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  1. What could possibly go wrong? Hope they fix this now BEFORE they cut the molds. Why? Because I would like to see a really decent 1/48 Su-25.
  2. It's a possibility. Tamiya has done a Kyofu, N1K1-ja, Storch, Aichi Seiran, Stormivik, which aren't all top sellers.
  3. I compared the Hasegawa P-51D to the Tamiya. Hasegawa's nose is a little fuller in volume and doesn't have the same pinch it the lower nose. Here's a real Mustang to compare Meng Courtesy of Scalespot.com Airfix P-51D nose Hasegawa P-51D nose. From Hyperscale Built by Luis Antonio Reyes
  4. You run a business and you're charging $125 for your Privateer conversion. Good for you, but you're out in the marketplace and the consumer has the right to squeeze the cantaloupes, taste the food, and review your products. You live in a world of Yelp, Rottentomatoes.com, and dozens of online modeling websites, forums, and YouTube Channels. Grow a thicker skin. I looked carefully at the photos you posted of your conversion parts and I once had the Koster conversion which I sold on eBay for half what you're asking. The Koster conversion is superior, but it was made by the legend Bill Koster. You make basic conversions with old style one piece engine fronts that are crude by today's standards. You're happy with them and you have customers that are happy with them. But everyone has the right to be informed and use a critical eye to understand what they're buying. Other aftermarket manufacturers make update sets for the old Monogram P-61 and B-24 that are state of the art. If Great Wall hadn't made a new tool P-61 then yes I'd spend money on the Vector update parts for the Monogram P-61 because they're very nice. If you take offence that I looked at your products, and determined that they're sketchy and not executed well, then you own your own emotional response to my criticism. You can't claim you are an altruist when you decided to start a business and not an aftermarket charity for old Monogram kits. You certainly aren't giving away your work are you? The old Monogram Bf-109G-10 sold for about $18; now add your conversion and that's $36. For an extra $12 you can buy a new tool Bf-109G-10 Erla when it's released from Eduard. (Yes I have the old crude Monogram 1/48 Bf-109G-10. I'll be using it as a paint mule. I have accepted the fact that I didn't spend my money wisely purchasing that kit.) A helpful hint: fix the casting on your Bf-109G Erla tail there's too much shrinkage and it results in a step between the kit's plastic and your tail. I know you'll get angry about what I just said, but calm down. I never got mad or disappointed when I was a Medical Student and the Chief of Surgery critiqued the way I was tying sutures, but then that was a matter of life and death. Dr. Carnavale told me to make my work look like it came straight out of a perfect Medical Illustration from a Surgical textbook.
  5. Some of the casting looks sketchy. Old skool engines that were all the rage in the early 1990's. Caveat emptor boys. (e.g. Great Wall Hobby P-61 engines and cowlings. ) His stuff is very inexpensive, but . . . he does make aftermarket for the Monogram fanboys. I have a nice stash of Tamiya and Hasegawa P-47s and no desire to buy an ancient Monogram kit plus aftermarket for it.
  6. Thanks for the link! Just ordered one directly from Ukraine. Looks to be a really nice kit that will build up nicely straight out of the box. Even has clear nav lights! Maybe someday they'll do a Jake?
  7. Next year is the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain. What are the odds of Eduard having their Mk. I and Mk. II Spitfire all ready to go and a big Royal Class or Dual Combo boxing to commemorate this historic event?
  8. They just need to fix the angle of the refueling probe door, since that's a big issue. The slime lights are an easy fix with a sanding stick. Considering AMK offers dirty wings and the Tamiya F-14D kit doesn't means AMK has the potential of outselling the Tamiya kit in the markets AMK is selling their kit in. Yes, Great Wall is doing an F-14 family with the option of dirty wings, but those will run about $100. The Tamiya F-14D can be had here in the States on eBay for $85. I pre-ordered an AMK F-14D for $65. This means I have extra money for aftermarket exhaust nozzles!
  9. Eduard announced years ago that they will be doing the Spitfire family. I think it was in one of the Eduard Info News letters that mentioned Spitfire Mk I or V will be released next year. This information is from a a Czech Modeling Forum and was posted by Mr Sulc himself. https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=95280&start=4065#p1898395 "So to celebrate and hope for my top ten in 1/48: Hurricane P-40 (including P-36 and H-75) Spitfire Mk.I / II / V P-38 MiG-21F possibly crack) Me 262 MiG-15 (including UTI) S-199 / CS-199 (+ Bf 109K) Camel Yak-9 (including Jak-1/7)" Cheers
  10. Yes. I didn't know this. Eduard's G-6/AS has no bumps But the G-14/AS Regensburg Erla Leipzig variants do is there a version of the Bf-109G-14/AS without nose bumps? My 109 reference material doesn't cover these versions very well. However it's nice to learn something new about 109's! John
  11. There’s a little issue with the Bf-109G-14/AS nose in the Bodenplatte kit. The bumps under the nose need to be removed and plastic rescribed. (Release the Krakkens!) It’s an easy fix. Hasegawa did the same thing when they released their Bf-109G-6/14/AS kit. Eduard just needs to add that step to the instructions. Like Hasegawa they probably needed to save on tooling expenses so they used the G-10 fuselage sprue.
  12. IIRC they are planning on having a Profipack ready for the USA PMS Nationals in Chattanooga Tennessee which is in August, and then either Dual Combo called "The Mighty Eighth" or Royal Class will follow.
  13. AMK never really had an active website. Also Kitty Hawk Models, who are producing some kits, shut their website down. Why? Bottom line. AMK has some shape issues with their rendition of the 1/48 F-14D. They are serious enough for them to go back to the drawing board and start again. Fuel door at wrong angle, big rear end, come to mind. If AMK were to issue the kit that was shown as test shot sprues on November 2018 the Ramsay Bolton faction of the modeling community would be filled with glee as they flayed AMK on the Internet. AMK going back to the drawing board doesn't harm anyone. In fact it may mean we really do get a very nice and affordable F-14D in 1/48 scale. There are now how many companies making quarter scale P-51's? I wish AMK success. They've made some very nice kits. Hope to see more. Now I'm going to open my bottle of Ammo of MiG liquid glue and go back to work on my Hobby Boss (with it's issues) F-14A Danger Zone by Eduard.
  14. Wow! More great models from the Ukrainians. Looking forward to a new tooled and accurate P-35 family - especially in Swedish markings.
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