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  1. Oh pleeeze pleeze, PLEASE! 1/72 scale-down?? (But I'll buy one in the meantime anyway. )
  2. Oh yes, LF lightening my wallet yet again. By all means, please continue.
  3. I've died, and am in Elysium.............this is too good to be true!!
  4. This grumpy ol man likes it!
  5. The Swede is courtesy of Scooterman, L' Heretique is mine. This year's theme is Naval Aviation. Exceptions were staged portside. ;-)
  6. A pair of screamers! Well done - they are absolute beauties!!
  7. Not small enough....NHI H-3 Kolibrie next??
  8. The boys at Modelcollect have broken out of Arkham Asylum, but first they sampled the Joker-gas...??
  9. I dunno if that's how it should have been, but it certainly looks the business. Even Statler and Waldorf would approve.
  10. Ahhh, the fine friction between the Queen's and 'Murican English - wasn't my intent to associate the products with you...just the links you posted. Hope no offense was taken.
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