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  1. I suspect that they'd be matt by the time they got there - salt water and all that!
  2. If I remember rightly they were talking about a Gauntlet a couple of years ago but, as you say, all quiet over there right now. I too have a Roden Dr.1 so I can't see much point in buying a WNW one. I can see it appealing though as its another minimal rigging machine - and its tiny of course so won't take up much cabinet space, except vertically! Wingnut may have trouble filling one of their standard boxes of course - which would be a first!
  3. Do you know, I'm surprised that they've done a DR.1 As far as I know, the Roden kit is accurate - well, maybe with an Aviattic tailplane and cowl, but pretty much there. I was under the impression that Mr Jackson doesn't make kits of aeroplanes that already exist? But then his Hisso SE5a contradicts that. Will I buy a DR.1 ? Not at all sure in view of the Roden option. The Lanc looks lovely though. The Chattanooga show looks very provincial, compared to SMW, I thought!
  4. Thanks Graham. Since Photobucket went silly a few years ago I have stopped uploading!
  5. Just quicky. Over recent months I've noticed that, in some sale ads with photos of goods being sold, when I open the thread the photo is a grey box which is sort of flickering. Eventually the image appears. Whats that all about then? I'm viewing on a Mac which has the latest software. Thanks Simon
  6. Thanks for that. Have added the website to my favourites. Of course the only snag is that I don't speak or read Spanish (Hint: Learn!) I know that there are translation programmes on the internet so no problem but I hope that the guys maintain their threads in the manufacturers section here so that we get to know if something new comes up.Like a 1/48th Tiger for example!
  7. Mmm....not sure if they are just replacements for the HB rubber? I hope not as the main gear wheels are way too big - they wouldn't fit into the wells! True Details do two sets but there is an opinion on LSP that the cross section shape is of - too square - they looked OK to me though but I don't know because I haven't handled a set but others obviously have. The suggestion is that it may be best to wait until the Eduard Brassin wheels are available. I also understand that Ali is in the process of doing clear resin replacement turret glazing and that would certainly be worth waiting for IMHO.
  8. Hi Ron Thanks for the reply. I guess you only get what you pay for! I think we expect that 3-D printing is going to make life easier for us. It is becoming clearer to me that traditional model making skills are really the best way forward for most things! Cheers Simon
  9. Thanks Paul and Kev, I like enamels as a primer and with oils on top but I might use just enamels for the uniforms but of course there are so many shades of 'Khaki' so it's still not easy to decide which onto use as a baseline - a greenish khaki or a brownish one? For officers I'd expect something more refined and greenish and with everything a shade above or below that maybe for different parts of the clothing? Looking at finished figures is useful but then the problem again is which colour have they started with? !!
  10. Hi I haven't done any figure painting for a good long time but I have recently got hold of a Copper State RFC pilot figure - its actually 32-041 - 'standing RFC airman'. All very nicely cast but my query is about suitable paint and colours. I am fine when it comes to aeroplane colours but not uniforms. Can you suggest what colours I should be using - even what paint to try? I just need a baseline to start from but right now I'm not at all sure!! Many thanks Simon
  11. I am part way through watching an episode on You Tube - in French of course but worth watching. This was probably 12 months ago when I started to watch so I must try again! Really good contemporary social history though! Better that watching Belle and Sebastian or The White Horses (Dimitri was a so and so!)
  12. Exactly my thoughts!!
  13. Have a look at the markings on the new 1/32 B-24D and then see the decal options for that in aftermarket at Hannants. Some interesting options?
  14. Any update on the release date? OK - maybe between now and the end of August!
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