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  1. Another test run needed so that means another chunk but this time in EasyJet orange. I’m sure Stelios would be glad to have a Fairey Large instead of a 737 in the fleet? Looks rather jolly in these colours, almost a shame to prime and paint it in drabber hues. So... ideas for a finish please. Aluminium, Interceptor grey or Grey/Green camo (or the EE Lightning solid green)?
  2. Glad you're feeling on a better keel (and seeing this finished is a pleasant bonus)
  3. A deep cycle battery or two is easily enough to do the radio and lights (pretty much what we have in the shed (gym)) but a compressor draws a fair chunk of current so that might be marginal. Oil heater would be very unlikely though unless you had a solar thermal or something on the roof. We have it all insulated and a decent concrete base and eventually we’ll have a green roof so hopefully it’ll get more thermally stable
  4. Looking forward to seeing this emerge from the goo. Take care
  5. A solid effort. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out with more time to lavish on it
  6. I went with 12V solar panel, charge controller, deep cycle leisure battery and 12V lighting. Works really nicely and meant no need for an electrician. Add an inverter and you can run normal 240V AC appliances (maybe worth a 2nd battery if you'r planning longer build sessions into the evenings or power hungry appliances) e.g. https://www.sunstore.co.uk/product/solar-lighting-system-3-1/
  7. Thanks, there was a LOT of improvising this morning. Didn't have a wide enough set of red/white/blue tail stripes so those had to be done as discrete sections. The whole thing came very close to a test flight from an upstairs window (which hasn't happened since about 1981 when I was but a child and hadn't quite grasped the non-flying nature of some models)
  8. Thanks mods, now that I’ve got mine out of the way I can peruse everyone else’s threads at my leisure (extra thanks to @JOCKNEY who saved me from throwing in the towel prematurely)
  9. to be fair to the printer that is just how he looks these days. Time gets to us all
  10. Novo 1/72 Gloster Javelin with a bit of nose fettling to represent(ish) XH897 at Duxford Kit and scheme weren’t great blitz build choices but happyish that it looks vaguely Javelin-like. Serials on the intake are the wrong size along with many other compromises you’ll no doubt spot. Nose was lengthened with some plastic card, tip pitot and camera window added from spares box, decals cobbled together from the spares folder
  11. I’ve already set the tanks and missiles aside for reuse elsewhere. The flash I’m saving in A4 sized sections as 0.5mm styrene sheet Any-hoo, she’s as finished as she’s likely to get today so off to the gallery
  12. Buoyed by having a day more to finish than I had expected here is as I left it last night I gave the kit decals a go to see if they were at all salvageable but as @JOCKNEY correctly predicted... Time to root through the spares and see if I can make them up
  13. Woah, forgot to check the rules - you’re right. I can finish it off tomorrow, thanks!
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