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  1. Yes, it winds me up to think that someone can just move away and not take their pet with them. There are several animal charities around here, two of which are British run, so it would be easy to have them rehomed.

    As for that tortoiseshell. She's really pushing her luck. She's there every week when we do our shop, but that's the first time that I've seen her in such a precarious position. Hopefully, she'll still be there next week........minus one of her lives!



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  2. This is one of our regular visitors. He lives wild, but he must have had a home at some point as he's very friendly, so as happens a lot around here, he's been abandoned.



    And I saw this one this morning. We stopped in town so that swmbo could go to the tabac, and I saw this on the vehicle prked next to me.



    I do hope that he/she woke up before the vehicle drove off.



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  3. 15 hours ago, badger said:

    Just caught up with this - great outcome John and I'm really looking forward to seeing the paint go on.


    All the best



    11 hours ago, vytautas said:






    2 hours ago, Jasper dog said:

    Looks great in its "raw" state, the headlamp guards look really good. However I'm not going to be drawn into the lunacy of attaching everything first and then painting, just crazy talk!! :mental:

    (Perhaps that says more about my detail painting abilities...:shrug:)



    Thank you all for your comments. Painting started yesterday with the primer, and it nearly all went very wrong. I've had to rely on some local cans of black primer, and it's basically crap for models. It just drenched the model and spattered everywhere. Fortunately, It dried OK. So one of the items on my shopping list for when I'm back in Blighty is a couple of cans of Halfords primer. 



  4. 9 hours ago, Lightningboy2000 said:

    Sometimes late night I like to wind down listening to the voice of Nata Zhyzhchenko of Onuka, but on this occasion some AC/DC has to be listened to.


    Good grief! Give us some warning when you put a picture like that up on here. I nearly lost my breakfast!:sick:

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  5. An American tourist walks out of a Mexican train station when he notices he isn't wearing his watch. A Mexican man is resting under a sombrero under a nearby tree. The American approaches the Mexican and asks, "Excuse me, do you know what time is?" The Mexican looks at the donkey, grabs its balls, and replies, "4:30." The American asks, "That's amazing! How do you know that?" The Mexican replies, "Well you get a handful of the donkeys balls and lift them up so you can see that clock across the street."

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  6. 15 hours ago, Vince1159 said:

    I've just finished rereading One Day in Oradour and thought i'd post this,i found it a couple of days ago...

    I visited the town a few years ago with my son, and I have to say, it was a sobering visit. It's difficult to begin saying what it was like there, except to say that time just stood still on that terrible day.



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  7. 15 hours ago, edjbartos said:

    Good work John, the build up to now is just brilliant, with some paint on it will be amazing...




    14 hours ago, beefy66 said:

    Cracking build just caught up with this looking forward to seeing the paint stage.  👍


    Stay Safe



    10 minutes ago, Hamden said:


    Stunning build John looking forward to seeing it in paint now


      Stay safe             Roger

    Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments. Tomorrow is supposed to be persisting down, so it'll be indoor work for me.



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  8. 20 minutes ago, Courageous said:

    Very neat.

    It is interesting to see how much of a model is built before the paint goes on. I am starting to think that I'm overly cautious with me keeping things separate and painted before final assembly...



    I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Thanks Stuart. With some items, there is just no way that it can be added later. That camnet is a good example. I prefer to add everything and then paint it once the main paint job is finished. It also helps with weathering and pigments, as doing all of that with the items in place, helps to blend everything together.



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  9. On the final stretch now. One job that I had left until last was the headlamps and their brush guards. I have the Eduard etched set for the M3 Scout Car, but on inspection, I decided against using it for the brush guards as they are so very fragile as to be useless (well at least in my clumsy hands). So I looked at the kit's offerings, and they're not too bad. A lot better than the Italeri ones. The inverted U shape of the guards is a bit on the thick side, so using a coarse sanding stick, I rubbed them down to a more acceptable thickness. At the back are a couple of triangular fillets which I removed and replace with thin card. When I was happy with them, they were glued in place.

    But then........I had another look at the etched brass ones and thought, well why not give them a try. So once removed from the fret, I bent the frame to shape and added the open mesh guard... carefully. Breathe on them and they would bend out of shape. I managed to attach all of the mesh by adding super glue, using a piece of very thin stretched sprue. I was happy with the finished article, so I removed the kit item, and glued the etched ones in place.

    I'm leaving the headlamps off until after painting as it would be nigh on impossible to get the lenses fitted with the lamps in place.





    Basically, that's the build finished. All I need to add now before proceeding to the paint shop, are some pieces of kit and a camnet. The first bit of kit that I wanted to add was a stretcher, as there are photos of these A/C's carrying them. For the shafts, I used lengths of plastic channel and glued strips of 10thou card to them, and then glued short lengths of 40thou rod to the ends for the handles. The feet were pieces left over from an Eduard set for the Academy Grant. I bent them to shape and then super glued them to the shafts.

    479a7777-f261-4f9e-8968-8c44188b48fe.JPG 46825658-368f-4a5f-81a9-5cf75cc11939.JPG


    The stretcher's canvas is blue towel roll soaked in dilute white PVA glue, and then the whole thing was affixed to the side of the A/C. The retaining straps are also from the Grant set, plus some strips of pewter foil.





    On the other side and the rear I added some personal kit which came from a Verlinden set. I added a couple of straps and buckles to the large pack on the rear of the vehicle. Finally, I rolled up a length of camnet, soaked it in dilute PVA, and then positioned it around the top edge of the roof. I decided against adding any straps as the few (not very clear) photos that I have of these vehicles with camnets appear to show them just laying on the roofs.







    And that's the build completed. All that needs to be added are a couple of aerials and the headlamps, and these will all be done once the painting is finsihed.

    Hopefully, I'll be able to make a start on painting this over the next week.

    As always, thanks for looking and for any comments.




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  10. 7 hours ago, Maginot said:

    Very nice work indeed. The level of detail you are achieving is motivating.


    7 hours ago, Cerberus said:

     Some very nice itchy scratchy John ;)


    2 hours ago, Vaastav said:

    Great work John. The turret is study in scratchbuilding in its own right.

    Thanks very much for all of your comments. You'll never know how accurate the comment about itchy scratchy is. That's the last time that I fuss next doors cat!! Time to change the flea collar I think.



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  11. 10 hours ago, Nenad Ilijic said:

    I made them from the PE leftovers. This garbage is usually very useful to build all kinds of stuff. 

    I couldn't agree more Nenad. I've just done the same a couple of times in my Israeli A/C build. Never throw anything useful away. Back to the Pz.lll. Brilliant work. It's looking first class.



  12. 1 hour ago, Troy Smith said:

    I'm guessing this is the current 1/35th Grant, which is a reboxed Academy kit I think ? 

    Yes, it is the Academy kit, reboxed. It's basically a good kit. The early releases had a problem with  the VVSS units being about 1.5mm too high, but Academy corrected this in later issues. There are also some missing rivets on the side of the hull. The best place to get a full rundown on the kit is here;


    Just ignore Terry's remarks about the VVSS units, because as I said, they were corrected.



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  13. 22 hours ago, Beermonster1958 said:

    In addition to my earlier post about Christmas, I'd like to nominate all those people who scream "it's only (insert) days till Christmas"

    I love Christmas. When it arrives, that means that Strictly has finished for a few months. Bliss!!


    John. (Life time member of the "We hate Strictly club").

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