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  1. Hello All, This is my completed Yak 9 in 1/48 scale from Ark Models. It is a rebox of an ICM kit. It was a joy to build. A very simple kit with a bit of filling, and sanding to do. I lost some of the landing gear doors so these had to be scratch built. The kit is OOB with some PE Seatbelts and a bit of scratch built cylinders and which I placed in the cockpit and some other scratch built stuff in the cockpit too. It is painted with Humbrol enamels and Tamiya enamels. I have done slight post and preshading, although it is very difficult to see in pics. The pics do not it justice, but the video does. As always I am not concerned with historical accuracy but more so with the finish and the build.
  2. Great choice, There are so many helicopter subjects to model and its always great to see a new one.
  3. Hi All, This is my completed Academy 1/48 Hughes 500D. This was a very cheap kit, but it built up well. It was difficult to deal with all the clear parts as I had to be very careful. I tried some shading but trying to do that whilst making sure all clear parts and delicate parts were masked or out of the way was too difficult. I chose the Israeli Scheme as it was simple and sometimes simple is what I like. I did not want the chore of painting a camo over this delicate model. The model was painted with Humrol and Tamiya enamels. Minimal weathering, being only some panel lines being highlighted with Tamiya Panel line Accent, Vallejo washes, and a Copic Multiliner pen. Some pigments were used with Tamiya Weathering master as well. I just wanted to build a clean model, to try to make sure I make no mistakes. The wings and TOW launchers were very difficult to get into position and I think they are not perfect, but they will do. The decals were very bad, usually I use everything on my decals to make sure they do not silver, being gloss coat underneath, setting solutions etc, but it didnt work in this case. Overall I am happy with the result. A very fidly kit to build, but enjoyable nonetheless. As always I am not concerned with historical accuracy, only with the build and the finish and so am quite happy. I hope you all enjoy the video and the photos.
  4. Hello, This is my completed 1/48 Hasegawa A6M5b Zero Type 52. The kit was built OOB with the exception of PE seat belts. I lost the small little pieces on the wings (don't know what there called) so I had to scratch build those using Tamiya epoxy putty. I also made the two wing lights using PVA glue as the kits lights protruded out too much and didn't fit properly. It was painted with Humbrol enamels and Tamiya enamels. Weathering was used to highlight details and give an overall clean aircraft look. Panels lines were highlighted using Tamiyas panel line Accent washes being Black and Dark brown and also by using a copic Multiliner Pen 0.02 Black and Grey. Other washes used include Vallejos Desert Dust on the cowling, landing bays, underside of the flaps and the wheels and also Vallejos dark grey and black on the inside of the cockpit. Presading was done with Tamiya XF-1 and post shading on both top and bottom by just adding some white to the original colour. Also finally I used Tamiya weathering master to create some dust effects overall on the aircraft. As always I am not interested in historical accuracy but the build and finish, so with that in mind am happy with the end result. I hope you all enjoy the photos and the video (which takes quite some time to do up) Photos
  5. Hello All, This is my first scale model in over a year now. This is also my first Aircraft in 1/48 scale. I have always built aircraft in 1/72 before this. I made a few mistakes with this one, but I think by now I understand that this is part of modelling. Also I was never really concerned with historical accuracy. I am concerned with the build and the finish. I tried some preshading and post shading on this one. It is hard to tell in the photos, however you can clearly see it in the video. Here it is my completed Tamiya 1/48 Spitfire Mk V (b). This is the old tool. I have gone for a well maintained aircraft with some stains on it and some faded paint. So something not too dirty but stained if that makes sense. My camera has been damaged and so the photos do not do it justice. The video however does do it justice. I hope you all enjoy the video. (the music signifies a comeback!) Here are some photos. As always all comments welcome.
  6. Hi All, This is my completed Academy 1/72 Super Etendard. I hope you all take the time to watch the reveal video as well as the timelapse build video. The timelapse video took me some time to complete but I really think it is very enjoyable. Build Summary This kits original molds are quite old - if my information is correct - it dates back to 1983. It is based on a kit from a company Sunny-Tri. For its age I must admit the detail is very good. Although this kit is almost complete at the time I am writing this, the goal was to complete the kit OOB with spare seat belts PE. I have nearly done this. I did scratch build the detail in the front wheel well, as there was none there and a seam I could not remove, so I covered it in detailing. The kit has no cockpit detail, and I did not add any either, it does have a HUD display. The kit was painted with Humbrol enamels. I did preshade with Tamiya Enamel XF-1. And some post shading was done as well by just lightening one of the dark colours with thinner. Panel lines were done using a Copic Multiliner Pen with a 0.05mm tip in Sepia Colour - I wanted to keep the panel lines a bit lighter. Rivets were given a wash with Tamiya Panel Line Accent. Wheel wells were washed with Vallejo Weathering wash brown. Finally it was matte coated and the canopy was applied. There was a gap between the canopy and fuselage which was filled with Vallejo putty and brush painted over. Final Reveal Video Timelapse Build Video Build Slideshow Video FInal Photos I hope you all liked the post. As always, all comments welcome.
  7. Wow. A kit from the old world! You have done a great job on it, and I am amazed by the level of detail on this near 50/60 year old kit. I really liked the video as well, thanks for sharing.
  8. Thanks gazza. Appreciate the comments.
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