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  1. Olivier de St Raph

    Ford Mustang 1965 Convertible 1/16 from the Coupe AMT kit

    Thanks a lot JeroenS for these kind and encouraging words. I look forward to begin this build (I should get the AMT kit in less than 10 days). One thing is sure: my emotional coefficient is at 100%, because I really love this gorgeous Pony Car. About that, I don't understand that premium kits manufacturers like Tamiya, Ebbro, that have a wide range, does not offer such models. I am sure they would be hits. We may see that this color is quite close from the 2 ones below: Another personal reason to avoid the X7 color, Pure Red, is that it is the one I used for my Fiat 806. And the same for the Bright Orange, that would be nearly the same than my Aventador, as we could see above. Indeed, all these models will be exposed in the same room. Now that the (important) question of the body color and lacquer surface is nearly solved, I have to focus on many other aspects.
  2. Olivier de St Raph

    Ford Mustang 1965 Convertible 1/16 from the Coupe AMT kit

    Here is the result of my mix X7/ X6. The result is a bit too orange for me, and I will not choose the Poppy Red, but now, I know I can get a very nice state of surface with just the paints and products I ever have. A good new for me (and I hope for other car modelers), not for manufacturers (sorry)... N.B: for the acrylic base coat, I recommend to put more alcohol than paint (60/40). So, you will get a very fine grain, a condition for a good final result... And in the same vein, don't add Tamiya Paint Retarder... I am working now on finding the best combination of acrylic paints to get the Coral Red color I want for my Mustang. A mix of X-7, X-2, X-3 and X-6. Indeed, we could see through many examples that the same color could give different perceptions. In such conditions, why not try to get my favorite color, maybe a compromise between the Rangoon Red (a bit too "Cherry" on some pics, especially the one on the post# 22) and the Poppy Red, too Orange...
  3. Olivier de St Raph

    Ford Mustang 1965 Convertible 1/16 from the Coupe AMT kit

    This is a screen capture of a video I found on YouTube, showing a Poppy Red Mustang: You can see the difference with Bernard's car (my post# 7 above): on the latter, the contrast with the red lights is low, confirming that his car is indeed a Rangoon Red Mustang (rather a pinkish Red). I have to choose between both colors. I also found this: we may see here both reds, Poppy and Rangoon: I must say that this Poppy Red is a bit too Orange for me. I finally prefer the Rangoon Red, more in touch with the image of the Ford Mustang imho. I am sorry if these considerations were a bit boring for the reader, with many fluctuations from me...
  4. Olivier de St Raph

    Ford Mustang 1965 Convertible 1/16 from the Coupe AMT kit

    More trials to come, especially a mix of Tamiya acrylics X6 (orange) and X7, thinned at about 50/50 with alcohol but without adding Paint Retarder. I get a very fine grain paint, with a mat aspect, but I learned from Zero Paints that the base coat may be mat (and it seems that it is the finish you get with these paints), it doesn’t matter, it is the varnish that will bring the brightness... The problem is to find a very good varnish. The Zero Paints ones are certainly great, but I found that the Alclad Klear Kote was great too. The acrylic coat dries very quickly, because of the alcohol thinning. Meanwhile, I prefer to wait at least 2 hours before applying the Alclad Klear Kote. The goal of these new trials is to get the finest grain possible, and in the same time, to get a quite convincing Poppy Red. More soon... I recall that no primer was used, and only 1 coat of paint applied... In other words, a very simple technique, a fine grain and a very thin coat, allowing to keep the maximum of details. I have learnt something important with these trials, and I confirm I won't need additional paints, varnishes or any other product. Another advantage of using the Tamiya acrylics as paint base coat is that we usually have many references in this range, allowing easy mixes to get precisely the color desired.
  5. Olivier de St Raph

    Ford Mustang 1965 Convertible 1/16 from the Coupe AMT kit

    The Poppy Red would rather be a bright intense orange, if I refer to the color references: Close-up: A color that recalls me the one of my Lamborghini Aventador, built in 2015: Notice how, following the conditions of light, the same color may give very different perceptions (the Orange is much darker on the 2nd pic)... The colors are probably the most difficult thing to control...
  6. Olivier de St Raph

    Ford Mustang 1965 Convertible 1/16 from the Coupe AMT kit

    N.B: Bernard has sent me an email. Unlike what I thought (and wrote above), his Mustang is Rangoon Red and not Poppy Red. We all know that we can't have a very good perception of color with photos, and looking at his beautiful car on the photos, it hardly seemed that she was Poppy Red. Now the question remains: what color for my Mustang? Should I try to recrate an authentic color (and in this case, it will be easier to choose the Rangoon, as I have a reference with Bernard's car) or choose my favorite color? On the net, if I type: Ford Mustang 1965 Convertible Poppy Red, I find this, among many others:
  7. Olivier de St Raph

    Ford Mustang 1965 Convertible 1/16 from the Coupe AMT kit

    You are the very welcome, John! The more, the merrier!
  8. Olivier de St Raph

    Ford Mustang 1965 Convertible 1/16 from the Coupe AMT kit

    Yes, Jo, I know Tamiya has brought these new lacquer paints. But before buying new products, I want to be sure I can't get a very good result with what I ever have. The manufacturers have a lot of imagination to always sell the maximum of products. I am sure these new LP paints are excellent (as nearly all Tamiya products) but my feeling is that I probably don't need them, as I don't need the Zero Paints. If I can't get the great mirror lacquer effect with what I have, OK, I will try new options and order. I have learnt a lot from my master and friend Juan Manuel Villalba, famous aircraft modeler, who bewares of mode effects and inflation of new products (for weathering, fe) but who do trials until he finds the good combination and gets amazing results with a minimum of products. And now look at the result I get just by using the Fine and Finish Tamiya compounds on my samples: 1) Right side: No primer, X7 Tamiya enamel paint thinned with Tamiya Lacquer Thinner / Alclad Klear Kote/ Compounds: 2) Left side: X7 Tamiya acrylic thinned with 96° alcohol and a small drop of Tamiya Paint retarder/ Alclad Klear Kote/ Compounds: My conclusions: 1) I can get a fine result without buying and stocking new references. I ever have problems of room for all the products I have: 2) I have nearly the same good results with acrylic Tamiya paints than with enamel ones. 3) I will use nitrile gloves to handle the painted parts to avoid fingerprints (you can see some on the 2nd photo) 4) Now, I have to try to get the Coral Red by mixing paints, what will not be the easiest... Well, I am glad with these results. Would I have better ones with LP references or with Zero Paints ones? I would have probably ordered the latter if they had the authentic Poppy Red, to simplify my work, but as they don't, I won't.
  9. Olivier de St Raph

    Ford Mustang 1965 Convertible 1/16 from the Coupe AMT kit

    Thanks for that info, Corsair (sorry, I cut your name ). Here is the result of my first trials: the red paint has been applied directly (no primer) on the white plastic. I made trials on both doors, with both acrylic and enamel X7 Tamiya (enamel on the right door). I precise that for now, I want to get a lacquer look, but not necessary the Coral color. On the paint base, after several hours drying, I have tested the X22 Tamiya acrylic varnish (not very good result) and the Alclad Klear Kote, giving a good result but not excellent, because of a small grain effect. I didn't use the Tamiya Compounds for these first trials. I must say that, if I may avoid a primer, I would prefer... Any suggestion welcome...
  10. Olivier de St Raph

    Ford Mustang 1965 Convertible 1/16 from the Coupe AMT kit

    Here is approximately what should be the color of my Mustang. I will check it with Bernard's one. But Zero Paints, as far as I know, does not have this color in their wide range. On my side, I have done trials because I wonder if I really need this paint. I never used that brand, I know car modelers swear by this product. It is to mention that with these paints, you get a mat aspect, and it is only their varnish that gives the gloss finish. In such conditions, it is permitted to wonder if I could just use their varnish on a Tamiya acrylic or enamel paint...
  11. Olivier de St Raph

    Ford Mustang 1965 Convertible 1/16 from the Coupe AMT kit

    Yes, I am but the AMT kit is precisely a 1965 version, the one I want to represent... Thanks a lot, my dear Harvey! I hope I won't disappoint you... but I look forward, very excited, to begin this build. It will change me to have a maximum of infos on a model, while we had just a few BW docs for the Fiat 806... It will recall me the 1/25 Chevy Bel Air 57 Convertible build, for which I wrote an article for TMM. But for the latter, Revell gave the possibility to build a Convertible version, providing the cover (that I had improved by adding folds and buttons). Cheers Olivier
  12. Olivier de St Raph

    Ford Mustang 1965 Convertible 1/16 from the Coupe AMT kit

    Another option would be to represent a GT model (Bernard's one is not a GT). Here is a GT model in cream color, gorgeous too: This would mean some modifs as the AMT kit doesn't represent a GT: - Fog lights inside the calender - exit of exhausts in the lower valance panel (correct me if my translation is not good!) - the dashboard seems to be completely different too, with round meters instead of the linear one - stickers on the underbody etc. Conclusion: I will certainly not represent a GT...
  13. Olivier de St Raph

    Ford Mustang 1965 Convertible 1/16 from the Coupe AMT kit

    Yes, I will check that as soon as possible. I have a rdv with my father's friend (that I will call Bernard from now for more simplicity) next Thursday to see his Mustang, do videos and photos. I will probably represent the car with the cover that was provided to hide the soft top and its mechanism. This would mean a more simple job... Oh! I'd love to see it, if you find it... Here is, for those interested, a link to a YouTube video presenting the AMT 1/16 kit. I myself have not yet seen it (not the time up to now): https://youtu.be/-uugrBHwikU
  14. Olivier de St Raph

    Ford Mustang 1965 Convertible 1/16 from the Coupe AMT kit

    My decision is taken, I have just ordered the old AMT 1/16 Coupe kit on ebay (62,80 € including the shipping for 1 set). With the Italeri/ Protar reissue of the Fiat 806, I was used to work with a poor kit. I don't think the AMT will be worse than the 806 (see the thread "Fiat 806 research and scratchbuilds"). And I will get a unique model that will be about 290 mm lenght, nearly the same than the 806 at 1/12. Working on such a quite big scale should be very exciting!! That said, if the Revell kit had been a Coupe one, I would have built from the latter, because much more recent, I am sure it is better than the AMT one... I apologize for such a change...
  15. Olivier de St Raph

    Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    Dear Hannes, I admit you are right, and I was so focused on my own build, the Missouri Armada P-51D Mustang, that I just followed your progress but didn't take the time to read the comments. And now that I begin a new build and a new thread, dedicated to the Ford Mustang 1965 Convertible probably at 1/16 scale, I will go on following your progress but will not have the time to read the debates, even if I am sure they are very interesting. Keep up the good work anyway, my friend! Cheers Olivier