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  1. rotorheadtx

    Mirage 4000 IAF נץ

    Love it!!
  2. rotorheadtx

    F-4uJ Jet's Corsair

  3. rotorheadtx

    Do-335 "Swacht Quartz"

    This grumpy ol man likes it!
  4. The Swede is courtesy of Scooterman, L' Heretique is mine. This year's theme is Naval Aviation. Exceptions were staged portside. ;-)
  5. rotorheadtx

    F-16 Model 18 Navy

  6. rotorheadtx

    Tigershark GR.1

    A pair of screamers! Well done - they are absolute beauties!!
  7. rotorheadtx

    The F-106 [i]Delta Dart[/i] in RAAF Service

    Very tasty
  8. Not small enough....NHI H-3 Kolibrie next??
  9. rotorheadtx

    Modelcollect E-75 Walker Panzer

    The boys at Modelcollect have broken out of Arkham Asylum, but first they sampled the Joker-gas...??
  10. I dunno if that's how it should have been, but it certainly looks the business. Even Statler and Waldorf would approve.
  11. rotorheadtx

    Moebius Orion III and Moonbus re-issues

    Ahhh, the fine friction between the Queen's and 'Murican English - wasn't my intent to associate the products with you...just the links you posted. Hope no offense was taken.
  12. rotorheadtx

    Fine Molds missiles @ 1/72

    An odd bit of diversion from Fine Molds, 1/72nd scale missiles. Announced so far are a Tomahawk cruise missile with VLS launcher, and an SM-3 Standard with VLS. (Will we get a 1/72nd Aegis ship to go with them??) http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10474672 http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10474671
  13. rotorheadtx

    The US's new space plane

    Meanwhile, in the Stuttgart-Vaihingen cemetery, Eugen Sänger is quietly raising a skeletal middle finger to the boys at Big B......
  14. rotorheadtx

    Takom to make M3 Family in 1.35

    All sorts of good spin-offs from that basis - M-31 recovery vehicle, Grant CDL, M7 Priest, Canadian Ram.......fabulous!
  15. rotorheadtx

    Moebius Orion III and Moonbus re-issues

    There's something fishy going on with the Orion...... Moebius' original issue of the Clipper was marketed as 1/160th scale. https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/moe/kit_moe_20012.shtml Either it's somebody else's plastic, of they're misleading buyers claiming it's 1/144. Hell, Tomohawk's etch & decal set links claim 1/190th. If it is a retooling of the Aurora 1/144 kit, then that's great, because it is much nicer that the Airfix issue. But for now....keep your powder dry.