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  1. Well done - great concept, finish and pictures! Very inspiring!
  2. This is "my method" - I also make weathering when the main components are still apart. But one thing is absolutely essential in this case - a perfect fit of the components in places where they are to be attached. And the glue must be used very carefully and sparringly - that's the difficult part here. Below is the picture of my workbench during a couple of projects with main components painted before the assembly. And another picture from my B-58 build - just for inspiration. Actually, I bought another B-58 kit and used some parts from it as sort of stencils - for example for positioning of undercarriage struts.
  3. Below are the pictures of my T-34/76 1942 STZ tank. The model has been made from the old Zvezda No 3535 set. Although initially it was to be a test project I went deep into time consuming details - I scratch built the crew compartment, thoroughly reworked the main wheels, front fenders, rear plate and made weld seams characteristic for this particular 1942 STZ version. I have used some aftermarket bits and pieces as Eduard PE set, resin/metal towing cables & white metal tracks. Some time after I had built this kit I had a chance to see the original - T-34/76 1942 STZ production tank excavated in July 2016 from the bottom of the river Don - impressive! Thanks guys for watching!
  4. Great work with the kit, painting and weathering. Very good and artistic pictures! Gunze gloss white issue - probably this particular white paint interferes with the base coat. Change the base paint and try again in the future? I had similar problems with AK Xtreme Metal on Tamiya gloss black base on my B-58. I sprayed this over with C-02 Previous silver + made some overshading with Alclad Aluminium and was OK. Best from Szczecin, PL
  5. Great work with the kit, painting and weathering. Very good artistic pictures!
  6. The water is fresh, but the lake is crossed by German-Polish border and therefore almost no activities had been prformed over the years. During last 75 years the wreck has sink well into mud at the bottom which acted as cement and it is hardly possible to do anything with it now. And - well, soon, on the longest June day, there will be 75 years when she found her final rest place here.
  7. Super smooth base coat on smooth plastic - Tamiya gloss acrylics are OK, in this case Tamiya gloss black, and then a coupole of layers of Alclad Polished Aluminium. The panel shading was made mostly with Tamiya smoke X-19. Hasegawa kit is made of very smooth - as polished plastic, so that was already a good base.
  8. I’d like to show you a few new pictures of my model B-17G-40-DL ”Flying Fortress” A/C # 44-6117, LG-Q 'no name' from 322BS / 91BG, depicted as it may have looked during its fifth and last mission on 21st June 1944. The bomber crashed on 21st June 1944 in the lake at Castle Stolzenburg (Stolsko), nt Politz (Police), ca 14 miles NW of the place where I live in Szczecin. The wreckage remains in the lake until today. I dedicate these pictures to the family of one of the airmen onboard the aircraft during the fatal flight - TTG and flight engineer - SSgt Irvin H. Lewis. The pictures of the model from the previous session here on Britmodeller.com brought SSgt I.H. Lewis’s relatives to finding a story about the plane in Lake Stolsko. And this has been totally unexpected but very valuable outcome of my modelling passion. The pictures are deliberately dark - just think about the original plane in the dark waters of the lake - mysterious, isn't it? Thanks guys for watching.
  9. Her is my five cents in this thread: static dischargers – in my project I have used Master Model offering made for F-16 (No AM-72-092). The pictures and drawings I have followed are shown below - the source was relevant www sites. It is great news Eduard is going to issue a some aftermarket sets for the Italeri kit. There will be interior and exterior PE sets plus masks. Seems rich comparing to the limited Airwaves offering. Think about the instrument panels in colours! They have just recently issued resin nuke bombs in 1/72 scale (No 672214 & 672215) – in my opinion - much more realistic than the ones included in the kit.
  10. Thanks for your interest, great "likes" and comments everybody. It's greatly appreciated. Below are a few more pictures of my shelf queen taken a few days ago. I must say it is very difficult to make good pictures of NMF model plane – I can present you less than 5% of the pictures I have taken. Hope you’ll like them.
  11. Thank you for your comments. I'll follow your WIP with great interest, as I have been thinking of building another B-58 model - this time with Stanley ejection capsules and surfaces in worn colors. To supplement the model I have recently got hold of two sets of Eduard nukes - when made they will be placed on the base beside the model. I am working on this now. Caracal decals are the must as they are of much better register than the original decals supplied with the kit, which are actually also not too bad and I have used some of them. btw - there is absolutely no problem with placing the Aires resin exhaust in the engine pods - just remove enough plactic from the inside of the pods carefully thinning the walls to ensure axial alignment of the parts, please see the pictures below.
  12. I attach a few pictures of completed in October 2018 model of Convair B-58 "Hustler" from the recently reissued Italeri offering - probably the only one in 1/72 scale. I have used the following aftermarket upgrading: Airwaves PE set, Eduard PE inspection panels and 'Remove before Flight' steel flyers, Aires resin exhaust, metal MasterModel Pitot tube and electrostatic dischargers. I have reworked the crew compartment hatches, crew seats (to the early type) and landing gear. I have used the Caracal decals. The model has been painted with Tamiya acrylic and finished with Gunze and Alclad lacquers. Thanks for watching!
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