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  1. Here are a few photos of my recently completed Tomahawk (Airfix, 1/72). Quite an enjoyable build, with a 2 year gap in the middle during which I lost the canopy. Thankfully @2996 Victor came to the rescue with a spare canopy which he very kindly sent to me so I could finish the build. Following feedback on my recently completed Spitfire Mk1 (which was rather too glossy), I went with a matt varnish coat to finish it off. Looking at the photos now I've just realised I'm missing the pitot tube off the port wing. I'll add it next time I do some modelling.
  2. Thanks both of you for this suggestion - I thought that they had stopped doing spares, but clearly I had misremembered. That would be fantastic, I'll send you a PM now.
  3. I've just restarted an Airfix 1/72 Tomahawk which I got part way through building a few years back, and just found that I don't have the canopy any more. Could anyone advise me whether there is a chance the Squadron Canopy (SQS9115) for the Academy/Monogram kits might fit it? Would anyone who has both kits be able to tell me if there is a significant difference in shape? The replacement canopy isn't too expensive from Hannants so I might just order it anyway, but I thought it might be worth checking first. Thanks!
  4. Pardon the cliche, but I genuinely believed that these were pictures of the real thing! Incredible modelling!
  5. Thanks! It's brush painted with Tamiya acrylics (XF-58 Olive Drab and XF-54 Dark Sea Grey on top, XF-19 Sky Grey on the underside).
  6. Thanks. It's been pointed out to me sometimes in the past that my glossy finishes can be a bit over the top. I like my models glossy even when it's maybe not totally accurate, although it seems like from looking at prototype photos the glossy finish isn't inappropriate.
  7. A few photos of my recently completed Hunter in 1/72. A very nice kit, went together quite easily, the only difficulty being where the decals for the underwing serials need cutting up to go over the undercarriage doors. Unlike other kits I've done with similar cases of lettering on doors, the codes are supplied as a single piece only in this kit. On the whole, a very enjoyable build.
  8. I definitely agree that it's a little on the shiny side - I used Vallejo gloss varnish, which was a lot easier to work with than the Humbrol gloss I have used before, but is perhaps a bit over the top!
  9. A few photos of my recently completed Airfix Spitfire Mk1a. Brush painted with Humbrol and Tamiya acrylics. Thanks for looking!
  10. It looks great - especially the weathering on the white half of the underside. I really should do an aircraft with the white/black underside at some point - I've always thought it looks interesting.
  11. I've had a similar problem in the past and I find that 'Humbrol Gloss Cote' can help to make brush marks less conspicuous.
  12. Thanks Fernando. I agree the wing-swinging is a bit of a gimmick so it's not really the end of the world that I've had to fix them in position. It is a fantastic kit of a very nice aircraft. Other than the poor painting and decal instructions I would rank it very highly indeed.
  13. This is a great idea! I'll look into the possibility of doing this. I was quite happy to glue the tailerons in a fixed position but this is a good idea too.
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