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  1. +1, my dear Harvey ! Like Dan, I know that too... Olivier
  2. Great, my dear Harvey!! Keep up the fantastic job! I wish you luck, of course, even if I think luck has nothing to do in this... Cheers, O
  3. Incredible, dear Harvey, as always... Personally, I still wait to find back the motivation to go on with my Ford Mustang... Cheers, O
  4. Hi Harvey! Watching your pics recalls me so many things... Thanks and keep up the great job! Cheers, O
  5. + 1, for sure... Cheers Olivier P.S: and I agree with JeroenS, photos on the previous post in BW amazingly beautiful and promising...
  6. Congrats, Harvey!! Watching your fairing (made with a very different approach, impressive) recalls me memories... I had spent a lot of time to get the right shape. Your build will be a masterwork, my friend, a piece of art. Atb Olivier
  7. Dear Jeroens, I must say that the suggestion you do here has occurred to me. Well, we shall see. For the air deflector, I think I could do it by scratch. But one more time, the main reason of my build disruption is the lack of time, as I was focused on other matters. More, with my wife, we just bought electric bikes and we enjoy this... With my pro work, difficult to manage several hobbies. The days are only 24 h... Thanks a lot anyway for your suggestion. Olivier
  8. Congrats, dear Harvey, amazing, as always! For my part, I didn't find up to now time and motivation to go back to my workbench. I have been very focused by the new car I bought, a Tesla Model 3, great electric car. It is sure that the disappointment to see that my 3D printer is unable to give me convincing air deflectors, and the challenge the rear seat will be, didn't help too. Pity, I don't have your skill... You should come and live here, at St Raphaël, it's a lovely place and you could give me a hand... Well, seriously, I hope it will be for soon. It would be a pity to have done so many efforts and not to go all the way. In the meantime, I will go on watching your incredible build... Cheers Olivier
  9. Funny, Harvey, the batteries charging, while I will soon have to do that with my next « green » car... Cheers, O
  10. Dear Jeroens, I apologize for my build turning very quiet and I thank you very much, it is good to read that I miss you a bit. I have been very busy these last weeks and I must admit that I have lost a bit of motivation (the challenge is so high with every step). I suppose it is normal to need a break from time to time. But be sure I will be soon back again at my workbench. In this fall of motivation, the disappointment with my 3D resin printer, unable to print correctly the air deflector, is an element. But I am actually studying to choose my next car (that should be an electric one...) and this takes me the few free time I have (as in model making, I am unable to go fast ). All the best Olivier
  11. That's right Jeroen, and our hobby is not particularly better for our backs. I try to work out a bit to compensate... I think we are quite a lot in this case, Harvey. About the NHS, I know it is not a reference in term of medical care system, but the french one is not so much better
  12. Here I am back again after a few days of holiday and then some other days very busy and with a new episode of low back pain (not over, pity...). With the frequent neck pains, that's a lot for one man. A standard exchange of my whole back would be a good thing, definitely! Because of all that, the update is very limited and is about the rubber joint around the outside handle: Cheers Olivier
  13. In the next days, I will be in holidays and so far from my workbench. I will try to take advantage of this free time to begin reading the books (one in french, one in english) I bought about how to (try to) master Fusion 360.
  14. I was wrong mentioning Microset, it is in fact MicroSol that I used (I have edited my post above to do the correction). And I confirm that MicroSol didn't help in that occasion. But it is not its fault, there was really a big problem with the combination Holi Laser paper/ LDF. Though, I must say that, after the previous failure, I had applied 2 coats of LDF, was is definitely a bad inspiration. I have just printed again the lettering on the Holi Laser decal and applied this time a light coat of LDF. I hope this will decrease the folding of the edges. And, as I said above, I should cut every letter and digit very carefully, removing all the clear film possible. If I still have problems with the clear decals, I will order a new LDF can, as, unlike what I said (I confused with another Microscale product), I don't know when I bought this LDF (it must be quite old as later, I have taken the good habit to precise the date on the cans for many products). Thanks to both of you Harvey and Jeroens for your suggestions anyway Cheers Olivier
  15. In the post# 667 above, I explained how tricky had been the decal job. As I had to redo it on the left door, here are the problems met and the way I tried to solve them as I could: N.B: the MicroSol, instead of improving the adhesion, increases the folding... I think I will redo totally one more time this decal job, not really convincing. I will probably cut and place the letters one by one, removing the clear film very closely...
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