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  1. And this weeks Sunday night update brings much improvement! Painting of deck fixtures has been done to allow the deck to be set down, the crane has been built and partially painted, the 6in turrets have received their first coat of paint and small filing has been undertaken on the 20mm and 4in shields to smooth their joints off. Unfortunately, until some painting was done I had no idea how rough some joints were. Some can be fixed, others there is no hope, but overall the improvement in this ancient mess is noticable! I've applied 8 of 16 available watertight doors, though I need another 9 based on the details from the photos Stevej60 provided. Fortunately I have the most obvious doors in place or earmarked. I have also build one of the octuple 2pdr pom poms, and a right fiddly devil it was too. I've added plasticard oblongs where the belt boxes should be. I did fit the left and right sides together the wrong way and I suspect the boxes have been cut too small, but it was done as a test. I'll hide it at the stern and pretend it was made by my lad Unfortunately vgy.me has died at the moment so there are no pretty pictures, but once the site works again, you all gonna love this *arrogance brought to you by over inflated pride and CA fumes. The opinions herein do not necessarily reflect reality of the job done or the skill of the modeller expressing them*
  2. Whilst the lad laughed like a daemon to the 2007 Transformers movie (he loves it when the bad guys are winning) I assaulted the PE some more - A good way to spend 2 hours! The guns are separated by strips of plasticard the right width (it came that thick, I have no idea what its dimensions actually are but I promise I did know when I bought it) and, to get them at the right height, there is a small square of same thickness plasticard under each turret. I must admit they were easier than I thought! That said, I'm having doubts about the shields now but I think they're probably as good as I can manage. I'll knock up a pom pom mount tomorrow as a test and see what that needs to make it look right. @stevej60 that link is fantastic. Thank you very much! So many hatches and so clearly marked!! Couldn't have asked for better research
  3. @stevej60 thanks very much! Never made it up to Newcastle unfortunately, but have heard of that model. Apparently it's quite something to behold. So work has been done on the PE. I've got some thicker CA due as the thin stuff isn't cutting it when it comes to spot applications and I think it's got a bit old. I've built the crane, added the brass to the funnel and likely messed up the boat crane cables, but one error isn't too bad, and it can easily be snapped off if needed. I've also added the ladders to A and B turrets, X and the B barbette will be next, and added the WT aerial spacers. I've also added the Carley floats from Belfast to the back of B turret and each of the 6in turret roofs.
  4. @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies thanks very much! Didn't know that about the pom pom mounts, I was going to do them all in G45 but shall now turn them G10. My knowledge of warships and their colours is minimal at best, so thanks for your patience and teachings. Its greatly appreciated. Quick test fit of the wooden deck, I've cut it away from the "sprue" and left the backing on for now. Most of it fits well, though I did have to separate the bow portion at B turrets weather shield in order to get the best fit. Some mild painting has been done too. @ArnoldAmbrose you will be pleased to know straws do paint, and rather well!
  5. @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies as I've started some limited painting, and you're the expert, a quick question. The non-slip paint, common sense dictates its application on the inside of all gun tubs and the 20mm batteries, however this is the Navy we are talking about and I've seen quite a bit of convention and tradition overriding common sense. Can you confirm from your knowledge of the A Scheme whether the paint was sensibly applied or not? I know A, B & X turret roofs, as well as the 20mm tubs thereon, were anti-slip, but what about the 4in and 2pdr mounts?
  6. For those of you concerned I may skip the Sunday night update and give you a moments peace, do not fear! Behold, there is more... So the Dremel didn't come out in the end as the mrs proposed watching Poirot and I'm a sucker for the old David Suchet series and wanted to hear it. Instead I assaulted the kit with a sharp knife and some files. I have now thinned the 20mm tubs on the conning tower, removed the after 4in tub and the 2pdr tub, and filed off most of the original raised deck "planking" effect. As you can see I've added some colour too, using the anti-slip colour from Sovereign as both a quick test and to enable some work to be done building the rear AA tubs again. I had thought of building them then painting, but realised I may need the wooden deck in place to get the sizing right. I did mess up the painting a little though. As I do with most enamels, I added thinner to the pot. This time it was totally unnecessary and I've made it all a bit too thin! never mind, it's a learning curve. As for the deck, I've cut out all the various raised detail slots and have test fitted already, though I fear some fine filing may be needed as this kits moulding has definitely altered itself over the years...
  7. @ArnoldAmbrose you make a good point about the deck. I shall have to take a long look at it! I am hoping it should be just steel, but as the 2pdr replaced one of those daft URP mounts it may be straight onto wood. Either way, I've filed myself into a corner as of yesterday whereby I now have to thin the 20mm tubs on the front of the conning tower and remove the aft tubs as I decided to have a go at the 20mm platform to the rear of "Queen Anne's Mansions" Now, if I don't thin or replace everything else, it will both look off and annoy me oops... oh well, nothing like some enforced motivation! I plan to get the Dremel out and use it to thin the fore 20mm from the inside to widen the tubs a little and to retain the general shape. If the Dremel is too large, out with the knife and straws!
  8. @ArnoldAmbrose thanks very much. As Mrs Mamma points out, I am my own worst critic (in between moments of godlike overconfidence ) I've been giving the tubs some thought tonight whilst fixing things on the desk (the infant broke something of his mothers so she's suddenly appreciative of all the kit I have!) I may be able to cut away and replace the 4in tub by putting down the deck and using the edges of the cutout as a template. That will be awkward, but within my skills. As for the 2pdr stern mount, it's more complicated as there is an insert that the pom pom sits on and the gap twixt the parts is roughly (I say roughly, nothing is anything but rough on this moulding) the width of the splinter shield. I may be able to work it a bit thinner, but not replace it unfortunately. Not without leaving a big gap in the wooden deck inside or outside the tub. If anyone has a bright idea, I'm all ears!
  9. @rob85 thanks! Not so sure on the level of nautical talent, most of this has been guesswork with blunt and pointy instruments, but I'm glad those more knowledgeable than I think the job is adequate!
  10. Today has resulted in much filing! I've thinned the HACS platform and cut the back off it (it will be replaced with PE) and thinned out the 2pdr and 20mm tubs on the main mast. I've also finished the shelter deck 20mm batteries and started messing about with even smaller, even more poorly moulded boats! There is no chance I will thin out the after 4in or 2pdr tubs as the cutouts on the deck are designed around them. I had considered thinning the 20mm tubs in front of the conning tower but realised I would have a hard time thinning all the walls so decided against it.
  11. Very brief upload as I was messing about last night to see where everything will go and what needs to be added/amended etc. This is mostly what she will look like done. And a close up of the shelter deck work.
  12. I think you hit that one on the head! It's been a long time since I built a boat (term used deliberately). Last one was an S100 E-Boat 5 years ago, before that, about 20 years ago, an attempt at a very dodgy Revell U-Boat and before that I'd built the Airfix Nelson (badly), Italeri's Saratoga and what I think is a Revell 1/350 Bismarck. In between we have about 300 tanks and planes . I am enjoying this something rotten though!
  13. Ah yes, davits. Until I read your post I still couldn't remember!! Amazing what the brain fails on. Thanks for the memory jog. The straws have mostly kept their curve too, though the ones on the 2pdr mounts over the old torpedo directors aren't quite as smooth as they should be. A random moment of inspiration sparked by the lad demanding a straw. As to whether they paint... yeah, I should perhaps have checked that before going on a bender with them I shall, however, find out and then you can all either laugh at me or marvel that I managed to get away with my own stupidity it again! Bring on the paints
  14. Well, its Tuesday, and that can mean only one thing! I'm two days late with my customary update The good news is the wooden deck has arrived despite the best efforts of this current plague to prevent it Nice, isn't it? Not all the holes for the boat hanging things (I've just spent 5 minutes trying to remember the correct name. It's not happening) will be opened as Nelson in 45 didn't carry that many boats off the side. Now it's here I can start some painting! After filing the whole moulded deck flat of course. The size of the gaps at the stern for the 4in and 2pdr batteries prohibit the removal of their armour and replacement with plasticard, which sucks, but, as in life, this ship will be one of compromises! Work has progressed on the armour plate for the AA fit using straws for the more circular tubs and very thin plasticard where the shapes are not too complex. I think it has generally worked ok. All the 2pdr mounts and the bridge 40mm have been done, as have all but the starboard 20mm platforms. They're next... I plan to thin down the kit 20mm tubs on the mast rather than remove them given the delicate nature of the parts and my error in not checking what they were before assembly! @ArnoldAmbrose the info on those floats is fantastic! Thank you very much. Whether I can get the necessary rod at the moment I don't know, but that will definitely be used on the Belfast build. @AdrianMF the less Airfix on this kit the better!! Some parts of it have done my nut, but fortunately plenty of evidence exists for how to turn this diabolical mess into a Battleship and remove as much of the error ridden original as possible. @Alan P thanks very much! I shall endeavour to keep up the same standard of drivel with far too many pictures glad you're enjoying it, thank you.
  15. Fantastic assistance as always chaps, much appreciated! For simplicities sake, and in the knowledge that in order to make Belfast resemble a ship a ton of PE will be needed, I've looted the kit for its rafts. When the time comes to build her I shall look into after market rafts as I think the ship could definitely use a serious upgrade! @PeterB I did track down a set of 1/700 floats on Evilbay but after a brief bit of maths realised how immensely outsized they would end up being. I'm keeping my eyes out, but with the current plague situation I am not hopeful! @Worms I didn't know about that, thanks for the hint! I found the book I picked up has some line drawings at the back that I've been using to determine where the gun tubs and the 20mm platforms go, and there are some details there of the float locations, but from what I've seen there were also floats in places the drawings don't show, so those PDF's will be useful! @ArnoldAmbrose unfortunately I know Nelson carried them on the shelter deck below the conning tower, and they were on the tops of each of the 6in turrets post refit, which, even if it skips the attentions of the average viewer, will drive me to a trip to the mental institute if I didn't include them! The mrs is eternally baffled as to why I need to add such detail, but that's just me. How would one go about creating these floats? I've run my head around it a couple of times without success. @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies I picked up your Scheme A paints the other day and shall be attacking the ship with them pretty soon! Looking forward to getting some solid colour on her given how many different colours I have created with all the mods. Thanks very much for the info you've provided, it's been a great help. Today, being Sunday, is photo heavy update day! This week I have been mostly working with plastic straws... I now have some half convincing 20mm tubs on X turret! Sides are with the usual plasticard. I had spent some time trying to decide what medium would do the job best then realised those straws were almost perfect. I think they may be slightly large, but I'm pleased with the resulting look. Barrels have also been added to all main battery turrets and positioned according to information I picked up that, in order to reduce the issue of the middle rounds flight being messed with by the flank rounds if all guns fired together, the barrels were fired in two alternating groups of 4 and 5 guns. Hopefully it looks convincing. I have also filled in the mounts for the boats on top of the shelter deck. From what I've seen, when the 20mm batteries were added they clustered the boats into the centre, two whalers beneath two motor launches (the names I guess at. I'm as nautical as a tank) and the AA mounts took up the outer space. I tested first, as you can see, then, when I was sure nothing would fit where it should, went mental with the putty. I've also bored out the 4in mounts and test fitted two of the original guns. I'm not going to replace them with the PE offerings as I have no way to accurately reproduce the shields, so I will use the kit guns and modify them with plasticard and putty to look right. Ish. Lastly, I stuck as much together as I could make stay in one place as a quick check to see how I want it to look when finished! So far, bloody pleased at how it's gone! If work decide I need to cower in fear in my home (with my health that's not a bad idea... healthy I ain't anymore!) I should be able to make some more rapid progress.
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