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  1. Hi guys! As a big Tomcat-Fan I couldn't leave the biggest model of my favourite plane as it was. Although I didn't get a "spotted cat" from JSI, the paint job was horrible. So I decided to repaint the big beast completely. Therefore I needed to mask the prints of the "Jolly Rogers"-Markings (no replacements in this big scale). Some areas needed a lot of sanding (engraved JSI-markings on the underside of the wings) and so on... But look for yourself! Hope you enjoy my pics! This model is BIG - a 1:18 car for size comparison filling and sanding the big JSI-markings on the undersides of the wings masking the printings some preshading Test-painting the wing with the airbrush (the colour is a mix of Gunze H315 and white, to match the JSI grey exactly) Masking, filling and sanding on the bottom Preshading the bottom some nose correction (the gab was really ugly) Hope you like it. Updates will follow!
  2. Hi there! My first small Tomcat - based on the very good Revell Kit in 1/144 with scratch built flaps is ready for inspection! More pics will follow. For size comparison: See you!
  3. Thanks for your kind words, Dazz! Here are some updates for you: Putting some weight in the small noses The fuselages are coming together: Starting with the wings: I want them extended and the flaps lowered:
  4. Hello guys! I'm a modelbuilder from Munich / Germany (sorry for my mistake English.. ) and like your forum very much. I built aircrafts a long time ago, but the last 15 years mostly cars in scale 1:18... Because I'm a big Tomcat-Fan since Top Gun (I know, like soooo many others... ) I decided now to revive my dedication for F-14-models in different scales... I made a few Tomcats in 1/144 many years ago and they turned out pretty well - so I think it's a good start to build a few more... Some of my "old works": F-14A Tomcat "Sundowners" based on the ancient "Dragon"-Kit in scale 1/144 - built about 20 years ago with a lot of scratchbuilt. It was a lot of work: F-14A Tomcat "Black Bunny", Revell 1/144, built around 4 years ago: Now I'm planing to build two F-14A in scale 1/144 from Revell. Because I already made the last VF-103 "Jolly Rogers" (Last Tomcat cruise on the fins) and the "Black Bunny"-Version (see pictures above), this time both will be painted as early versions of the Tomcat: the first as number 203 from VF-84 "Jolly Rogers". the second as number 212 from VF-142 "Ghostriders". Hope you enjoy the pics of my building Process! Here are the first: These are the two kits I'm using: I plan to build this versions of the aircraft: VF-84 "Jolly Rogers" (early version) VF-142 "Ghostrider" (early version) First steps: Sanding down the jet-intakes (the two on the right side are already finished, the two on the left not) Closing the gaps in the fuselage (the wings will be in the extended position) Working on the cockpit: Hope you like my pics! Regards from Munich!
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