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  1. Thanks Troy, very appreciated pics I will start the kit in the next days, when i'll have done some work i'll open a WIP in dedicated section. I didn't chose final livery right now, i'm attracted by Baranovsky's aircraft or F color scheme from the box, grey-blue aircraft from 212 GIAP
  2. Thanks Antti for color references, i use Gunze paints and there are correct items, green H340 and grey H306, but a lot of different shades will be required during paint work due to modifications, insigna changes and heavy weathering effects on these planes
  3. Thanks again Antti, very nice pics with a lot of details. It is interesting that this airframe lacks some of these reinforced plates, clearly visible on Baranovsky's aircraft
  4. Hi Antti I consider your pictures extremely useful and i think they will be appreciated by others forum members too. Very interesting different use of interior green and yellow on the undercarriage bay
  5. thanks both guys!! very useful material, i have a lot to read next days
  6. Hi guys, i'm looking for some information regarding one of my next project, a Russian P-39Q from Bella Eduard's limited edition. 1) Does anyone have pictures about radio installation in the back of the cockpit? I can't findd any pic on the net. 2) Did they used 50. cal gun pods on their Q version airframes? I think it was not common, they prefered to use only nose mounted guns to improve aircraft agility, but i'm not sure they never used the pods. Thanks in advance Dario
  7. Hi David i'm working on an all metal finished Ki-61 using Alclad II paints. As a primer i used Extreme Metal Black Primer AK and i masked the surfaces a lot of time without any kind of problem. Before this i tried Alclad, Tamiya X-18 and K-Color black bases, but now i'm very satisfacted by AK product. Two important rules; black base must be absolutely dry before using Alclads and use low adesive power tape to mask the models. Cheers
  8. Hello guys! This is my last work, a Takom M9 Armored Combat Earthmover in desert camouflage. I added PE set and lenses from Voyager, additional side armour, anti-skid coating and metal winch cable. Painted with Tamiya and Hobby Color, weathering with oils and AK products. As always, comments and suggestions for the future are welcome! Cheers
  9. Great work Silvano, as usual, you are doing a very masterpiece. This is a real example of high skill and confidence on own capabilities. I hope to see your model finished as soon as possible!
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