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  1. @Colin W thanks very much, glad you enjoyed it. It was a very enjoyable build, despite the level of work required. One I'm quite proud of, and even went so far as to clear some tanks out of the cabinet to make space for it!
  2. As a quick final note, my father sent me photos of the first attempt I made at Nelson about 25 years ago after I showed him the finished kit. The difference is stark! Never again will I attempt a ship without getting the PE for it first, it's well worth the pain
  3. @ArnoldAmbrose @rob85 thanks very much guys. My last two GB's, I missed one by a week and the next by a day, so I'm rather pleased this one came in nearly 8 hours early I must admit it turned out far better than I ever hoped, and none of my fears about it came to pass despite the carpet monster getting a couple of snacks. The extra week did help as it allowed me time to tinker with bits of the kit and the wash, so I'm very grateful for that! This has been a ton of fun.
  4. I've done my part, Nelson is up.
  5. HMS Nelson 1945 Airfix 1/600 Build:
  6. A lot of work has been done in the last few days and no updates presented because I am being a secretive sod and keeping the overview for the gallery! However, as there is a load of detail I can't fit into the gallery, I present for your perusal the work done. The main AAA fit has been completed. The 4in have been washed, gently, to enhance the cutout. I didn't pad them out in the end as the amount of work needed to make them truly accurate was a build in itself. Lots of complex rebuilding, moulding and sculpting and there just was no time for it. Painted lines do look the part tho
  7. A quick photo of the work so far. Everything bar the 4in and X turret is now stuck down.
  8. @Ray S @rob85 thanks guys! Progress continues where time and lack of other pressing tasks permits, so much so we now have 20mm guns on the deck above the 4in mounts and along the sides of the boat deck. HACS directors have their antennae and I've got the first of the 2pdr mounts on the superstructure tubs as well as one on B turret. Once this is all done I'll go over the ship and touch up the paintwork again and maybe, if I figure out what won't kill the paint, I'll apply a wash to the hatches and ladders.
  9. I have been mad busy on this project in the last week and it is finally showing! Almost all the painting is done, touch ups are needed in places though, and we are on to the 20mm nightmare before the antenna mania that will ensue. The positive is I have a week til Doomsday (also known as Enzo locking the gallery 30s before I get there again) and I should manage to complete it! On to the pretty pictures! Hull painting done, rudder, screws and shafts installed, portholes painted. A better view if the portholes and the 20mm battery on X turret. Whilst they are a
  10. Rob, stop scaring me!! Now I feel compelled to spend the rest of the night glued to my desk (hopefully not literally, but it has happened in the past...)
  11. @Ray S thanks very much! Still seems like there is so much left to do, but I'm sure it isn't really that much. Couple of views of the ship temporarily assembled. The desk also serves as a work desk since the whole WFH thing came about, so test fits are great for keeping it all together. Slightly different angles to show as much as possible, even moved the lamp about for you all!
  12. And now, ladies and gentlemen, behold! A half decent paint job! Boot top next, after a quick coat of G45 and a brief sanding.
  13. @Ray S thanks very much! I was getting a bit fluffed by the amount left to do when the mrs pointed out just how far a lump of dodgy plastic has come in this build! If a woman who's idea of warships is "they're all grey and ugly" can tell its moving, then it must be! Now it's down the slip way, the final push begins to get it out of the basin and sailing in the gallery. Had a bash at putting the B20 panel on tonight, it went well until I got ahead of myself and tried a 2nd coat... after half an hour in my defence, it worked fine on the other two colours!! This time, however, reveng
  14. Enzo, if someone can convince my boss and my infant that Battleship construction is a far more vital use of my time, I will gladly assist in breaking the site!
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