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  1. Wow! More great models from the Ukrainians. Looking forward to a new tooled and accurate P-35 family - especially in Swedish markings.
  2. From Eduard's maybe planes to kit seen here https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=95280&start=4065#p1898395 "So to celebrate and hope for my top ten in 1/48: Hurricane P-40 (including P-36 and H-75) Spitfire Mk.I / II / V P-38 MiG-21F possibly crack) Me 262 MiG-15 (including UTI) S-199 / CS-199 (+ Bf 109K) Camel Yak-9 (including Jak-1/7)" Love to see Eduard do a Hurricane. Royal Class! But a newtool Eduard P-38 family? Or an upscaled MiG-15?
  3. What may be really nice about the Eduard Mustang . . . there may not be any inserts for the various tail configurations and for the recce version.
  4. How about ICM? They’ve done a really great job with their MiG-25 and I’m sure they’ve plenty of airframes in Ukraine to measure.
  5. Masinissa

    New 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire Mk.I?

    Eduard has made their more recent offering Easy Builds. The new tool Fw-190A family is very much simplified from the previous molds. I think they started this new approach with the Spitfire kits. No engine, no open gun bays - all these options are offered in the Brassin Line. I've already built two of the Bf-109s, which are in the painting stages, and they were assembled in just two days and were fun to assemble. I like to let the glue dry . Also have two Fw-190A3/4s primed and waiting for RLM 76. Again very fun builds. I'm looking forward to getting a Tamiya Spit Mk. I. Looks like a very nice kit. Later I'll build Eduard's Mk. I when it's on offer cuz I like the rivets.
  6. If they release the kit now with all the known issues that need addressing they will be taken to task for a “fatally flawed” kit. On the other hand if they release a close to perfect model then all grousing about the delayed release will quickly be forgotten. A successful F-14D is a license to print money - even in a crowded field. Just ask ask the kit makers churning out M1A1/2 Abrams, King Tigers, Bf-109s, P-51s . . .
  7. As long as AMK gets it right it really doesn't matter. AMK is less expensive. If the kit is close to perfection then they'll sell a ton of them which will make up for the extra re-tooling expenses. There are shape issues and detail issues with their F-14 as it stands right now. Hope for their sake it gets sorted out, because the gossip girls on the modeling forums have their claws out and will gleefully root for AMK to fail. Yes I'll buy a GWH F-14 too. No plans to buy the Tamiya kit unless it's a bargain and I have cash to spare. Full Disclosure: I have skin in the game. I paid for a pre-order via IndieGoGo. There's an empty spot waiting for it on my Shelf of Doom - just kidding - I'll build it when I get it.
  8. AMK on top. Tamiya fuselage on bottom. The rear fuselage has some very complex shapes and angles/lighting can cause the rear to look funny in photos. That being said look at the shape of the elevators on the real Tomcat. Also photos of F-14 plastic appears that opposite side is straight!?!?!???? Notice how the rear sides curve?
  9. According to Hobby Easy the release date is Maker:AMK Scale: 1/48 Material:injection Release Date: 2018-11-15
  10. Maybe if we all buy this wonderful kit we will see Jackson's "reimagining" of the Dambusters film made? https://dambustersblog.com/category/peter-jackson/
  11. They always release Overtrees at the same time as the kit. The Fw-190 and Bf-109G Overtrees are always on offer. But I think they changed this policy and have made many others available too. They do have some Typhoon Car Door Overtrees available, but wait until next month if you want 1/72 Hasegawa plastic for the Liberator. However, if you're wanting Overtrees for that aren't in production right now, then wait until July. The Eduard webstore has Month of the Overtrees and at that time they offer Overtrees for almost all the kits they have produced. https://www.eduard.com/store/eduard/overtrees/?cur=2#nextproducts
  12. They announced that an F-4E/EJ/G is coming soon. By end of year IIRC. (And yes it will have a new correct(?) fuselage since they scanned a real F-4E.) http://www.zoukeimura.co.jp/en/sentiment/oyajiblog_096.html I've built the Academy F-4B. Nice kit, (with nitpicks) but you have to be precise when lining up the parts. I see they, like ZM, are continuing the trend of offering one new marking version when releasing/re-releasing a kit. The Hasegawa effect?
  13. Masinissa

    New 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire Mk.I?

    Yes it's a pain, but they do this so the control surfaces have a three dimensional look to them. They look seperate from the wing or tail. I usually sand the tab or cut it down so I can position it the way I want. Just did that with the tail planes on Eduard's Fw-190A-3 kit. The Aftermarket companies - CMK, Quickboost, Eduard - make resin control surfaces, but they need to be modified if you want to animate your build.
  14. Is there another version of the Bf-109G-10 Mtt? The Aero Detail covering the Bf-109G shows a faring just like Eduard has reproduced on their 109G-10 Mtt. https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipMKRIwZqiR6PScgNIFlEpM9j3HHZQvsIbxduzrs From the IPMS Stockholm walkarourd for the 109-G-10 These are are not like the WNF fairings which form a small square at the bottom of the front wind screen. I know it’s a nit, but it needs picking