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  1. Judging by his right foot... Douglas Bader? But I wouldn't have thought he'd be in the focke Porsche 935...
  2. Looking fantastic, what livery is it going to be? Andy.
  3. Indeed, but nothing a little ingenuity and a lot of swearing shouldn't be able to fix i also intend on making a 6 cylinder engine for it to match my car, I want to replicate my car in the picture... but without the rust! Yeah it's a bit of an odd kit, although beautifully tooled, things like the decals look like they are from something entirely unrelated. Btw I wonder if revell will release this kit? I noticed they are releasing a 1/16 Porsche the same as advertised on the jag box, Does anyone know the provenance of that kit? Andy.
  4. Just attempting a new photo software, so thought I'd post something appropriate to the topic Cheers, Andy.
  5. Thanks, Yeah, I have the 1/16 kit, it is actually quite stunning in quality for the age, thanks for the assistance @VMA131Marine Andy.
  6. Hello all, Has anybody ever built the 1/25 Revell Jaguar xjs? Or does anybody own one and would be willing to post some decent parts pictures, there is very little info on this kit on the net, obviously the more popular Hasegawa version is the main result of searches. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Andy.
  7. "Just like the real thing" (except less rusty... or leaky) stunning build and I agree with your notes of too few classic British cars in 1/24 scale (not even a truly descent DB5 or e-type???) Andy.
  8. Nice one, looks like it builds up beautifully. Andy.
  9. 2 current giant Captain Scarlett builds at once! fantastic! This is a favourite of mine also, I will enjoy watching it progress. Andy.
  10. Highly convincing great weathering there, is that 1/24? Andy.
  11. That's fantastic, really looks real Andy.
  12. Indeed, eagerly awaiting the next update Andy.
  13. Looking good Karl, I find It quite satisfying working with older kits like this, I find that the extra effort involved in fit and assembly makes you put that little bit extra into paint and finishing because of the extra time you have invested in it, I look forward to the next update. Andy.
  14. Great job, the roof came out especially great, nice detailing on the interior too! Andy.
  15. Will be watching this gleefully, I was so glad they re-released this kit, I have one in the stash (also 1/16 Bandai and 1/43 heller) and will be replicating my own arctic blue 88 3.6 with this and the Bandai eventually... I will... honest, there's just never enough time when the real one requires so much polishing... and driving... and a little more driving Keep posting! Andy.
  16. Revell are set to release a 1/24 series 3 I think
  17. Brilliant work as always, I picked up the 1/32 fab 1 from my LMS the other day, you inspired me! Andy.
  18. Stunning build, you really do these 1/32 kits justice! I'd believe that was a 1/24 belkits or something if I didn't know Andy.
  19. Nice build, very brave brushing silver, I never have luck with it so resort to rattle cans or airbrush, what's next? Cheers, Andy.
  20. They don't even let the employees go in them although I did get to drive a lambourghi countach up the road and back, twas rubbish! Andy. P.s visits are usually welcome.
  21. Yeah I think it looks cool, 50 shades of gold, even bits of the interior and glass have gold overspray, the car is pretty tired, but complete. I think it was either cream or burgundy, we have found traces of both, this will be going a really classy metallic green like the db4 gt (?) And a tan interior i think. We restored one a few years ago and the customer wants a copy of it as that one is not for sale... oh to be rich eh? Andy.
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