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  1. Hi, I may be completely off the mark but I wonder what the physical reasons are that result in pre-shading in the modelling world. Apologies if this has been covered before. Please point me in the right direction. I see many pre-shaded effects on model aircraft. They look good and I like the look. They are a compelling look. But it got me thinking. Generally the lines along spars are given a darker effect. If this is the case on real aircraft, so be it. But why is this so ?
  2. I've never seen the wrap-around yellow "V" on the port wing before. Which pilot/squadron is this ? A magnificent rendition
  3. Very very nice, especially in this scale, and marvellous photography.
  4. I have this kit stashed away. Never realised Le Grand Charles could look this good from this kit ! Thanks .
  5. I started mine decades ago. Struggled with the canopy. Finally set its status to completed sometime last year. I like all the rivets I like what you've done. A great look.
  6. Oh nice (thumbs up) I've only just (almost) finished an Airfix Saab J-29 which I've had on the hobby desk for literally decades. I too used the Swedish (not the Austrian) supplied decals. Mine tended to break up too, so decaling took longer than I expected. I wish mine had large Swedish roundels on the wing upper surfaces (cosmetically appealing), but alas, that's not the case. Anyway, enough about me ! Did you add extra work to the intakes ? They look quite delicate.
  7. Wow, I love this scheme. I hope to garner the courage to try it one day. Great job.
  8. Oh I see - I don't know enough to have seen that as a problem. What a great build and finish. Looking forward to seeing your Boulton-Paul Defiant ! Cheers, w.
  9. Wow - superb. Realistically weathered and very satisfying to view. Masterclass stuff :) .
  10. Hi, great and unusual model rendered beautifully. How did you photograph her flying with no visible support ?
  11. @malpaso @Giorgio N : Chaps, I was discouraged at first . Glad I asked in this forum. I reckon even I can do this . Thank you for the rapid and complete advice. Cheers, William.
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