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  1. LostCosmonauts

    China flexes her military muscle.

    Interesting article on a twist to radar to detect stealth designs - my physics isn’t good (or up to date) enough to critique https://www.popsci.com/china-quantum-radar-detects-stealth-planes-missiles
  2. LostCosmonauts

    Tamiya Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Thanks - I knew from the pff that this was going to be a pigs ear of a base kit. Good weather has meant I’ve been out stocking up on Vitamin D rather than progressing any kits but will come back to do the legs next rainy day
  3. LostCosmonauts

    I need help

    Have to agree with @Scimitar here. This should be an enjoyable escape rather than a stick to beat yourself with. Most people are far harder on themselves than anyone else would be - I’d bet those 13 binned models you’d have eyed more kindly if someone else showed them to you as their work
  4. Thanks @thepureness kit is in the shopping basket. I realise trading on GB threads is verboten so...
  5. LostCosmonauts


    Just saw it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Brain off, shovel chocolate coated peanuts in face - what more does anyone want?
  6. LostCosmonauts

    How many kits of one subject equals an obsession?

    I love threads like this - I have a self imposed stash limit of 15 and this reminds me where I’d rapidly end up without having set a rule up
  7. LostCosmonauts

    Post your First, Favourite,Finest

    All 1/72 First (of my slow return to modelling) - an ebay sourced Airfix Hawker Sea Hawk as I’d always had a soft spot for it but hadn’t made one in my youth. Made in 2002 when I wanted something cheap to occupy some time while I kicked my heels between finishing academia and a start date for a job p.s. the silver thing you can just see in the canopy isn’t any fancy internal detail but a screw I’d blu tacked into the nose as weight that has become dislodged with time/shoogling Model making went largely fallow for a few more years till I was looking for something to do while recuperating from an op in 2014 and needing something absorbing/meditative to do and now here we are Favourite it fought every step of the way but despite the flaws and bits that could have been done better I’m still chuffed by the homemade masked splinter scheme on my Matchbox Viggen Finest I’ll always find flaw in the things I make but I think more went right than wrong with this Sea King & Severn lifeboat combo (counting this as one build as it is a diorama)
  8. LostCosmonauts

    Tamiya Ducati 916

    Looks pretty darn neat to me
  9. LostCosmonauts

    "In the year I was born" GB - ** New members enquire within **

    Great idea 1976 should give me a few options but the glaring ones are Concorde entering service and the Viking Mars missions
  10. LostCosmonauts

    Italeri 1:72 ACH-47A Chinook Gunship

    That is a beast and a half
  11. LostCosmonauts

    Old, but very new.

    As @Parabat has already said - anyone can post work in progress or finished models. I’m not anywhere like the same level of many modellers on the site but always found people interested to watch and offer help/advice. More than once I’ve been rescued by spare parts or decals offered by another user who has looked in on a build.
  12. Thanks for the bonus history @TheRealMrEd. Fascinating stuff
  13. LostCosmonauts

    I am Michael and I am new...

    Welcome! Good username - how does one become a duck wizard? (I’m very glad I spotted the typo that almost went into this reply. Who decided i/u should be right next to each other on a keyboard anyway?)