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  1. I to have been looking for a lamp for my work station, I found most hobby based lights to be on the expensive side, I was advised to look into studio lighting, photography lighting on E#@y, I did, and found there to be a lot more choice and was surprised at how cheap decent 'daylight' lamps etc. are compared to 'hobby' lamps. HTH. ATB. Gaz
  2. Gazmill

    Ammo and AK

    Hi all, Could anyone please tell me if (mig Jimenez) Ammo enamel odourless thinner A.Mig-2018 is basically the same as AK's odourless turpentine AK-049? As always, any help is greatly appreciated. ATB. Gaz
  3. I to have just got one of these in the Black Friday Sales, so I'll be watching to pick up some tips as I haven't built armour in a long time!
  4. Please ignore this if it is a completely obvious and stupid question but could you use a little T-Cut?
  5. Gazmill

    Model master

    That's great thanks guys!! I finally managed to find a Vallejo model air colour chart I could make out on my phone. I opted for model air 71056 RAL 7021 panzer dark grey. As always, awesome help/advice from this forum!! ATB. Gaz
  6. Gazmill

    Model master

    Hi all, just a quickie, can anyone recommend an alternative to model master 1750 panzer grey? Preferably a Vallejo model air colour or a Tamiya acrylic? It's just that I haven't got my laptop/tablet with me and I'm trying to search using my mobile phone and the screen is to small for me to make the different colours out easily. many thanks in advance. ATB. Gaz
  7. Gazmill

    Ammo Mig Jimenez

    Cheers Dan, I had a feeling that Vallejo thinner would be ok as they seem very similar to model air. As for the thinning, I found most are ok straight from the bottle but for some reason a couple of the darker colours seemed to need thinning down a touch, or it could just be me as I haven't been using them for long. once again, thanks for the advice ATB. Gaz
  8. Gazmill

    Ammo Mig Jimenez

    Hi all, just a quickie, I'm giving Ammo by mig Jimenez acrylics a go at the moment but i've currently run out of mig2000 acrylic thinner, does anyone know if Vallejo, Tamiya, IPA or just water would be a good substitute to thin them down with? any help/info would be appreciated as I don't really want to find out via trial and error. Many thanks. ATB. Gaz
  9. Gazmill

    The horror!

    ^^^ As above, I've been using W&N Galeria Matt varnish thinned with a little water and have been impressed with the results. Gives a really Matt finish. The gloss is also good for a coat before adding decals.
  10. Thanks guys, I went ahead with it and all was ok, I just gave the primer an extra 24hours to cure and the Tamiya covered it nicely. Cheers for the advice. Gaz
  11. Hi all, I usually use Halfords aerosol primer decanted and used through my airbrush, then use a mixture of Tamiya acrylics and Vallejo model air on top. I've ran out of Halfords primer and what I'm wanting to know is, if I use some Vallejo surface primer that I have, will I be OK to use Tamiya acrylics on top or will it cause a bad reaction with Tamiya not being truly water based? Any help/advice on this would be appreciated. Thanks. ATB. Gaz
  12. I've made something similar and have been pleasantly surprised with the results. I used a stick on type LED strip in the centre with a round one at each end (about 4inch diameter). When I say stick on I mean the type with the adhesive pads on the back that run off a couple of AA batteries (stops there being a tangle of wires everywhere). HTH. ATB. Gaz
  13. Gazmill

    HATAKA Paints?

    I to was interested in these when I first saw them but the reviews they got on line were pretty poor. I still gave them a go and the reviews turned out to be correct. I had the 'USAF Vietnam war era' set and the colour coverage was very poor, I had to give twice as many coats via airbrush as usual just to stop them looking 'patchy'. I also found the 'dark tan' to be a poor colour match aswell. HTH. ATB. Gaz
  14. Another +1 for the H&S Ultra 2in1
  15. That looks great! I've got the Audi A4 DTM in my stash and it's next on my list to build.
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