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  1. I came across a internet review (cannot remember where and when) on a multi media 1/72 conversion kits from created South Africa. They were converting a Hind into an Advanced Hind for the Tunisian AF, A c47 into a Bassler C47 in the South African AF (an ELINT version) and most recent was a conversion of the Lynx that is in South African Naval service. I cannot remember any other detail. The IPMS South Africa site appears to be suspended.Can any one provide details, and possibly where I can get these in the UK or South Africa. Many Thanks
  2. hari ari

    Nimrod R1

    I do take yr point Julien, however only some of the pictures are missing, not all and was wondering if they taken down or there was a faultt
  3. hari ari

    Nimrod R1

    All pics in pg 2, many in pg 3 are not available. Just an oblong with a red cross.
  4. hari ari

    Nimrod R1

    To build the Nimrod R1, I had bookmarked: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=25718 On checking the link to see what was to be done with the recently acquired kit earmarked for this version, I find that most of the pictures to illustrate the mods have been deleted. Any way to get these? Thanks
  5. mrcooljules, thanks, can you provide a link. Also do do canopies for the Mig 15 uti and the two seat Mig 19 in Chinese service. Thanks
  6. Has any one scratch built the Chinese Mig 17 in 1/72 scale? I was thinking of kitbashing the Mig 15 UTI with the Mig 17, using KP kits. These were in large scale operation with the Chinese AF and Egyption AF. Another similar project is to convert the Mig 19 into a two seater, again in the Chinese AF. Thanks
  7. Are there tables to refer to for mixing paints to achieve particular color shades for, eg FS, British, Russian, etc. Thanks
  8. Has any one convertedthe Airfix 1/72 scale B707 kit to the above as used by theChilian AF. thanks
  9. hari ari

    A-1 Skyraider

    Anyguidancefor decals and the toilet in 1/72scale. Thanks
  10. hari ari

    making decals

    New to this, hopi to make some decals for oddball aircraft, for personal use. Intend to print them using a laser printer. Grateful for any experiances. Thanks
  11. I just recieved replacement decals for the Nimrods I purchased. I understand that some people have had replacements too. How have they bee like to use. Thanks
  12. Grant sent you a pm last night and thanks. Hari
  13. Thanks Wez, just got the mag, now to find the scheme for the underside. Hari
  14. I am gathering info to build the AP-2H that was used in the Vietnam conflict. There were five of these aircraft. The aircraft had wrap around camoflage in three tone grey and were different between aircraft. I am looking for camoflage drawings of the top, bottom planview and side profiles. Thanks Hari
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