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  1. Great job the rust looks really good
  2. Great build Alan
  3. Getting close to completing this one. Pics below show the body on the chassis but this was just to test the fit
  4. Great job lovely looking car
  5. Cheers @BeastieBoy73 Body painting completed moving onto the interior next
  6. Had a weekend of spraying the body firstly sanded down misty spray and first wet coats on Saturday Left till Sunday night wet sanded with 2000 grit and further wet coats added Should I wet sand again after leaving the car to dry around 24 hours, this time with 2500 grit or leave it alone ?
  7. Chassis and engine all completed and wheels in place . Starting on the interior and body over the weekend
  8. @Sheepie I will be airbrushing the body. Last night I actually started doing smaller parts with the airbrush and I am a lot happier with the results Nice build btw
  9. Bit more progress made. I have added some gold and silver paint to try and add interest Will had some extra coats of gold when dry
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