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  1. Oooh, that is superb, such a clean neat build, perfect colour as well Andy.
  2. Fantastic, looks like a perfect job to me Andy.
  3. Looking fantastic, this really is a great little kit Andy.
  4. Looks great, I've always thought these looked like a Gerry Anderson creation for one of his shows Andy.
  5. Looks just like the real thing, but definitely better assembled than the real thing! Andy.
  6. Hello, great job with the mini, I know it's a bit late now, but for 1/24 kits myself and quite a few others on here favour halfords car aerosols, they are really quick drying, usually go on really well and are available in many colours! Used with their plastic primer and clear coats, not a lot can go wrong, might be worth trying next time I do like the colour you have picked for this and that engine looks great! Andy.
  7. Absolutely exquisite builds! It's been a pleasure watching this being built! Andy.
  8. Oh yeah! Fantastic kit, my dad got me one years ago when I had no chance to do it justice, wish I could get hold of one again, you will make a stunning job of this no doubt, I seem to remember rub on metal trim and decals for the dashboard wood? Thumbs up for the colour to, my favourite shade on any Jag I really look forward to watching this. Andy.
  9. This is great, those Americans did make some awesome looking cars back then, and you have done it justice with this kit, I am also a fan of ford tonic blue, I used it on a XJ220 I made a couple of years ago! Andy.
  10. Fantastic job on this, I must confess I would like to build this kit as the bond one... even if it was pointless in the film! That's really a nice colour combo, and I like the subtle exhaust staining Andy.
  11. Looking absolutely marvelous, them masks are a bit nifty! I'm just finishing mine atm... although nowhere near as nice as this, I like the metal exhaust shield too! Andy.
  12. Thank you all for your kind words! If only they all came out this good eh! Andy.
  13. Looks brilliant, those pics could be cropped straight from the magazine I think the front wheel arch mods were a success! Andy.
  14. Ta' very much chaps, I must confess this is just a period correct prop, I have a load that were my dads from when he was a kid dotted round the display cabinet I did try removing the lids but yeah, they are more stuck than sticky the stick insect stuck on a sticky bun although the pot of paint I used is probably about 20yrs old. Andy.
  15. Hello, Here is my second quarantine build, it's a kit I have had for around 20 years I think, its actually a really nice kit, only needing minor details. Painted with humbrol enamels, Alclad chrome and oils. I have added bonnet straps from tamiya curve tape and fuse wire. also made decals for the dashboard and number plates and added a couple of tiny gems for lights. The windscreen was replaced with kettle mesh, a lit of fun for £3.99 Andy.
  16. How did you contact them? I recently bought an e-type convertible that is missing an entire clear sprue! I cannot find a spares department. Andy.
  17. Funky little kit! As always, inventiveley* finished! Andy *might not be a word.
  18. Hello all, I have recieved the wire mesh for the stone screen thing From Amazon advertised as kettle filter stainless mesh, but it came with this leaflet listing loads of different meshes so this may be useful in future. I have cut and bent an approximation of the screen and carefully glued it in place, bit of paint now then RFI Andy.
  19. I love watching you from these parts, I use the same methods in 1/1 scale metalwork. The raised triangle was made basically the same way as you have done on your console pieces! Anyway as @Pete in Lincs says, it truly is a pleasure to watch all your processes. Andy.
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