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  1. Thanks for all your kind words everyone, I'm glad to have taken a few of you down memory lane!
  2. This is my latest model off the production line, the French Navy's equivalent of the Fairey Gannet, the Bréguet Alizé. Another labour of love as I turned a very old and simple kit from the 1960s into a reasonable reproduction of the real thing. Along the way I had to construct out of plasticard and stretched sprue the wheel wells, a cockpit, some undercarriage doors, under-wing pylons, a new arrestor hook, and various aerials. It is all brush painted with Vallejo and Humbrol, and probably the most complex scratch building work I've done so far. Apart from its simplicity, the quality of the kit wasn't terrible, soft plastic that fit together quite well and decals that were still in one piece after 30 years. A fun build that was very rewarding. Thank you for looking
  3. Thanks, I'm working on a Heller 1/100 scale Breguet 1050 Alizé, it's about 95% done
  4. Thanks again! The book extract linked was an interesting read. I had never considered that there would be serious issues getting reliable information about colour schemes, that's what you get for growing up in the internet age. Amazing to think you can even find out the name of an individual pilot for a particular plane now. I'm a big fan of @Massimo Tessitori 's site, I built a little 1/200 scale Li-2 earlier this year and it was the only place I could find any information on it- greatly appreciated!
  5. Thank you very much. And that's interesting about there being no early war green/brown scheme, Airfix really shouldn't be recommending it as the paint scheme if it doesn't exist. Good job I chose to do a different scheme! I wonder if Airfix were just trying get rid of some of the surplus Humbrol mini-tins from all the Spitfire starter sets. And thank you for the picture of the real 31, I hadn't come across that before. Thank you for all your kind words people, very kind of you!
  6. My fininshed Airfix Yak-9D in 1/72 scale. The kit was sold as a starter kit but really should be sold under the Airfix 'vintage classic' range from now on given how poor the quality of the moulding was. The radiators were especially bad. I scratch built a basic cockpit as the kit only provides a seat but once it's closed up there's not much to see anyway. I decided not to go with the early-war green/brown scheme recommended by the box and bought an AK-interactive paint set for a late-war Soviet two tone grey scheme instead. Vallejo Nuetral Grey did for the interior and undercarriage colour. The kit was all brush painted. The decals of the red stars from the kit had the yellow outlines suitable for the early-war scheme, so I sourced the red stars with white outlines from my spares box to match the decided on paint scheme. The end result isn't too bad despite the kit being very old and basic. Thanks for looking
  7. My newly completed F-14 Tomcat VX-4 'Vandy One'. The kit is Revell 1/144 scale and the model is brush painted with acrylics. It was a very nice kit, original Revell moulds that went together easily and a very detailed set of decals that really brings it to life, which you don't always get with 1/144 scale. The hardest part was painting the black plastic white for the undercarriage and missiles, I lost count of the number of coats I painted. I've also incuded a picture with the Revell 1/144 MiG-31 as a fun size comparison. Thank you for looking!
  8. Thank you very much for all the kind words, the extra detailing was definitely worth it. @Dancona You absolutely can't have too many Vics I have been following your 1/200 scale build thread for a while, I'm really excited to see it finished! @bootneck You could always try it again, see what you get off them this time haha
  9. This is the HMS Victorious in 1/600 scale from the Airfix Classics range that has been upgraded with the Atlantic Models PE kit. The model was all brush painted with acrylics, mostly Humbrol but some Revell and Vallejo too. The physical layout of the ship with the atlantic highway etc. is as she looked in the late '60s just before she was scrapped. I did the deck in the colours it was at the start of the '60s because I didn't need to do any helpicopter landing circles this way, I only had straight lines available so doing multiple circles was going to be too difficult. The PE sets I used were the 1/600 HMS Victorious detail set and the 1/600 HMS Victorious Airwing set. (ATEM60016 & 60017). I didn't make all the parts as per the PE instructions because I've been working on the kit so long I just grew fed up with it, and I didn't have the plasticard needed to do tasks like remake all the life rafts. I will at some point return and make the x6 Sea Vixens and x6 tugs once I've taken a break and worked on a new project for a bit. The four planes that make up the current airwing are Supermarine Scimitars. Thank you for looking
  10. Thanks very much for the swift responces guys! I'll give it a shot!
  11. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a question about how to use the flag decals provided with the Airfix starter set of HMS Victory. The instructions suggest just wrapping the decals around the masts and having them stick to themselves, is that correct? My worry is that if I don't get them lined up right straight away they'll disintegrate when I try to re-adjust them so I don't want to attempt this until I'm certain it'll work. Also can you get a ripple effect like this? Any help, tips or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello everybody, I relented and joined. Thank you very much for all the kind words, it's really nice to hear! I must confess that she only looks so clean because I don't know how to make her look dirtier, but as she hadn't been in service long before the pilot Victor Belenko defected with her at least it's probably historically accurate that she looks nice and clean.
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