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  1. According to Hobby Easy the release date is Maker:AMK Scale: 1/48 Material:injection Release Date: 2018-11-15
  2. Maybe if we all buy this wonderful kit we will see Jackson's "reimagining" of the Dambusters film made? https://dambustersblog.com/category/peter-jackson/
  3. They always release Overtrees at the same time as the kit. The Fw-190 and Bf-109G Overtrees are always on offer. But I think they changed this policy and have made many others available too. They do have some Typhoon Car Door Overtrees available, but wait until next month if you want 1/72 Hasegawa plastic for the Liberator. However, if you're wanting Overtrees for that aren't in production right now, then wait until July. The Eduard webstore has Month of the Overtrees and at that time they offer Overtrees for almost all the kits they have produced. https://www.eduard.com/store/eduard/overtrees/?cur=2#nextproducts
  4. They announced that an F-4E/EJ/G is coming soon. By end of year IIRC. (And yes it will have a new correct(?) fuselage since they scanned a real F-4E.) http://www.zoukeimura.co.jp/en/sentiment/oyajiblog_096.html I've built the Academy F-4B. Nice kit, (with nitpicks) but you have to be precise when lining up the parts. I see they, like ZM, are continuing the trend of offering one new marking version when releasing/re-releasing a kit. The Hasegawa effect?
  5. Masinissa

    New 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire Mk.I?

    Yes it's a pain, but they do this so the control surfaces have a three dimensional look to them. They look seperate from the wing or tail. I usually sand the tab or cut it down so I can position it the way I want. Just did that with the tail planes on Eduard's Fw-190A-3 kit. The Aftermarket companies - CMK, Quickboost, Eduard - make resin control surfaces, but they need to be modified if you want to animate your build.
  6. Is there another version of the Bf-109G-10 Mtt? The Aero Detail covering the Bf-109G shows a faring just like Eduard has reproduced on their 109G-10 Mtt. https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipMKRIwZqiR6PScgNIFlEpM9j3HHZQvsIbxduzrs From the IPMS Stockholm walkarourd for the 109-G-10 These are are not like the WNF fairings which form a small square at the bottom of the front wind screen. I know it’s a nit, but it needs picking
  7. Please read the posts in this discussion and you'll see plenty of talk about the non poseable wings.
  8. O.K. swingers. There's much discussion of the fact that AMK does not have poseable wings. Why should it? This isn't a toy like the old Monogram 1/32 P-51 that had a springs in the bomb pylons with a lever so you could release the bombs and it also had a dial under the fuselage to raise and lower the landing gear - cool stuff. Would you pay $100 for a kit like that today? No. I'm sure it would be nice to swing with the wings, but it's unfair to the work AMK has done. They don't consider their effort to be a toy. Should they have spent another 200 years making the flaps and slats poseable just so you can swing the wings? No. Will you be able to use the dirty wings on the Tamiya kit? Who knows. KASL makes a set of aftermarket dirty wings for the Tamiya kit for a premium price (too beaucoup for me). You won't be swinging those little doggies. AMK appears to have made a real winner here of the F-14D which includes Furball decals! (Huzzah! AMK saved me $20!) There's three options for the wings. Your choice. If you build the kit with fully deployed slats and flaps you will never be able to play with the wings. Only with clean wings can you do this (Thanks Tamiya and Mr Hobby Boss. Boo Mr AMK?). AMK has been hard at work developing this kit and it seems like they started it in the Cenozoic Era. We are about to get a really nice F-14D (nitpicks - and there will be nitpicks - aside. ) We'll soon have a third kid on the block making a F-14, but it's the A model. Will GWH swing the wings? There will be a set of dirty wings for sure. I already have preordered the AMK kit. It will arrive during Australian Spring/Summer . I've got an Eduard Danger Zone boxing of the Hobby Boss F-14A in progress and 2 Fw-190As and a Bf-109G and 109F in progress. Plate's full. I can wait for the F-14D. When I get to it I'm building it with dirty wings! Down Under Summer is coming!
  9. Masinissa

    New 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire Mk.I?

    There are two types of experts. The experts that will tell you how a kit glues together. They will most often poohpooh the kits shape issues, or ignore them completely. This happened with Eduard's original Bf-109G release. They were 109 Experten too! They just glossed over the issues. Same goes for Tamyia's Wildcat which is bloated, but from a side view it lines up perfectly with scale plans. (Eduard went back to the drawing board and made a really nice Bf-109G which still has some minor shape problems. Nothing that's a deal breaker for me.) The second expert usually is reviewing the kit that they purchased. They're passionate about accuracy and trying to see how well a scale kit matches reality. When you google kit reviews you'll learn who these folks are. Commentary on their reviews can get nasty, but take time to look at the kit and judge for yourself how accurate the kit is. Remember no kit is perfect. Decide if you want to invest your time in building the kit. I once purchased the Hobby Boss MiG-17 because the reviewer praised the kit. Once I got the kit it was obvious that the nose has some severe shape issues. Live and learn. Same for the Hobby Boss F-14 - all the reviews called it the best F-14 yet! But the kit has problems in the intakes. They are a little warped. I'm building it anyway. But it really would have been nice if the reviewer took time to see the kits shortcomings before raving about it. Yes, I've also built the old skool Tamiya Spitfire and never knew it had issues. Now I can see what's wrong with the kit. As a plastic kit it just falls together. In fact you can build it in a weekend, but now there's a better replacement on the way. Which will also shake and bake. It's what Tamiya is known for.
  10. Masinissa

    New 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire Mk.I?

    No one has the plastic in hand yet. The kit in the photos looks to have a properly shaped wing and the fuselage looks bigger than the old Tamiya Spitfire kit, and they took the crowbar off the door! I don't trust the reviews on Hyperscale too much since they mostly cover how a kit glues together, so I'll have to wait for someone to post here about any shape issues. Either way it looks like Tamiya, after 20 years, finally fixed the issues and flaws in their earlier Spitfire kit. Since the kit can be picked up for a reasonable price from HLJ I'll probably get one - eventually.
  11. Wow, the cockpit details are far superior to the Tamiya offering. Tamiya's cockpit is very basic, however it can be improved with either the Aires or Eduard Brassin sets. The GWH kit offers fully deployed wings too. As an added bonus you know that if there are any mistakes GWH will step up and retool their parts. The price will probably be comparable to the Tamiya kit. They biggest losers in this cat fight are Hasegawa and Hobby Boss, and KASL with their super detailed deployed Tomcat wing for the Tamiya kit.
  12. Looks like they may have backed away from the innovation of clear inserts into a canopy frame. Or is it a one piece insert? Time will tell. Can't wait to get the kit.
  13. Masinissa

    I hope this is a (bad) joke....

    Everyone is looking at this issue from the wrong perspective. The Chinese have very long and deep experience about how to treat those in authority. Two millennia of rule by the Emperor's Court Eunuchs and sage bureaucrats have built their cultural memory. Trump is a very vain man with a weak ego who can be won over with false praise and flattery. https://bestlifeonline.com/compliments-men-cant-resist/ Praise his name and Trump will not harm you, but instead he'll use his power to protect you - if you are seen as a sycophant and obsequious minion. Of course the more Machiavellian will use these flaws in Trump's character to their advantage. Court Courtisanes and hangers-on all are climbing the ladder. Chaos is that ladder. Be salubrious and praise Trump's virility. Comment on his huge "Poll Numbers" and how big the mushrooms are in the chicken Marsala when you dine with him. Mention that he looks forty years younger than he actually is. Praise his golf game every three day weekend you hit the links with him and tell him, when you see the fake covers of Time Magazine featuring his photo that he hangs on his walls, how fantastic it is that he's been honored so much by the "Fake News". Tell him that he's loved. He really is an eight year old boy with the insecurities of a teenage girl. Now what has this to do with Santa Trump on a 1/35 scale Abrams manufactured by Meng? Tariffs. (Smoot-Hawley here we come!) Trump is slapping import taxes that Americans have to pay when they buy Chinese goods - including toys. Interestingly, Trump is not imposing import taxes on the Trump branded goods that are made in China. Ivanka's cheesy fashion wear will be cheaper that Louis Vuitton knockoffs. Americans will be less likely to buy from Meg because of higher taxes on their goods. Meng has calculated that flattering Trump and making it look like he's won "The War on Christmas!" will spare Meng from having taxes slapped on their products. Me I'm just waiting until someone who studies the Atlas of Economic Complexity returns to leadership. (http://atlas.cid.harvard.edu/) At that point the 18th Century thinking about how the world works will fade into history and the Chinese can get back to focusing on building One Belt, One Road. The American Century is over and China is rising to fill the void in leadership.
  14. Masinissa

    I hope this is a (bad) joke....

    Does it include a tiny mushroom?