff you can be inspired by/pinch indiscriminately from
  14. More parts - a first go at making the RAE design with engines in the fuselage It seems a pretty big beast - I'll be interested to see how it looks when assembled and sat next to a Lightning and Hunter for comparison
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