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  1. Talk Dirty (Wings) to me! Looks fantastic and well worth the wait.
  2. Price will be a consideration. The Tamiya kit retails for $115, but you can find it for $80 - $95 online. The AMK kit will retail for around $70, but unlike the Tamiya kit has a massive amount of weapons trees and positionable wings with dropped slats and flaps. You'll need aftermarket intervention for the Tamiya kit if you want fully extended wings or more exotic ordinance loadouts. I have an Eduard Danger Zone boxing of Hobby Boss's F-14A under construction, so I'll hold off on buying another F-14A for now and I preordered AMK's F-14D on IndieGoGo for $65 with free shipping. Looking forward to receiving the kit when it's ready.
  3. Here's AMK working on the Tomcat! (Actually it's a fantastic video on the development and engineering ot the F-14.)
  4. Stuff happens. AMK announced a MiG-25 family, but looks like ICM's offerings have folded that tent. BTW where's the follow up MiG-25s from Kitty Hawk? Can't say they'll be missed. Years ago the original Accurate Miniatures owners had inserts in their kits showing that they would be releasing a family of Beaufighters. Box Art was provided. Then Tamiya happened. Now Revell is popping one out. Will it be better than the 1990s Tamiya? Mirage Models announced new tool 1/48 B-17s(!!!!) at least 15 years ago. Turned out that once you reached the horizon they disappeared. Trumpeter/Hobby Boss have penciled in 1/32 scale B-24s! Maybe in 2030 we'll see them in 1/48? Now back to the AMK F-14. Yes it's a long wait. AMK has made tools and test sprues of weapons and the wings. Posted on Facebook! What happens next? Stay tuned! 32nd Scale SEPECAT Jaguar you say? I missed that one. If it pops up then hoorah! More glue and paint to buy! As for now there's a lot of kits flying out. Too many to buy and build.
  5. That's O.K. I see some sellers on eBay offering the 1/72 kit for around $53 with free shipping from Japan. Decals included! However it looks like Eduard is boxing all the parts so you may make a B-24J. Interesting. I think Eduard will try to pump out the conversion sprues to maximize their profits on those tools. Either way the Rider's in the Sky kit is very expensive, but it's a unique subject. I may forgo buying a few Bf-109s, P-51s, and Focke Wulfs to get one of these kits. Eduard will be offering a Bunny Fighter Club version in April. There's time on the clock.
  6. The F-14 Tomcat began development in 1966 when the U.S. Navy awarded Grumman a contract to study advanced fighter designs. The first prototype F-14 Tomcats flew in 1970 and the first deployment occurred in 1974 on board the USS Enterprise. (Beam me up Mr. Scott!) AMK is ahead of this schedule. I preordered one from their IndieGoGo. Until the little plastic F-14 model airplane is released I'll finish my Eduard Danger Zone F-14 and a few other projects. I have about 190 kits waiting for my attention, but I'll be happy to see AMK's F-14 arrive.It will be the apple next to the pie.
  7. I just realized that Eduard will probably be offering Overtrees for this kit. They've done it for all their recent boxings of Hasegawa kits. So you will get original Hasegawa sprues plus Eduard's two New Tool sprues to do GR Mk.III and GR Mk.V Liberators. You just won't get any decals, masks, or photetch. As a guide the 1/48 Crusader Overtrees were $34.95. If you have a friend who also wants this kit it's time to have that conversation?
  8. Wonder if Hobby Boss put their A-Team on this project. Either way they'll make money on this kit, since there's now over 300 million Chinese citizens in their middle class. If just .01% build models . . .
  9. Have you seen all the Brassin items they're releasing to go with this kit? Bomb Bay doors, Rockets and racks, Tires, set of 4 Brassin Engines . . . $$$$$$!!! You can really go to town detailing one of these kits out. This kit is light years beyond the old Revell 1/72 B-24 I built as a kid, but then kits were considered toys back then. I have a 27% off coupon from Eduard that I may use to buy just the this kit. Shipping's free when my cart hits $150. If I buy one and pimp it out it will be beautiful. It's a pity I won't be around when some relative tosses it in the trash 50 years from now.
  10. Yes it's a very stunning package of Fw-190A-2/3/4s. I purchased two of these from Eduard during their Black Friday Sale. One for me and one for a friend. Shipping from Eduard to California was free. If you are a Bunny Fighter Club Member with Eduard you may purchase the decal sheet from this Royal Class kit for $25. Then you can purchase Overtrees and build what you want. The decal sheet includes decals for the cockpit and instrument panels that look really nice. The kit instructions tell you not to use parts C-41 which is the throttle and C-42 and C-47 which are the parts for the canopy cranking mechanism. So you really don't need photoetch for the kit. I'm really very impressed with the refinements Eduard made to their Fw-190A. Also if you purchase the Fw-190A-2 Overtrees that kit contains the Brassin inner gear doors that are specific to the A-2. The kit you have to buy to become a Bunny Fighter Club Member is a Dual Combo Bf-109G-6 with Brassin prop, tires, cockpit, canopy masks, and photoetch to complete two kits. So if you use the Brassin cockpit then you'll have a photoetch set for another 109G-6 build. The kit runs $75 (which is insane, since a Brassin Cockpit alone is $39.95 and a Bf-109G-6 kit is $49.95), but they're out of stock at the moment.
  11. Wow! BIG Model! I sold off my 1/72 B-36 because there's not enough space for it at home. Where would you put this? Build it and then donate it to a Museum? So it's $700 for the kit and $200 for all the paint!
  12. Eduard spoke about their plans for their own 1/48 P-51D in their online magazine Info Eduard. They have already invested heavily in their own kit design which includes photoetch, brassin, and masks. Quotation from the August 2017 Info Eduard, "The accessory kits being released for the Meng P-51D can be taken as a warmup for those to be released for the Airfix P-51D in the same scale, which in turn can be considered the same for our own P-51D coming out soon, and who‘s design is nearing completion, and for which there will be an extraordinary amount of resin accessories available for." and the September 2017 issue, "What else? Well, accessories, of course! There are plenty of items designed for the 1/48th scale P-51D Mustang, which is to be released by Airfix this September. If I’m counting correctly, there are eight Brassin sets dedicated to this new Mustang kit, including wheels, propeller, fuel tanks, bazookas, and exhaust stacks. Yet more, mostly larger sets, such as the cockpit interior, will follow during the autumn months. There are also mask sets and four photo-etch releases, two of them standard items for both the classic interior and exterior, and two Zooms sets, plus a Steelbelts release too. So, as you can see, we really like the Mustang, and it is good to know that as we work hard on our own project, that we will ensure that these sets which are designed for the Airfix kit, will be incorporated into the new design of accessories which we are developing for the Eduard Mustang!" So the conclusion is that Eduard is doing a 1/48 P-51D and it will be released in 2018. The P-51B/C will follow in 2019.
  13. Eduard is planning to do the S-199, but it will be a few years. Maybe 2019? http://modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=95280&start=4005#p1897662
  14. "Note that model is ready, but don't expect it next year. My guess is 2019 E-Day, not earlier. On the next E-Day we will see fresh Tempest, which can be also a nice candidate for assembly." So this is the reporter's guess that the Mustang is delayed until 2019, even though the model is ready. Why would Eduard just sit on a kit that's ready to go and not make money on it? Is he saying that the P-51B is ready, but won't be released until E-Day 2019? Eduard has alway stated the the P-51D will be released in 2018. If Eduard's New Tool kit release pattern holds it will be released in April 2018 with a Royal Class boxing to follow in June and then Weekend Edition kits. In 2019 we would see the P-51B and it's Royal class offering. Valdimir Sulc wrote this is the December 2017 Info Eduard magazine: "About new items that include ProfiPACK MiG-21s in 1/72, the Tempest and Mustang in 1/48, future versions of the Fw 190A, the Bf 109G-10 and other items I will write more on in the next newsletter. There, I will also touch on planned changes for 2018." So we will have to wait a few more weeks before the rumor is confirmed that Eduard is delaying the P-51D Mustang release until 2019. I hope this isn't true. A 1/48 Tempest won't have the same impact on Eduard's bottom line like a new tool Mustang will.
  15. You get a full weapons set in the F-14D box. TARPS and other things too. AMK is releasing a Gulf War Weapons set that will be sold as a kit in and of itself. It's on their Facebook page