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  1. Although it is biobased it’d be sensible to take the same precautions as with the petrochemical derived resins as the modifications to the soy bean oil (educated guess that is the source) to make it polymerise and additives such as the photoinitiator will (at best) be irritants
  2. Now there is some heartwarming optimism
  3. ?! What has Saruman's house got to do with it? Is making beer clear magical?
  4. At least for the hobbyist doing FDM printing the main polymer PLA is derived from corn starch and, although normally done chemically, you could do the processing by a fermentation with e.coli so we're probably already 9/10ths of the way there. The big trick in making biomaterials is to persuade the little blighters not to turn every carbohydrate they see into alcohol
  5. Surely she’d not want to to miss out on a bargain though?
  6. Don't undersell your talents. I thought your collaboration with Damian Hurst said something very profound https://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/hirst-away-from-the-flock-ar00499
  7. With the emergence of this site section and sub-community I was thinking it’d be nice to maybe see a few of the 3d printers and everyone's skills in one group build so we can continue to learn from each other How about the ‘Anything but injection’ one which is in the running for next year’s bunfight?
  8. Nice! Has a pleasingly b&w flash gordon vibe to it
  9. @Tinners - Designed with 1/35 FDM printing in mind but would this work in your planned 1/350 diorama if resin printed?
  10. Same, I lived right in Durham for 3 years and then still relatively locally for another 16 or so before I finally got around to visiting the Cathedral.
  11. 6mm dowel flush cut with a flexible dowel saw, fine filler, sand and then paint the whole surface. Very very neat but makes moving shelves afterwards a no-no
  12. I still can't fathom how I managed to live in Cambridge for a year and a half and never go there... ... wait I remember. I was 21 and had a disposable income for the first time. At least I was in the Eagle on a regular basis so that counts as some kind of nod to aviation history
  13. I’d also add: Pressing save on your new ‘Ready For Inspection’ post feeling rightfully proud of a freshly finished model and then spotting something very similar also on the front page of that section which a: makes yours look like it was assembled by blindfolded chimps and worse b: alerts you to to a small but now irretrievable mistake on your own kit
  14. You’ve usefully just reminded me - I’ve a model lurking on the shelf of doom with just such a decal that I promised myself I’d fix and then promptly forgot about till now
  15. That’s me being lazy with my comment (In a former life I was a polymer scientist working in coatings) so take my share of the blame for that bad industrial misuse of terminology habit
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