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  1. The art of presentation - superb detail, great model, fantastic pictures!!!
  2. The model looks very nice, but the pictures are spoiled by the background. Try to take pictures against a plain grey background and the effect will be terrific.
  3. Great biuld thread, nice models and pictures!
  4. Attached are a few pictures of my 1/35 Dragon Panther II tank. I have used Aber PE set and metal barrel, Adler's Nest MG metal barrel, Eureka XXL towing cables and Friulmodel tracks. The model was made long time ago, but has just got a new gallery. Thanks for looking.
  5. Thank you for your good words! The model was made well before MiG - AK marketing offensive era. The weathering was made mostly with airbrush and artistic oils and the bases came from local e-bay.
  6. I think the base makes a big difference - it gives own space to the model on model exhibitions at the same time standing it out in the crowd of other models, plus it may give a special effect in pictures - see the attached one - a picture of my Panther II model, which I am going to publish a separate gallery of soon here.
  7. Thank you for this comment. I should have been more careful with this inscription. The inscription on the box says "Ausfuhrung Afrika" and perhaps I should have stayed with this. I'll see if I can change pictures here to the ones with correct name.
  8. Below are a few pictures of my 1/35 Tiger I Ausf DAK. The model was made from Tamiya #35227 kit some years ago, but received a small gallery recently. For construction I have used dedicated Aber PE set and a barrel plus resin workable tracks. The model is painted with Tamiya acrylics. Thanks for looking.
  9. Well done - great concept, finish and pictures! Very inspiring!
  10. This is "my method" - I also make weathering when the main components are still apart. But one thing is absolutely essential in this case - a perfect fit of the components in places where they are to be attached. And the glue must be used very carefully and sparringly - that's the difficult part here. Below is the picture of my workbench during a couple of projects with main components painted before the assembly. And another picture from my B-58 build - just for inspiration. Actually, I bought another B-58 kit and used some parts from it as sort of stencil
  11. Below are the pictures of my T-34/76 1942 STZ tank. The model has been made from the old Zvezda No 3535 set. Although initially it was to be a test project I went deep into time consuming details - I scratch built the crew compartment, thoroughly reworked the main wheels, front fenders, rear plate and made weld seams characteristic for this particular 1942 STZ version. I have used some aftermarket bits and pieces as Eduard PE set, resin/metal towing cables & white metal tracks. Some time after I had built this kit I had a chance to see the original - T-34/76 1942 STZ pr
  12. Great work with the kit, painting and weathering. Very good and artistic pictures! Gunze gloss white issue - probably this particular white paint interferes with the base coat. Change the base paint and try again in the future? I had similar problems with AK Xtreme Metal on Tamiya gloss black base on my B-58. I sprayed this over with C-02 Previous silver + made some overshading with Alclad Aluminium and was OK. Best from Szczecin, PL
  13. Great work with the kit, painting and weathering. Very good artistic pictures!
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