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Simon Cornes

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  1. Simon Cornes

    new Gotha G1 from wingnuts

    This has put the cat amongst the pigeons - again! But it could have been a Spitfire!! $199 so I assume it will be £199 in the UK?
  2. Simon Cornes

    Hawker Tempest Mk II converted from Eduard 1/48th

    Nice one Jon! Well worth the effort! Simon
  3. It was on display at Telford with one wing folded and one wing extended but are there rigging issues? Much like the Felixstowe, you can have detachable wings but at the expense of full rigging, Simon
  4. Simon Cornes

    Andy Hill cleared of Manslaughter.

    Very wise Mike. I think we all have our opinions, whilst wishing to think the best of all aircrew some things can be quite 'challenging' to accept but, as you say, we didn't hear the evidence from both sides and we have to trust the legal process. Simon
  5. Simon Cornes

    Supermarine Swift resin kit.

    I second John's sentiments Artie and look forward to receiving the kitt. I'm glad you are persevering with polyurethane resin. I have parts cast in polyester and it is horrible and should never be used for scale modelling - cheap and nasty!! Cheers Simon
  6. Simon Cornes

    1/32nd F-100 "Triple Zilch"

    Alan Many thanks for your comments. I have your F15 and F4 as inspiration and for reference so I tend to use your work as a benchmark to work to so I'm glad that you like it! Getting the next 1/32 kit finished is a different kettle of fish however!!
  7. Simon Cornes

    Those other Tornado specials

    Great photos, so sad though that its being withdrawn at the top of its game. No doubt most will be razor blades before very long. Sad
  8. Simon Cornes

    Tengah Scramble

    That is great!!
  9. Nice Spit. I have the Heller version and I am fond of that! Simon
  10. Simon Cornes

    Anyone want to contact me, 3D printing required.

    Hi Dave, Thanks for the offer. I will dig out my e-mail trail and forward it on to you to have a look at. I was at Clifton Curios today (not your neck of the woods!) and we were only talking about 3-D printing and saying that modellers think/expect an aftermarket wheel to cost maybe £5 - based on what True Details charge for a set of 1/32 B-24 wheels for example and so there is a disconnect between what we expect and what a 3-D printer charges.Until that link is establish then 3-D printing is way to expensive. The only exception I can think of is GasPatch where their 3-D printed accessories are beautiful but still at a price, whilst albeit expensive, is affordable with a little stretch of the imagination, Best regards Simon
  11. Simon Cornes

    Anyone want to contact me, 3D printing required.

    You could be right John. The likes of GasPatch do absolutely beautiful 3-D printed machine guns where you can see right through the cooling jackets. Absolutely amazing and relatively cheap for about £15 for a pair but I think it makes sense to fall back to 'proper' modelling when you want a 'one off' and you can see how to do it. Its not like I'm trying to make canopies, that is a different thing altogether! Simon
  12. Simon Cornes

    Hawker Hunter F.Mk.5, Academy 1/48

    Thank you for the link. Now all I need is that Aeromaster decal sheet!
  13. And they are lovely! Second set ordered!