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  1. Thanks tweeky, nmf that’ll do for me. Have a great weekend.
  2. Thanks Harry looks like metal to me! Yes I’m tempted with that book too...
  3. Thanks Harry the radar is 100% natural metal finish, I still can’t tell what the intake is though it could be nmf or painted. Brilliant pics though thank you. Keith
  4. Thanks Chris for the photos from across the pond! I got the white internal colour from the last remaining F6 at Binbrook when they removed the radar but I still haven’t seen the full unit out of the aircraft, I’ll keep looking. Any ex Binbrook “sheddies” might know. Keith
  5. Just been painting my Airfix Lightning intake assembly and made a boo boo when I painted the entire intake aluminium. Of course the entrance ring is chrome as it is on the outside and the rest of the intake is an off white. Got me thinking what colour should the radar bullet body be, I know the front section is green but any ideas for what is behind this.
  6. Watch out cos the intake fit into the body is poor, I had to do a bit of surgery there.
  7. Lovely build, might try Tamiya white lacquer if it gives you that sort of finish. Very inspired build my buc is moving into priming stage very tempted to do the white lower surface. Well done. Thrown together lol don’t kid me....
  8. Nice job, satisfying to finish something even if it’s not the cutting edge of kits.
  9. Nice job, satisfying to finish something even if it’s not the cutting edge of kits.
  10. Can’t imagine the lineys taking much notice of the stencils, they probably knew them blindfolded, anyway the armourers would be too pi.s.d from the previous night to know what was written down anyway.
  11. delticfan


    Ah I meant to use a hobby boss 1/48 hopefully there are some resin parts available, engines, intakes etc, thanks for the advice.
  12. delticfan


    Does anyone know which model is closest to the F, would it be the A, C, D or E. If not what do you have to do to make it so. Thanks
  13. Thanks for the gen all very interesting stuff, as a kid I had a b and w photo of the first f4 to land at Stanley, hence the inspiration, I now have to work out how to make a drag chute! I love the sparks off the hook when it drag on the metal runway.
  14. The trailing edge flap on landing would be in the fully down position, the aileron next to it would be flush with the wing, what did you mean by drooped?
  15. Yes that’s a cheaper option than getting tubing or rod, I’m guessing a sidewinder would work.
  16. Thanks for that I thought the airbrakes were kept up. Just got to extend the oleos. It looks pretty menacing on landing.
  17. Just getting my Fgr2 ready for painting and I’m displaying it as if landing. Does anyone know what’s meant to be hanging out flaps wise, spoilers, air brakes etc. I’m doing it taking the wire at Port Stanley. Maybe an old pilot has the gen. Thanks.....
  18. I’m looking for a decal sheet of stencils for a grey/green camo RAF Gr1 does any aftermarket firm do one.
  19. Yes great help thanks I would never have thought it was those colours they really look spot on...
  20. Lovely job looks just right, what paint colours did you use I have a hobby boss in the making now...
  21. Yeah a couple of lineys snorting liquid oxygen trying to get rid of that awful hangover from a heavy nights beer intake (probably armourers!)...Seriously a nice fuel tanker, the odd mini car, Land Rover etc....Come on Airfix.
  22. Totally agree with the C130 for RAF. Also Jaguar, VC10, Wessex, can’t think of anymore but I’m sure there is. Oh a nice ground equipment and vehicles set from the late 70s early 80s would be cool.
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