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  1. Just tripped over this via Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/DREAMMODEL-DM720001-1-72-AS365N2-Z-9A-Dolphin-2-Helicopter-with-COLOR-PE-/121671143995?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c542a523b
  2. I've died, and am in Elysium.............this is too good to be true!!
  3. STOKED!! to see this back on the market! Kudos to Brengun
  4. rotorheadtx

    Mirage 4000 IAF נץ

    Love it!!
  5. rotorheadtx

    F-4uJ Jet's Corsair

  6. The Swede is courtesy of Scooterman, L' Heretique is mine. This year's theme is Naval Aviation. Exceptions were staged portside. ;-)
  7. rotorheadtx

    Do-335 "Swacht Quartz"

    This grumpy ol man likes it!
  8. rotorheadtx

    F-16 Model 18 Navy

  9. rotorheadtx

    Tigershark GR.1

    A pair of screamers! Well done - they are absolute beauties!!
  10. rotorheadtx

    Modelcollect E-75 Walker Panzer

    The boys at Modelcollect have broken out of Arkham Asylum, but first they sampled the Joker-gas...??
  11. rotorheadtx

    The F-106 [i]Delta Dart[/i] in RAAF Service

    Very tasty
  12. Not small enough....NHI H-3 Kolibrie next??
  13. I dunno if that's how it should have been, but it certainly looks the business. Even Statler and Waldorf would approve.
  14. rotorheadtx

    Moebius Orion III and Moonbus re-issues

    Ahhh, the fine friction between the Queen's and 'Murican English - wasn't my intent to associate the products with you...just the links you posted. Hope no offense was taken.
  15. rotorheadtx


    Since several modellers have displayed their XL's recently, I'll hop on the band-wagon. This is a blending of the F-16XL and HiMAT drone concepts, inspired by some CGI found on Deviantart. Original art that was the inspiration: And the model, sporting the markings of the Arctic Aggressors....
  16. rotorheadtx

    Fine Molds missiles @ 1/72

    An odd bit of diversion from Fine Molds, 1/72nd scale missiles. Announced so far are a Tomahawk cruise missile with VLS launcher, and an SM-3 Standard with VLS. (Will we get a 1/72nd Aegis ship to go with them??) http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10474672 http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10474671
  17. rotorheadtx

    The US's new space plane

    Meanwhile, in the Stuttgart-Vaihingen cemetery, Eugen Sänger is quietly raising a skeletal middle finger to the boys at Big B......
  18. rotorheadtx

    Takom to make M3 Family in 1.35

    All sorts of good spin-offs from that basis - M-31 recovery vehicle, Grant CDL, M7 Priest, Canadian Ram.......fabulous!
  19. rotorheadtx

    Moebius Orion III and Moonbus re-issues

    There's something fishy going on with the Orion...... Moebius' original issue of the Clipper was marketed as 1/160th scale. https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/moe/kit_moe_20012.shtml Either it's somebody else's plastic, of they're misleading buyers claiming it's 1/144. Hell, Tomohawk's etch & decal set links claim 1/190th. If it is a retooling of the Aurora 1/144 kit, then that's great, because it is much nicer that the Airfix issue. But for now....keep your powder dry.
  20. rotorheadtx

    Gyrfalcon GR.1

    Hard to go wrong with the '16XL. Well done!!
  21. rotorheadtx

    F-16 Familly

    Gotta say it, I LOVE the Japanese one!
  22. Flying Tiger freighter decals, or they've missed a sure trick.......
  23. rotorheadtx

    Whiffery on display @ IPMS Scalefest 2017

    Right you are! We've got an on-going project to build and exhibit all of those classic 80's 1/72nd stealth and 'exotic' kits. Both of the F-19 "Stealth Fighters", SR-75's, XR-7's, MiG-37 Ferret, etc. etc.
  24. Speechless with joy! It cannot reach the shops soon enough. Now, North Star, if you're listening, a Scout & Wasp tooling would be orgasmic.