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  1. Nice to see a new 52 in a scale manageable for those with limited space.Been nice if they did a series of 52s including the bigg belly fellas.I remember getting 4 of the Amt kits in 72nd when they first came out and managed to get a great decal sheet that ive never seen since.If my memory is correct it had bases included like K.I sawyer,Carswell,Grand forks etc. Cheers guys. Richard
  2. Hi. I believe the u.k Lvs had a different top hatch configuration for crew.Im sure i read the hatches were aligned symetrical and not staggered.I believe Tigermodels design resin stuff has a replacement roof for the kit. Good luck with build. Richard
  3. Really great info and enjoying your Sherman builds.Do like IDF stuff.Watching with interest. Richard
  4. Nice start fella.Ive put this one on my wish list for Christmas.Will watch your build with interest. Richard
  5. Stunning Merky.Always liked the Mark 1 and 2.Must get one of these sometime.Seen them on e.bay but not in u.k. Great work. Richard
  6. Very nice work.Like what you are doing with the Shermans. Well done. Richard
  7. Nice to see a fellow Forest fan on here!,Watching the build closely with interest. Richard
  8. Nice Sherman and nicely weathered. Rich.
  9. Norway bought them fresh from the factory.They bought second hand 1a2s and 5s from Germany but might have had one or two first batch ones.Leopard guys inform me. Great build well done. Rich.
  10. A good go at a dog of an old kit.Norway initially used the Leopard 1a2.This Tamiya kit is from first batch of leos produced.If you like Leopards then Michael Shackleton does some great books and also leopard conversions and updates at the Leopard Workshop.Ive got 7 Leopard kits in stash from Italeri which are still nice to build.Italeris a4 kit is better then Tamiyas but i still like the a4 kit as it got me into leopard modelling. Well done. Rich.
  11. Seat pulled up for this.Do like the 52.Been watching youtube stuff improving the Amt and Modelcollect kit.I started an Amt g years ago but made a dogs dinner of it. Rich.
  12. panzerlehr46


    Welcome fella.Enjoy your time here. Rich.
  13. Looks and sounds great.The FG1 and Fgr2 Phantoms sound interesting indeed. Rich.
  14. Hi guys. Some great work going on here.My old man was in signals early 60s in Germany.Think i remember him saying the 432s had only just came in when he was in.Think he was H.Q squadron attached to 9/12 lancers.Takom have released 432 in 1.72nd scale along with a Chieftain.Might build the old man one.Will digout some of his photos.I used to live near Carver barracks wimbish so used to seeing Scorps,Sims in my youth from 13/18s etc Great modelling and very interesting. Rich.
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