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  1. Very nice work on the model ! Can you describe a bit how you tackled the paintwork of the exhausts ?
  2. Beautiful build and aircraft ! I hope we'll see a 1/48 injected kit of the type soon
  3. Beautifully done, and congrats for picking the right colour for the cowling rings which are not copper as we often see
  4. Very nice build ! Zvezda model actually looks pretty good with some riveting. I am impressed by your spotless camo, how did you proceed ?
  5. In my opinion, the Kiwi Euro scheme is the one that suits the A-4 the best and your model looks terrific ! Thanks also for sharing all that useful info on the subject on your blog - I got a feeling that it will be useful for the future
  6. Waoo, very nice painting ! You almost convinced me to build one
  7. I like the subject and weathering of your build.Very nice work Kurek and much to my liking.
  8. Great build and neat painting, especially considering that white painting is not easy !
  9. Very nice build and paint job ! I am not a 1/72 guy but here I am in awe !
  10. Great work. A hell of a sexy aircraft, if you ask me, and you did a very convincing job !
  11. Very nice ! Tell us more about the build please. Was it an okay build ?
  12. Gnat and aerobatic teams are usually not my cup of tea, let alone the mix of them both, but you convinced me ! Your work really looks good, and the contrast between the highly visible (and closed !) cockpit plus the red livery really makes your build quite interesting.
  13. I find the mottling well executed. That's a beautiful build !
  14. Thank you Pete ! The base color is the 4BO from Mig, to which I tried to add some variations with beige, yellow, dark green and even a bit of blue.
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