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  1. So you want to attack me personally? Take it someplace else. I don't care about AMK. Yet here you are trying to denigrate me by falsely claiming I hate AMK. What's your agenda here? Silence people who don't agree with your views about little plastic kits? Now back to discussing GWH forthcoming F-14 family. It will either be second best to Tamiya or rule the roost.
  2. Tamiya will be at the Chino Airshow in May. I'll get a direct answer from their Execs that weekend. In the meantime it has been reported that Tamiya did get all the engineering drawings and blueprints from both Lockheed (P-38) and Northrop/Grumman (F-14A/D). This trend of getting factory blueprints has inspired Wingsey to obtain Messerschmitt Bf-109E blueprints which they are putting to good use for their forthcoming 1/48 Emil. As for companies enforcing their licencing rights - has any company like Hobby Boss, AMK, or Trumpeter been sued for using the nam
  3. No, it's based on actual measurements of real aircraft. Then they do the math to scale it down. That's why we have Scale Models. Model manufactures will make compromises in internal details and those areas are often not in scale. A compromise is not based on guesswork or assumptions. (Of course there are manufacturers that don't care and it shows up in their products.) I know there are those kit buyers who don't care about accuracy. That's fine. I'm in the camp that likes kits to reflect reality. There is a whole aftermarket industry in the hobby that caters to this market. Just lo
  4. Tamiya P-38 Licence paid to Lockheed = perfect 1/48 scale kit. Tamiya F-14A/D Licence paid to Grumman = perfect 1/48 scale kit. Eduard P-51D family Licence paid to Boeing = 99% perfect 1/48 scale kit. So why do you think having a model that is faithful to the prototype is a "joke". After all when they say "We will make the most accurate F-14 Tomcat in history of models!" do you think kit makers are trying to sell you a "joke"? Great Wall Hobby's first release of the 1/48 F-15 had major shape issues. They fixed them all because they didn't want to be the butt of jokes. The
  5. It's scheduled for sometime in 2020. It will be Great Wall Hobbies own engineered kit and has absolutely nothing in common with the AMK kit (Thankfully). I'll have to take a look at the GWH 1/72 release to see what may be expected in the 1/48 kit. Right now the 1/48 Tamiya F-14A/D kits are King of the Hill. They are the most accurate Tomcats in 1/48 scale. GWH will have dirty wings and positionable airbrake and flying surfaces, which is an advantage over the Tamiya kit. It remains to be seen if GWH will be as accurate as the Tamiya kit. I don't know if GWH has gotten a licence from
  6. Eduard announced an F4F Wildcat/Martlet family at the PMS in Chattanooga in August 19. Reporting from the convention stated they would be 2020 releases, however it usually takes them one to two years to complete the design and make the molds, They also announced early P-40s and P-36/Hawk 75s. This year it's Spitfire Mk. I and Tempest II IIRC. Also F-6Ds
  7. Yes they have announced an F-104G. A Gina would be keena'. Their F-14D is priced about the same as the Tamiya 1/48 F-14D and AMK is selling those well. While it will be a few years before we see an AMK F-104G that kit will also find buyers. AMK did state on their facebook page that the MiG-25 is not dead. As for me I already have ICMs very nice offering so I don't need another MiG-25. Same same for the F-104. I have Hasegawa early 104 with the DACO upgrade and will buy the Kinetic kit for the F-104G/J/S. For a total of $51 each shipped from Lucky Model that's hard to be
  8. Hmmmm? F-104s is next. Too bad since this kit is more interesting.
  9. Eduard's 1/48 Eiko plus DACO F-104 correction set = almost perfect kit but $$$$$$ So now there's Kinetic's F-104Js and they're now releasing kits like Hasegawa does with different decal options. Less $$ Freedom of choice.
  10. T/HB usually fixes the issues found in their 1/32 scale kits when they redo them in 1/48. The shape issues with the 1/32 Su-27 were (mostly) addressed when the made the 1/48 scale kit. IIRC the LERX are a little off, but it's a big step up in quality versus the 1/48 Academy Su-27. My hope is ICM comes to the rescue. They made a very good family of MiG-25s and they will retool parts that aren't shaped right.
  11. No they won't listen. They've already committed to this rendering of the Su-25UB/UBK and will cut molds using this bad information. The issue with the engines has been pointed out months and months ago. I'll wait for Trumpeter/Hobby Boss to downsize the 1/32 kit, or perhaps ICM will decide to add an Su-25 family to their line-up of Soviet jets. There are plenty of examples in Ukraine to measure and get a 1/48 model right. I really don't need a KH kit that then requires $100 of resin corrections. (See 1/48 KH Banshee)
  12. I have the Rye Field Model Easy Eight which is an outstanding kit. This one should be great too and they are reasonably priced. Can't wait to buy it! Rye Field Model and Meng are entering the 1/35 scale Sherman market in a big way. Still I'll keep (and build) the Asuka Shermans I have. Question now is when will Rye Field Models enter the new tool 1/35 T-34 market?
  13. There is absolutely no shared lineage with the Meng kit. The Meng kit has better shapes, and the Meng P-51D is a snap tight kit with unique modular construction. The Bronco kit's nose fails to capture the shape of the nose, since under the hood was a V-12 Rolls Royce Packard engine with broad rocker arms. This kit shares the same shape issues with the Tamiya P-51D and Accurate Miniatures P-51B/C. The nose is too narrow. There's probably a few more issues as well. Unfortunately I'll never buy the kit to examine it closely. Eduard is sucking up all my P-51D dollars.
  14. It's correct in frame spacing and length. But what about the height? Is the plastic centered over the drawing? Because here the fuselage looks to be short in height. This carries over into the shape of the nose here. Yes I know this kit looks good and will be better than what's already on offer, but it's nice to know how it stacks up to the realz aircraft.
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