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  1. Thanks you very much. This project will start in the next weeks, station from a March '43 Willys MB . Obviously the base color will be OD, but I would like to do something different. A few years ago a Kiwi jeep with original Micky Mouse camouflage still visible, probably OD and black, was found in Tuscany, so I'm looking for more informations to do a nice restoration job. A two-tone OD / Light Mud might be an alternative, but I need some images for reference, even for tactical and unit markings.
  2. Hi mates i am looking for information and original WWII images of Commonwealth Jeeps in Italian theatre with Micky Mouse camouflage. I need for a Willys restoration project. Cheers Dario
  3. Some small progress with my SIG 33. I modified the original parts to fit the new Tamiya sprocket wheel and torsion bars. I also used a pair of shock absorbers from a more recent Dragon kit, with sharper detail. Next step is to paint the inside face of the road wheels to put them together. I need to do a dry fit assembly to glue the magic tracks with correct shape
  4. Hello guys, i am in this STGB with this Pz III derivated. I am starting with Cyber-hobby kit, a riedition of old Dragon Pz III with some new sprues and magic tracks. I would represent the G7 numbered vehicle of the 201st Panzer Regiment, 23rd Panzer Division in the summer of 1943. This vehicle appears to be in overall dunkelgelb, with a few different details, like early style idler wheel, spare track brakets on the sides and two extra spare road wheels on the front armor plate. I will use some spare parts from Tamiya to improve detail on road
  5. Hello mates This is my last work, the beautiful CSM Lanchester 4x2 Armoured Car, Royal Navy Armoured Car Division, Galicia 1917. I used CSM kit with homemade brass fenders and accessories from ICM and spare box Painted with Tamiya colors and weathered with Maimeri oils. Comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated.
  6. Hi guys What is the color of the Churchill AVRE Mk III engine? I found several pictures of this engine, but is not clear if the engine was in various natural metal finishing or painted in light blue. I am working on an AFV Club Avre Mk.III with Resicast engine and figures. Thanks in advance
  7. Thanks Troy, very appreciated pics I will start the kit in the next days, when i'll have done some work i'll open a WIP in dedicated section. I didn't chose final livery right now, i'm attracted by Baranovsky's aircraft or F color scheme from the box, grey-blue aircraft from 212 GIAP
  8. Thanks Antti for color references, i use Gunze paints and there are correct items, green H340 and grey H306, but a lot of different shades will be required during paint work due to modifications, insigna changes and heavy weathering effects on these planes
  9. Thanks again Antti, very nice pics with a lot of details. It is interesting that this airframe lacks some of these reinforced plates, clearly visible on Baranovsky's aircraft
  10. Hi Antti I consider your pictures extremely useful and i think they will be appreciated by others forum members too. Very interesting different use of interior green and yellow on the undercarriage bay
  11. thanks both guys!! very useful material, i have a lot to read next days
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