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  1. And if ever there was a kit crying out for a white-metal prop/engine face/nose-gear combo-pack, this is it. (And the ARII Bonanza )
  2. Duly and rightly chastized. Should not have shot my mouth off like that. Apologies to all.
  3. Never heard of it before now, but oh my! That will make a SWEET what-if A.O.P!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
  4. Aye, just flogged my Mach2 kit. Sorry, Didier..... must be annoying when they steal your thunder like that.
  5. MAX DCA is verrry welcome! It's been decades - yes - decades since I last saw a copy of the Heller DCA in a Stateside shop. And the Mk61/105.....heaven!
  6. Oh pleeeze pleeze, PLEASE! 1/72 scale-down?? (But I'll buy one in the meantime anyway. )
  7. Oh yes, LF lightening my wallet yet again. By all means, please continue.
  8. I've died, and am in Elysium.............this is too good to be true!!
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