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  1. Masinissa

    Eduard - leaflet for distributors

    Nice nugget here. An Avia S-199 in 2020. "Most the Czechoslovak Messerschmitt were then famous Avia S-199s, converted from G-10s using the JUMO engine. We are going to release extra S-199 kit in several fashions some 2 years later."
  2. I would think that these issues with the cowl and oil cooler will be addressed by Quickboost, Vector, or maybe Roy Sutherland's Barracuda Studios. The oil cooler fairing would be an easy resin replacement to help accuratize the kit. The Left hand engine cover would involve some easy cutting to get a replacement part to fit. There's money to be made by the aftermarket suppliers. Eduard alway adds resin engine covers to the Brassin Engine set. Perhaps they'll make a decent LH cowl replacement? The Brassin Bf-109F/G exhausts are far more convincing than the plastic parts. Landing gear legs? Who knows if anyone will step up and cast some accurate late model Bf-109G/K gear.
  3. Eduard's common sprue with the landing gear legs are correct for F's, early G's, and many late G's. (Hasegawa and Zvezda also did this too. ) Check photos of the machine you want to build to see if the plastic gear are correct. However in plastic Eduard didn't make the MMT or Regensburg type landing gear legs. The brassin legs IIRC are Regensburg, but no one has done MMT legs correctly. Tamiya's top part of the Gear legs (MMT?) are nice and beefy, but the lower legs are way too spindly. Also the Tamiya upper cowl is flat and the gun troughs are spaced too far apart. They did this to accommodate the toy like features of their kit. So open the engine cover to hide this (Fatal!!!! ) flaw. Also if you want to do a proper Eduard F-4 Trop rob the prop blades from the Hasegawa F-4 trop since Eduard's 109F blades are for F-2's and early F-4's. This book may have more information, but I can't find it in my collection. (Did I loan it out to someone?) German Aircraft Landing Gear: A Detailed Study of German World War II Combat Aircraft (Hardcover) by Günter Sengfelder
  4. Strapped for cash? Nazi machines sell like hotcakes and the 1/32 P-51D/K market is owned by Tamiya.
  5. Is the price increase because of VAT? I had a gentleman buy a kit from me that I offered on eBay he lived in the EU. He told me how much VAT and customs fees were added to his kit price. It doubled the price he paid to me for the kit. Right now the Trump Tax on Imports (from our allies like Japan) haven't kicked in yet. When they do then we'll eventually be paying a lot more for imported kits from China, Japan and the EU. The salad days are over.
  6. It was never a marketing campaign. They were trying to raise funds to pay for a production run at the plastics factory. AMK is not Tamiya or any of the other big manufacturers. They have to contract the molding out to get it printed into plastic. Money's tight for them. IIRC they needed/wanted to get about 5,000 preorders. You paid up front and waited for the kit, unlike when you preorder at Hannants where they just put you on a list and they charge you when the kit comes out. Is this a marketing disaster? Once the kit is released this summer all of this will be water under the bridge. AMK's F-14D will retail for close to what Tamiya's F-14D retails for on eBay (~$80) and will sell like hotcakes. Now we have a choice of 1/48 Tomcats. I ordered mine through their IndieGoGo campaign. Wish now that I ordered two. So far the sprue shots do not disappoint. It's great to see the kit come out and see the little guy win.
  7. Masinissa

    KittyHawk Voodoo! 1/48?

    Bottom line: Basic Model Manufacturing and Design Skills were not applied
  8. Why? http://www.hyperscale.com/2014/reviews/kits/gwhf15announcementbg_1.htm
  9. Masinissa

    Eduard - leaflet for distributors

    Just in time for the big American PMS meeting in Phoenix. Maybe Eduard will do a web sale during the show?
  10. Yes I did use the word expectation(s) in my post but as a description about how many in the modeling community feel. I didn't mean to imply that I expect this. Mine is more a hope. The correction for the ZM fuselage is being done by Hypersonic Models. He's relocated to Japan so it may be a while before these sets are done. The correction is just on the rear and will require some cutting. Hypersonic Models parts quality are at the same level as Eduard's Brassin line. Crisp, clean, well detailed, accurate, and very easy to use. Did Trumpeter rip off Chris's work? Well in Hollywood they would say that it's an homage or inspiration! But it did light a fire under someone to retool the kit. Yes there are more than a few Trumpeter kits that will never be corrected. The HB Wildcats in 1/48 are very nice. In fact they're more accurate than the much praised Tamiya kit. From the outside it looks like T/HB have different design teams. The A-Team makes kits with a few nit picks. The B-Team makes kits that can have flaws that may need major/minor surgery to correct (Su-15, Su-24, MiG-17PF, . . ), and then there's the C-Team that would rather be making Egg Planes. I think that there may be a correlation to the popularity of a particular subject and the likelihood it will get the retool treatment. An IAR-80's sales will never justify the cost of retooling. Bf-109s? Well let's just say it's like Eduard's printing money with those kits. Oh and they're making money off Tamiya's Bf-109G with aftermarket items. Win-Win. Now if ZM makes the same shape issue on the F-4E I will still buy the kit, but will have to buy a correction set. I have an old AeroMaster sheet waiting for a proper F-4E. Then there's those Japanese F-4E/Js . . . Regards John
  11. I don't expect any manufacture to retool and correct errors. So you're assumption isn't correct. However you imply that those who "wish" for errors to be corrected are somehow more reasonable than those who "expect" errors are corrected. Just because a kit is "selling well" - i.e. popular - then those in the minority should keep quiet, be polite, then buy and eat the cold porridge. Sorry, but wall meet porridge. I'm more likely to buy kits from manufacturers who correct glaring errors. It demonstrates their own commitment to achieving excellence. I'll never buy a Kittyhawk Banshee (cuz it sucks and they won't ever fix it), however it's just a matter of time before Trumpeter/Hobby Boss takes a shot at tooling one. If they get it closer to looking like a Banshee then boom - they have my dollars. I have the Hobby Boss A-6 Intruder overall an excellent kit, but it needs the top of the tail reshaped and early bang seats. Do I expect Hobby Boss to correct this? No. Do I expect ZM to retool their F-4 fuselage? No. (In both cases it's Hypersonic Models to the rescue!) It will be excellent if ZM, after measuring and scanning a real F-4E, doesn't make the same mistake with the rear fuselage. Afterall they will be tooling a new sprue for the longnose Phantom. There are far more than 2 exceptions to the rule when kits glaring errors are corrected. Looking at you Tamiya Meteor! (New wing sprue) Of course I've always wanted a decent 1/48 Lily. Hasegawa isn't pumping out kits the way they have in the 1990s, so AZ Models stepped up. However their kit had a very misshapen nose. This is business. They sold those kits for almost $80. I'm not buying it. However recently they revisited their kit and made a new clear sprue which corrected the problems with the nose. Nice job AZ Models! So I took my hard earned dollars and bought that kit. What really impressed me was - without being asked - they offered this correction set as a stand alone item. Trumpeter's 1/32 Su-27 was a real mixed bag. There are very expensive correction sets by Zactoman. Now made moot because Trumpeter fixed most of the problems in the Su-27 kit and in so doing they made a fantastic 1/48 Su-27. Remember the 1/32 F4F Trumpeter fiasco? It was a botched kit and when people refused to buy it Trumpeter retooled it. It's a shame that the kit has such a bad rep now and no one has given it a second look. But I win because they sell on eBay for 1/3 of the MRSP! (Note to Plastic Model Makers: If you make kits that don't require a huge investment in aftermarket corrections then there will be more money modelers have to spend buying your kits! Please don't be a company that has Caveat Emptor as the mission statement. )
  12. Because of the work Great Wall Hobbies have done correcting glaring errors made in their F-15 kits and their Mig-29 kit (the keel was wrong in the initial release, but you could hide this with the centerline drop tank). Great Wall retooled the fuselage and fixed the problem! Then Eduard took a big financial loss (at first) when they threw out their original Bf-109G (2014?) and then went back and retooled a whole new kit. They fixed their error and tooled a Bf-109G that is a really quick fun build. Now because of this the expectations are changed in the high end modeling community. ZM's fuselage shape issue seems like it should be a simple fix with a low cost initial investment loss. The error is confined to one sprue - unlike the Great Wall F-15 and Eduard Bf-109G. Come to think of it the Kinetic F/A-18 family has seen numerous molding tool tweeks to make their F/A-18 and real accurate kit. IIRC Kinetic has retooled the tails in their kit since the initial release had shape issues. This is why it's now expected that errors by manufactures are corrected. It also builds trust and brand loyalty. I'm far more likely to buy kits from a company that stands behind their products and works to make their models better.
  13. The overall impression is F-4 Phantom, but if you look closely is becomes "Phantomish". It's not like the Trumpeter, Monogram, or Hobbycraft P-40 which have serious shape issues - sure they "look like a P-40", but now we have the Airfix P-40 so . . . ZM has the best overall Phantom in 1/48 and I'll still build my Eduard boxings of Academy's F-4B/C/J. There is a correction set being worked on for the incorrect ZM fuselage. I've purchased A-6 Intruder and Academy Phantom correction and enhancement sets from Hypersonic Models so I know his work will be perfect (and easy to use). I'm planning on buying this F-4J and the F-4S from ZM. Already have their first F-4J and it's worth the price. Really if Tamiya produced this kit it would be $100, so $75 for a modern state of the art F-4 model kit is a bargain.
  14. No ZM have not corrected the fuselage. The crease that starts at the engine intakes still goes too far back. Hypersonic models have been working on a simple correction for this. The ZM F-4s are really nice kits, but they do need extra love to make them perfect. Also Aires now does some really nice burner cans to replace the clunky plastic parts. I've already got the original F-4J boxing. The American outlet for ZM is in Torrance California and the next time I travel over in that direction I'll try to pick this kit up. Saves on shipping and makes my mitts happy to have it. I'm hoping that since they took the time to measure an F-4E that they will have a correct fuselage in that kit.
  15. The only nitpick I have with the kit is that it has a one piece canopy. Sure I can cut the canopy open, but it will have to be on a caffeine free day.