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  1. Love what you've done, nostalgia is a wonderful thing.
  2. a lovely little kit, you've done it proud.
  3. It's a fairly straight forward build and the fit of parts is generally good. There are many inaccuracies with the kit and there is a lot of aftermarket things to put them right so knock your socks off. For me I replaced the canopy with the Ali cat resin Job this is lovely and also gives you a nice solution to the slightly raised area around it, really wish I could find another. I moved the nose light up, drilled out where the sonabouy tubes are and added plastic tube. and drilled out the small grill between the engine intake and replaced it with plastic card. I opted to close the weapons bay as the kits is poorly detailed rather than spend more money on a replacement or spend time on detailing it.
  4. Really nice job on an aircraft I really like, well done.
  5. very nice finish in a great looking setting, well done.
  6. two very nice builds, that meteor really does look like a nice kit, well done.
  7. Hi All This kit was finished back at the end of the summer. This is the first time I have managed to take a few snaps, not an easy task as its so big. Hope you like it.
  8. Hi The paint used was Mr colour florescent orange thinned with their self leveling thinner, then sprayed over white primer.
  9. Hi James Its a pretty straight forward build, however the air brakes are designed to be built open and the fit is poor if like me you try to close then. Also the control column is way to short and needed to be replaced. Regards Glenn.
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