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  1. Hi to all. My last project-ready for inspection. Comments are welcome
  2. Headhunter88

    1/48 Academy - IAF AH-64D Saraf

    Very good for me it was good training ground, now its time to make Hasegawa AH-64D IAF boxing :-)
  3. Many thanks for advices. I deffinately use them in future
  4. Be my guest-lower machine is that which you had build
  5. Could you reveal 2 things: 1. How you glued Hellfire missiles to the launchers? You did extremaly clean. Could you tell something more about technique and type of glue? 2. How did you painted helicopter wheels? Tyres are obvioulsy black and this is simple, but the elements inside them are circled. You used circle tape masks or something? Thank you in advance for answer
  6. I missed this part of your introduction. For your information this is for sure real one helicopter. I have it's picture in one polish reference book, but this is only ONE picture of that particural helicopter i have...:(
  7. Your work is ossom!!! I have a question do you have some reference photos for orginal? I am planning to do the same model.
  8. Headhunter88

    1:72 Italeri UH-1D

    Thank you all for the comments. In my UH-1D kit there was no decals for RAAF, only for USA, Germany and Italy. you can buy it but for decals you must do the market research
  9. Headhunter88

    Humbrol Clear (125ml)

    I used water as a thinner and i got much better effects
  10. Headhunter88

    Humbrol Clear (125ml)

    I'll try and write what i see
  11. Headhunter88

    Humbrol Clear (125ml)

    Hello, i have problem with spraying this Humbrol product by airbrush. It comes out very slowly just like not well thinned. I didn't use any thinners. Just shaked the bottle before using. Anybody have similar problem? Do you thinning this product with something?
  12. Headhunter88

    1:72 Medicopter 117

    Thanks for interest and positive comments
  13. Hey hi hello. Here's mine 1:72 Revell BK-117. Painting is taken from 90's TV series Medicopter 117. It took me over 2 months to complete this set. Build OOB (except stretcher), painted with Humbrol and Testors oils and varnished also by their products. I didn't put wash on it because in series there was always clean and shiny chopper Hardest step in this set was masking and painting line between red and yellow. Aplying some decals was also challenge (about 5 hours it took me to complete all decals...) Some photos - please comment.
  14. Headhunter88

    1:72 Hobbyboss AH-64D Apache Longbow

    I was trying to do something like this: http://www.hyperscale.com/2015/galleries/ah64dapache72vs_1.htm