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  1. Uberdave1

    Frankenvark WIP

    I'll attempt to make it worth your while. First update: It's the ESCI/AMT kit, not Italeri...
  2. Uberdave1

    Frankenvark WIP

    I had to do a theme pic for this one. Three kits needed to do this one. and one had to be Airfix since it's for Hyperscales classic British kits forum. "I am a scientist and a genius." I used an Airfix F-111 kit as a base and parts of the old toy like Revell kit but needed a decent kit to rob landing gear wells and the gear itself but didn't want to use the expensive Hasegawa kit so settled on the Italeri kit. A real live kit bash. Here's how far I got until life intervened and I had to put it away for a few years. I recently reconnected with Hyperscale and popular consensus there is to finish the job. I guess after looking again it's a four kit bash since I robbed Phoenix missiles from a Hasegawa F-14 kit. Here's what it looked like after the tape was removed and it was set for boxing and storage. I bought a Verlinden Productions F-111 cockpit. Aires and Pavla make much better stuff than VP used to put out but it was the only game in town at the time. It came with a thick PE set that I used to make an open canopy with. I vacuformed the canopy and cut pieces to fit the PE sections. I masked it for painting while I was at it. I also worked out the translating cowl on one side. now I have to do it mirror image on the other. Right now I have put the fuselage together without the wings. My biggest stumbling block has been how to fill the gaping cavity behind the wing. I got the big idea of assembling it without the wings. The pivoting wings were in the way. I was stuck with them having to be fitted. Not! The F-111B is often shown in photos with its wings in mid sweep while parked on the ramp so that's how mine will be. And of course, in a stroke of pure luck I snagged these decals off of E-Bay. Hopefully this weekend I'll post my first update...
  3. Uberdave1

    Airfix E-8 J-Stars

    Okay. seems like I'm not used to this forum. Wanted to add that you re-etching is well done. I have a tremble that won't allow me to follow suit. Also I had tried to post a pic of one of Charlie's planes but, for some reason it disappeared, so I'll try it now. Charlie never use the kit antennas so it may give a clue about size...
  4. Uberdave1

    Airfix E-8 J-Stars

    I'll have to check out those antennas...
  5. Uberdave1

    Airfix E-8 J-Stars

    Maybe the admins can help straighten this out. Turn out pretty goofy.
  6. Hi, guys. Your resident colonial is back to the modeling bench with a Airfix AWACS kit and Flightpath J-Stars conversion set. I figure it just makes the cut at the end of the cold war era. This shot turned out fuzzy. I was learning a new camera. But it tells the tale of disaster trying to trap the blades in the nacelle halves. Then I got the bright idea of using a dowel to insert the blades after assembling the halves. All in all, it turned out better than I'd hoped. The plan is to do this as a memorial for my buddy Charlie Johnson who passed away a few years ago. He built over 50 of these to give to the crew and pilots of these aircraft that fly out of my place of work, Robins AFB GA.. Here's the goal set by Charlie. a pic of one of his.. Hope you like it and that I get to post updates soon. Dave A bit of patting myself on the back but I've seen guys take a pass on the PE fan blades as too much trouble when doing this conversion.