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  1. Getting there. I realised the print failure was all my fault as I’d made some bits far too fine As the revised version came out on the print bed And after release and a bit of trimming it almost looks worth assembling
  2. Sunderland. You’re not missing much. Just imagine an enormous open-air Weatherspoons in dire need of renovation or demolition
  3. Serve it with kirsch and whipped double cream and call it a deconstructed black deforestation gateaux - it isn’t a mistake it is is cutting edge cuisine with a retro kitsch twist
  4. Almost... Print was just a bit too fine so the tailplane, fin, front lip of the intake and some of the cockpit cone didn’t come out. A bit of revision and I’ll try again next week (printer is occupied doing work that pays for itself for a few days)
  5. Odd, phone seems to cope with flickr fine... anyhoo... Said printer is a cheap one as it comes as a kit (I even enjoyed it as a build in of itself) It even works despite the odd translations from Chinese and my carefree approach to the instructions Initial things have been a couple of tabletop gaming figures for friends but I was quite pleased with this scale pteranodon hunting trophy. Printed in PLA and then filled, sanded, painted and weathered (Museums and universities have all sorts of cool scans and data sets available so a 50% scale sabretoothed cat is on the workbench right now) Back to the planes I’ve decided to try out a relatively simple shape and do a Miles M.52 in 1/72 scale with a breakdown of parts to try and make print and assembly logical. Hopefully just be able to bend some PET from a bottle of plastic film as a transparency p.s. thanks @Gremlin807 for additional drawings from his excellent build of the same plane
  6. A bit if a pause as my 10 year old macbook stopped being supported by the 3D modelling software (replacement incoming). In the meantime I've done a bit more messing around and have bought my very own 3D printer and kind of got up to speed with it Flickr is being a bit of a pain in the proverbial so you'll just have to assume in the meantime that everything is peachy and looking good. I'll try from my phone to post pictures shortly
  7. Maybe isn’t a Y at all but actually the letter Thorn which we used to have in Middle and Early Modern English and denoted the ‘th’ in ‘the’
  8. You are Kanye and I claim my five pounds
  9. I have to agree with @spruecutter96‘s point that the opposite ‘tough guy signaling’ isn’t any better. Us all pontificating on an online forum in a who can be grumpier thread or competing to be most stoic and stiff upper lipped here is exactly the same but just elevating a different personality trait as the ideal. The online environment promotes the very worst impulses to self righteousness and narcissism in us all
  10. @Gorby I much rate him and his use of evidence (even in his sadly deceased state) over Viscount Ridley and his book The Rational Optimist as Ridley’s track record in turning Northern Rock from a functional bank into a smoking crater makes me question his ability to spot and avoid systemic risk
  11. You might enjoy this book ~ https://www.amazon.co.uk/Factfulness-Reasons-Wrong-Things-Better/dp/1473637465 Very good at putting some context around the news and challenging the ideas we hold about the world
  12. Humans have only just gotten started on living in groups of larger than a few tens and since the start of agriculture we've been domesticating ourselves (we show many of the same signs of the process in ourselves as a species as we can observe in pigs, dogs, etc. compared to their wild predecessors) so maybe what folk see as being bleeding hearts in the youth (and have done since the start of recorded history) is just a sign that we are evolving to be a more social animal and that that takes becoming more empathetic, better at communicating and less violent. If so it is probably all to the good
  13. A bit early to put the boot into a film that won't be out for another 7 months yet - I've liked all of the newer instalments (especially Rogue One which immediately displaced Empire as my favourite of all)
  14. Best of luck for the rest of your recovery and recuperation
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