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  1. Hi Tony - I imagine your back is getting sore from all the pats on the back! And they are very well deserved. I wanted to comment about the pilots - it just makes a plane more complete when there is a crew filling the 'pit. I can't believe the 3/10ths of a cent cost of plastic is that big a a deal, but it sure helps complete a plane with a crew. Very nice job on the 'Cat! Thom Ream
  2. Nice job Russ, for a helo that never existed... Ha! Like everyone else< I just can't believe you can get that good a finish without using an airbrush. Wow. And your blade droop is amazingly consistent all around - very nice. I did hear though, that the co-pilot was a "Skoal" man, so there should be tobaccy stains out the window! Or maybe he just chewed 'nuts. Thanks for a great job! Thom Ream
  3. I've got to admit that the Typhoon has never been on my "really cool plane" list - until now. Wow, what a great job! I really like the chipping on the leading edges, but the slob of a pilot needs to clean his shoes off before climbing onto his plane! Good effect. Thank you for changing my mind! Thom Ream
  4. Really nice finish on that aircraft, mate! And I know they just kind of float off the ground when they take off, but I always expect to see hugh gouge and scrape marks on the tail feathers. Thom Ream
  5. That Tigercat is just fast sitting there! And a vac-kit, holy cow that's a job. Good work on both, Dad! Thom Ream
  6. Really nice looking jet. One of my favorites! Thom Ream
  7. Very nice job, especially for a brush. And that grass runway looks VERY realistic!!! Thom Ream
  8. Certainly a war-weary beast of burden. I wake up feeling like that most days! Nice job. Thom Ream
  9. OUTSTANDING! And looking so good with no extras - what a treat. I swear I saw one not too long ago that had a kitchen sick and a toilet seat added on... Your kit really looks mean! Grr!!!! Thom Ream
  10. Hi Ian - Thanks for the explanation on the decals. Something I've wanted to do, just being a big chicken. Great-looking model, really captures that older look. Thom Ream
  11. Nice clean lines. I guess they're too new to have much dirt and grime on them, huh? Thom Ream
  12. Great Job Lloyd! Congrats on the awards, well-deserved, young man. Thom Ream
  13. Hello James - Hey, so you don't walk on water - welcome to the club! At least you've done something I haven't been able to do in 30 years... finish a model! I keep getting images in my mind (no, not THAT kind of image...) of a Mona Lisa perfecto model. And when I screw something up, like I ALWAYS screw something up, I test the aerodynamic properties of model airplanes. And take it from me, they're sadly lacking! At least you DID something. Did ya learn anything? I'll bet you did! So good on ya. Keep at it, you're doing better than I am! Besides, that's a real nice photo job. Thom Ream
  14. Hi Russ - What a striking paint job! Actually the WHOLE job is remarkable - great wing fold (never been brave enough to even try one of those!), the diorama, your photography, even the background clouds. You've done it all! Very nice work, friend! Thom Ream
  15. Hi Sasha You know my friend, one of the most enjoyable parts of following along your build of this really cool aircraft, is getting to know you a little bit more as time passes. I am in awe of your patience! Most of us would have angrily thrown the %*&# kit back in the box, never to be seen again, after the frustration of the failed paint episode! But you set a great example, took a deep breath, and jumped right back in to the project. I learn something each and every time I read your words. I’m sure those of us that are following you would agree that you give us hope that we, too, can succeed even when we hit those bumps in the road Thank you my friend, for your encouragement. Keep up the great work! Thom Ream SPGhost
  16. Hi Sasha - Hhey buddy, I think you're pulling a fast one on us. This isn't model. You're building a real live airplane out in your garage and you want to us believe it's just a model... Come on now, you can tell us the truth. Hey, this is really good for a real plane, but you should be posting this on an airplane forum, not a model one!!! The only thing you slipped up on was the shot of your work area. It's waaaaay too clean!!! My workbench looks like a bomb went off on it! Luckily no one was hurt, except for that 1/72 pilot. But I'll glue him back together. Others have said it, and I'll repeat it - most excellent job my friend. Keep up the good work, and Merry Christmas! Thom SPGhost
  17. Hey RMP2 - I have not started it yet, but I have the HB YF-23 and looking at the parts, it's much bigger than you'd think. Looks like a fun kit. Have you started yet? Are you going to do a WIP? I hope so! Thom
  18. Love the F-22! And who's to say it a'int so?! Thom
  19. Hi Russ- Thanks for the info. Most of the models I build to "look cool". I'm a little gunshy of the rivet-counter lifestyle. That's one of the reasons I'm so impressed with the works of art on this website! All you guys are amazing! And it does encourage me to try to step up to the next level, I'm just glad no one is looking over my shoulder laughing! And you guys are all so willing to help other modelers! I feel like I should be paying admission. Uh oh, don't want to give the boss any ideas! Thanks again, Thom
  20. Beautiful job Spence. By any chance did you do a WIP? I'd love to know more about your work style. You know, so I can steal some of your ideas! Thom
  21. Super creativity! Great paint scheme, well-executed. What a smart way to make lemonade out of lemons. Gives me some ideas... I LIKE it! Thom
  22. Really nice job Russ. Have you looked at the Testors 1/48 Bronco? I've got 1 or 2 in my stash but have not started on anything. I know we can always find something wrong with kits but don't remember hearing much about Testors. Just wondering. Thom
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