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  1. Since it seems cool here that posting about getting the AMK F-14D here's an update about the Indiegogo folks. I finally received a response from AMK about my Indiegogo order, after I sent numerous emails starting in August. I used the contact function on Indiegogo. In August I was told I'd have my kit by months end. The two emails I sent to AMK after that were met with silence. Later I expressed my concerns that the kit was being sold at eDay, and that many others who ordered the kit just a few weeks ago were receiving the F-14D while the Indiegogo people still were left in the dark after paying for the kit way back in May/June 2017. There are 46 of us who paid for the kits. I finally got a comm! Quote: "Those kits in eday, our distributor snet (sp) them there by air, without instruction books even. The kits to Telford didn’t send out yet. Your kits will be going out of our door earlier than that. Should be in a few days. Packing single kits into small carton boxes is quite a work load for us. Please be a bit more patient!" I expect that the kit may arrive sometime in November, since it's not something that will be taken care of right away and "Should be in a few days" was two weeks ago. My journey with getting the AMK F-14D will (hopefully) soon be over. However they lost a future customer. Years ago I pre-ordered the first release 1/48 F-4J direct from Zoukei-Mura,, which was scheduled for December. I got that kit right before X-mas and it included a very nice Christmas Greetings card that was signed by the Z-M Team! I was impressed with the packaging too. Looking forward to dealing with Z-M again. There's other manufacturers and kits being pumped out as I type this. Consider this like a Yelp review. Never deal with AMK directly they aren't set up to ship kits to individual customers. This is my last post on this subject.
  2. You are 100% right. Looking at a scale model to see if it captures the shape of the subject and then commenting about how accurate the model company was in their attempt is NOT bashing the model company. Model companies (hopefully) set out to reproduce an exact scale model of the subject. AMK had said their F-14D would be the most accurate and fully detailed F-14D ever kitted. They aren't saying that now. We all know about the delay in getting this AMK F-14D on the market because the test shots had some very glaring errors that AMK attempted to fix. There are proven shape issues with the AMK F-14D. From photos posted online the kit has some very nice detailing. Until AMK mails me my copy which I preordered and paid for OVER TWO YEARS AGO I won't be able to fully scrutinize this model. Based upon the photographs comparing the AMK to a real F-14D I would say this kit gets at the most a 7 on a 10 point scale. This score may go lower once I get the kit in my hands and look at it. For those modelers who haven't bought the AMK F-14D they can now make an informed decision and choose between the many 1/48 F-14s produced. I'll be waiting for Great Wall Hobbies 1/48 F-14 to come out and see how that turns out before I buy another F-14 kit. I won't buy another AMK F-14D because of the shape issues. On a personal note: I am very disappointed that AMK didn't immediately send out kits to those of us who paid for the kit over two years ago, but they made sure complete copies (plastic, photoetch, decals, and instructions) were first sent to friendly online reviewers. At the very least I should have had the kit in my hands at the same time it was given out to others and before the kit hits the distributors and hobby shops.
  3. Don't forget they said that a free weapons set is included to help alleviate the pain of waiting so long for the kit. Hopefully you won't get hit too hard paying customs fees.
  4. Add in shipping to the USA and the kit will be about $66. It's a big box and HLJ doesn't allow the option of cheaper SAL. Probably because the box goes over the maximum size for SAL shipping. They use DHL IIRC. I purchased the 1/72 Hasegawa Emily Flying Boat from HLJ years ago. Kit is discounted down to about $65 and shipping was about $20. Tamiya's 1/48 F-14A tomcat also cost $20 to ship, so I wound up paying about $80 for that kit. I ordered AMKs F-14 on IndieGoGo ages ago for $65 which included shipping. I have no idea when it will arrive. It would be nice to receive an email from AMK via IndieGoGo. But it's still crickets.
  5. Behold? https://www.eduard.com/eduard/mig-23ml-engine-air-intakes-1-48.html?cur=2&listtype=search&searchparam=mig 23 https://www.eduard.com/eduard/mig-23mf-engine-air-intakes-1-48.html?cur=2&listtype=search&searchparam=mig 23
  6. I don't know who did Airfix's tooling, but it's a real shame when things turn out like this. It looks like early Trumpeter offerings when they had all those heavy deep rivets. Meng's snap together kit is not far behind in surface detail and the wheel well and cockpit details are also lacking. When Eduard releases their Weekend Editions, which will be about the same price as the Airfix kit, the choice will be easy - get the Eduard kit. Sorry to say this, but in the end it's capitalism. I do have Airfix's P-40CU and it's the best 1/48 Tomahawk on the market . . . for now.
  7. Yes it may be happening. I was informed to expect my Indiegogo funded kit to be shipped by month's end.
  8. Someone posted on hyperscale that they announced Eduard is doing an F4F Wildcat. Is this just a rumor or will tools be cut and plastic molded? If true this is fantastic news, Hobby Boss kits are nice. Tamiya's kit is too fat and showing it's age. Or are they reboxing the HB kits with special markings and aftermarket?
  9. Yes shipping cost from Eduard have gone up. The EU changed the subsidy that Eduard receives to defray the cost of their online business. I know that in 2017 you had to order $125 worth of kits and aftermarket items to qualify for free shipping. Now it's $250. If I lived in the European Union I would call my representative in the European Parliament and ask them to make shipping cost lower. It's good for business!
  10. Postage from Czech Republic if free if you buy $250 worth of items. I have a friend who likes Eduard's stuff, so together we will combine our orders. $125 each. That $125 goes a long way during a sale and I'm also a Bunny Fighter Club member. Sometimes there are sales where the discount is 30% for BFC members. Two Royal Class kits add up fast! Another advantage is buying the special BFC boxings for the same price as a regular kit, but they throw in something extra: decals, or resin.
  11. Looks like the intercooler exhaust vent is on top of the wing tip! Nice The intercooler air intake is in the wing leading edge just outboard of the engine pod.
  12. Here in the usa the suggested retail price is $80. However getting the kit from an eBay seller in Japan or HLJ should drop the price down to about $50 with shipping included. Hasegawa's and Academy's 1/48 P-38s are priced about $40 including shipping on eBay.
  13. The review is pointing out that the gun barrels and tires are lacking, and that there's no engine or gun bay details? Really? Master barrels and Ultracast to the rescue! Ultracast makes the finest variety of P-38 tires out there, and it really won't be hard to pop some Master Barrels in Tamyia's P-38. I guarantee you the boys at Quickboost are sitting at the drawing board right now: Superchargers, barrels, seats, antenna, oil coolers, radiators. etc. Eduard made their Bf-109E and earlier family of Fw-190As with engine and gun bay details, but the majority of modelers aren't super detailers! Now since the Eduard Spitfires came out all Eduard kits are "simple builds". Oh you can buy the Brassin details and go at it. But lesson learned was make the kit basic and the rest will follow on.
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